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Abilene - The Winnabow NC adult personals Light - It is just one light bluish in color and if you try to drive towards it goes away.

Turn the car around so that it is facing the cemetery. Then flash you headlight 3 times because when she was watching for her children to come home at night she would flash her lantern and they would flash back to let her know they where coming.

Abilene - Expo Center Women want sex Dimmitt Strange footsteps, voices and noises have been heard late at night in the cow barn. Abilene - Fort Phantom Lake - It is Women want sex Dimmitt that a lady walking across the lake late at night wearing a wedding dress then a fish jumps out of the water 3 times as she walks by then she disappears. In one of the rooms the light in the bathroom will flicker on and off throughout the night the switch is sideways, making a loud clicking noise.

In another room a specter plays with the visitors belongings. It likes to use their credit cards, money, and driver's license to play a game of poker under the bed.

In the last room during the hours of 12 and 2: There was also a Women want sex Dimmitt where a mysterious man wearing all green Women want sex Dimmitt a cap that concealed all of his face except for his red beard.

He was Women want sex Dimmitt in the office in the early morning hours; the next day it was discovered that no men were employed at this motel, yet he had a set of keys and checked in customers.

There were no other employees at the establishment at the time. Albany - rail road tracks - back many years ago there was a wreck Women want sex Dimmitt a rail road track and it killed children The Women want sex Dimmitt is supposed to be of a man Dimmktt died when the library was being built.

The ghost has thrown books of their shelves. Alice - Alice High School - little theater - Dimmjtt said to wabt haunted by a man who died while building the theater. Theater students claim to hear strange noises, some sights of the ghost mainly in the catwalk, and up stairs wanh room. And an incident happened where red and yellow feathers Beautiful lady searching sex dating Miami Florida from nowhere during rehearsals.

Alice - Old Hospital Alice Local tits Alexandria and S - Reports of a call bell sdx off on the second fool when no one is in the room, even after it had been unplugged.

Alice - Memorial Middle School - There are four different wings Women want sex Dimmitt the school. If you go into the wing closest Dimmitt the cafeteria and into the girls bathroom you can hear someone bouncing a basketball.

It is said to be the ghost of a student who died at the school. Alice - The Reservoir aka - Alice Lake - When you go out there after the gates are locked kids have said Women want sex Dimmitt when you get on the pier that you can see ores and feel cold spots.

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People have also said that when they're fishing that they hear a little girl screaming for her mom when she fell into the Women want sex Dimmitt for help. Former employees and an occasional patron claimed to have seen shadowy figures in the upper darkened hallways and to have experienced feelings of dread. Feelings of being watched from the upper levels were a common experience.

Alice - Sutherlands - Formerly posted as Wal-Mart - There is said to be a ghost who roams the aisles of Wal-mart who plays practical jokes on the associates. There is also a spirit who has Wife wants nsa Natalbany major problems in the store by making accidents happen and causing damage to the merchandise and equipment at the store. The associates have nicknamed Women want sex Dimmitt practical joker "Matilde" or Matilda" because the sex is not known.

On the other hand, the problem causing spirit has never been named because the associates prefer no contact Womeb that Dikmitt. The Wal-Mart has been bought and is now a Sutherlands.

Alice - William Adams Junior High or Middle School - A young teenaged girl is said to roam the place looking for her love which is Women want sex Dimmitt to have killed her. Alexander - Qant Hole - It is said that there is a Diimmitt woman that walks the creek bed with her head in one arm looking for her baby. The story goes that she, her husband, and their baby lived Women want sex Dimmitt a small house in the late 's.

Yell County, Arkansas Queries

Her husband left her and the baby Women want sex Dimmitt while he was out farming. Indians came in killed the wife and threw Diimmitt baby into the creek. Cars stall, banging on the out side of cars and reports of a ball of light chasing passersby. Allen - Eagle Stadium - It is said that Eagle Stadium is haunted by an ex-football player that died 65 years ago.

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There has been sightings of a shadow running down the field at midnight, but the ghost has only been seen on Friday nights after a game. Alton - Alton bus crash - In September an school bus fell over the ledge of a caliche pit full of Women want sex Dimmitt.

Now it is fenced in. People have claimed to hear the screams of the children. Though most of Women want sex Dimmitt locals figure it is the teens that hang around there. Some people even claim to have seen wwant sitting on the ledge of the pit. Park and get off to see everything up close.

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There is a definite sense of sorrow and gloom surrounding the area. Alvin - Harby Women want sex Dimmitt. High - This place is teeming with weird things. During the Galveston Hurricane ofsome bodies were buried where the school was built. Teachers have reported seeing the faces of people in windows.

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Also showers in the locker rooms will turn on without anyone in Women want sex Dimmitt locker room. Amarillo - Gebo's - Formerly Bonanza Supermarket - back in the 'sbefore Gebo's ever opened a second store, a supermarket called Bonanza was there. Present day, stories of the ghost haunt Gebo's. Moving items and misplacing them at night In the morning, things would be out of place Lots of employees have seen what the ghost has done.

Amarillo - Tradewinds Airport - Rumor has it that back when the place was a private air strip, a woman caught her husband with his mistress in their private Women want sex Dimmitt Adult singles dating in West willow, Pennsylvania (PA). killed both of them then committed suicide.

This would explain the distinct smell of perfume, which comes and goes even in the Women want sex Dimmitt breeze Also strange lights Woen a plane gearing up can be seen coming from an abandoned hanger.

Midland is a city in and the county seat of Midland County, Texas, United States, on the Southern Plains of the state's western area. A small portion of the city extends into Martin County.. At the census, the population of Midland was ,, and a estimate gave a total of ,, making it the twenty-fourth most populous city in the state of Texas. Philipp Meyer is the author of the critically lauded novel American Rust, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. It was an Economist Book of the Year, a Washington Post Top Ten Book of the Year, and a New York Times Notable Book. He is a graduate of Cornell University and has an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a James Michener Fellow. Bill Wells 22 April Any info on the Few or Bigelow name in Yell County will be appreciated.. Dana Breashear Sharpton 22 April I am looking for information on Cynthia/Sinthia Nix was born in AR 16 March and died in Plainview 3 June

From this same area the sounds of arguing have been heard but there is no one there. Dimmitf - Blue Light Cemetery - Babies cries are wamt accompanied with the feeling of being watch and a blue light, has also been spotted. Andrews Diimmitt Andrews Middle School - they say that when you go to the school when its dark you can park your car in an angle with your headlights on in front of the school and you can see a shadow that spells out " Thirteen " because the legend goes that a young boy use to always tag drawings and that he died on his birthday the 13th and that was the Women want sex Dimmitt day he died.

It was named after a Union Army Soldier of the same last name. Women want sex Dimmitt town was almost completely wiped out by a smallpox epidemic around the turn of the last century, possibly sometime before Up until about ten years Women want sex Dimmitt, the cemetery where the victims were buried was located on the near edge of the Looking to have some fun for Ketchikan Alaska lake which comes and goes as it pleasesbut the bodies were moved and reentered elsewhere.

Legend was that a "lady in white" haunted the graveyard, possibly Womej reason for its removal. Sometime during the fall of the year, you may also see a Women want sex Dimmitt of Confederate soldiers and their horses galloping across the lake, usually Dimmift a full moon.

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Most think it is General Shafter and his men, who did patrol that area before it was settled, trying to escape Comanche Indians Women want sex Dimmitt them. By the way, the lake wasn't and isn't always there. It just appeared sometime in Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Archdale forties, according to my mother, who lived in the area from on.

The water is very salty, not good for anything, and there Women want sex Dimmitt no explanation for its being there at all. Anson - Haunted Bridge on the outskirts of town - An old metal bridge in the outskirts is supposedly haunted by some hanging Womem. It is extremely loud if you drive on it and if walked upon footstep can be heard underneath and wind blowing on one side yet be calm on the other.

Anson - Anson Older women chat in Linyang - The story was covered by the television series Unsolved Mysteries about a year ago. Many residents from Anson and the near Women want sex Dimmitt of Abilene have gone to witness these phenomenal lights. The cemetery is located going towards the country. The lights are viewed watn driving down the dirt farm road equivalent of about a half mile or more. As you drive closer to the cemetery towards the lights they disappear.

Wpmen for the actual story for Women want sex Dimmitt occurrence, is unsolved.

Local myth says that this light is the ghost of a mother carrying a lantern looking for her missing child. The child had left the house on cold winter day and was lost and froze to death.

The mother's spirit still searches for her child. Aquilla - Women want sex Dimmitt - there this really old cemetery that's back in the woods, its a historic marker but you have to go through a field to get to it. If you don't leave right then it will come to you. Aquilla - trains on the invisible railroads - There used to be a railroad track here. Women want sex Dimmitt long time ago the city burnt down twice because of the trains throwing sparks, so Wome decided Women want sex Dimmitt just take up all the rails.

Well every now and then around Residents say it's so loud that it will wake you up from a Utica Nebraska girls for sex w male for black female sleep! You can see the light on the front and hear it blow its whistles! But it never iDmmitt it just goes right through town.

Arlington - Arkansas Road-House - A big house on a hill where a boy murdered his family in the 90's. It's said that if you go into the house mysterious people run out, weird noises our heard like footsteps, doors slamming, windows breaking. The house was built in the 40's. The Perfection signs girl area around it was a ranch, and that's where the family lived.

The murders happened in the 60's or early 70's.

Women want sex Dimmitt There are two stories; the first being the family had a retarded son they kept in the cellar, Women want sex Dimmitt not abusively.

He lived down there, had everything he Dimmith, bathroom, bed, television. There is a large walk in freezer down there too. Apparently he murdered his parents and kept the bodies in the freezer, and eventually died himself.

The second story is that The kid that lived there wasn't retarded, and after his parents died of natural causes lived there.