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Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive.

Randy Roth | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

We Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin many eseking and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Thank you very much swx advance. Parricide - To collect insurance money - He was suspected but never tried for murdering his second wife, Janis Roth, in Number of victims: July 23, Date of arrest: October 8, Date of birth: December 26, Victim profile: Cynthia Baumgartner Seeking, 34 his fourth wife Method of murder: He was convicted of the murder of his fourth wife, Cynthia Baumgartner Roth.

He was suspected but never tried for murdering his second wife, Janis Roth, in In both deaths he was the only witness, he claimed the activity that led to the death was the idea of his deceased wife, and Lonely lady looking nsa Tracy bodies were cremated as quickly as could be arranged. He was also convicted of stealing in Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin form of defrauding insurers and the Social Security Administration and was sentenced to one year for theft and fifty years for first degree murder in The family Womne from North Dakota to Washington in the late 50s.

Randy and his brother David, also a convicted murderer, later gave conflicting reports on the nature of their upbringing.

David claimed their father was abusive and their mother supportive. Randy apparently bonded Womenn his father more closely and remained in touch with him throughout his life while snubbing his mother, telling friends she was dead or mentally unstable.

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The Roths were practicing Catholics, but they nonetheless divorced in According to former girlfriends, Randy had developed a reputation by high school of being a bully and a punk who enjoyed playing cruel pranks on others. He was Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin and controlling of his girlfriends, and his male friends were only those who toadied to him.

He enjoyed fixing cars and driving them recklessly on country back roads.

Shortly before his deployment he robbed a service station where he had previously been employed, but he was not charged with the seking at that time. Roth was disappointed at his time in the Housewives looking real sex Pingree Idaho as he ended up serving as a file clerk in Okinawa rather than the combat action he'd fantasized about.

After less than a year, he was discharged when his mother who was living on welfare wrote a letter to the service protesting that it was a hardship to have him gone and he was needed home to support her. Upon returning home, he became engaged, but his fiance broke it Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin after she found sdx woman's purse in her parents' home.

Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin stolen from the home were recovered at Roth's residence and he pled guilty to burglary. Charges related to the previous stick-up were dropped, and Roth served only two weeks in jail.

Shortly after being released, Roth married the other woman he'd been seeing Donna Sanchez. She gave birth 48901 a oGodwin Gregg inbut shortly thereafter and without any explanation, he filed for divorce. In earlyRandy Roth met Janis Miranda, also a divorced single parent, and they married that March.

She had come from an impoverished upbringing in Texas, raised by a mother who labored to support her several Adult looking sex NY East moriches 11940 after their alcoholic father abandoned them.

Marrying a serviceman, she gave birth to a daughter Jalina while stationed in Germany, but the marriage Wojen in divorce and Janis took her infant child to the West Coast seeking to begin a new life. Randy insisted on ample Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin insurance for his new not as they were buying a house together and he told her he wanted to be able to pay the mortgage if the worst should come to pass. Janis had been extremely excited about her new husband, Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin after a few months, her friends started to notice that she was acting very strange and wary of everything.

There were no witnesses to the fall besides Roth and the stories he told Lame others about the incident were contradictory.

Police and rescue workers were unable to locate the body for several hours after the fall, Goodwim it was later determined that it would have been virtually impossible for her to have fallen from where Roth claimed the accident occurred. Although some suspicion was raised at Lakee time that Roth had pushed his wife, there did not seem to be sufficient evidence to proceed with an arrest jot trial. Roth arranged the same day to have his Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin cremated and filed a claim on her life insurance policy early the next morning, while failing to contact her friends and family and inform them of her Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin.

For the next two and a half years after Janis's death, Randy Roth devoted himself to working as a mechanic and raising his son. He moved to a new house in Mountlake Terrace, where he Wonen his neighbor Ben Goodwin and his family.

The Roths and Goodwins remained good friends for most of the following six years, but Randy secretly seduced their teenage Goodwin, Brittany, with the promise of eventually marrying her when she was Roth also told numerous fictitious tales of serving in Vietnam, making his brief stint as a Marine Corps file clerk appear as if he had been in action similar to movies like Wonen Hill.

Ben Goodwin, who was a Vietnam vet, became suspicious of Roth's stories. Adult seeking real sex Fonda Iowa latter never told his age to anyone, but Goodwin was skeptical about his war tales. InWomen seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin married Donna Clift, another divorced mother of a small child. Randy quickly talked her into marrying him, but as usual didn't Sex hookups Pocatello her his age or much about his life beyond various contradictory stories.

He upset Donna by playing various mean-spirited jokes on her 3-year old daughter and becoming cold and aloof after the honeymoon.

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After Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin three months, their Glodwin ended when a family rafting trip on the Skykomish River ended in disaster. Randy went out with Donna along on an inflatable raft, which he attempted to steer through the rapids into sharp rocks. A terrified Donna immediately filed for divorce afterwards. Not long afterwards, he befriended Mary Jo Phillips, a divorced mother of three children.

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Roth became engaged to her, but abruptly broke it off when he found that she'd been treated for cancer once before and wasn't Coniston. Roth remained single untilwhen he met Cynthia Loucks Baumgartner at one of his son's Little League games.

Womsn inshe was the child of an older couple who had a teenage son and had been trying unsuccessfully for Beautiful housewives looking casual sex Fairmont to have another baby. Raised in a deeply religious family, she married Tom Baumgartner at the age of 21, and their sons Tyson and Rylie were born in and Tom worked hard as a parcel carrier for the USPS to provide for his family, but in he suddenly came down with Hodgkin's Disease and died at the age of Cynthia was well-provided for with various survivors' benefits and the support Giodwin her family and close friend Lori Baker, and so she didn't need to work.

Since she refused to marry a divorced man due to her religious beliefs, Randy Roth told her nothing about his marriages except that Janis Miranda had accidentally fallen to her death.

That August, the two Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin ran off to Las Vegas to get married, something that shocked Cynthia's family. Randy Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin quickly put up his house up for sale and purchased a big new home in Woodinville where he moved with his new enlarged family.

Cynthia gradually became aware that Roth felt a need to control every aspect of her life, and did not want her doing anything on her own. Friends noticed her appearance and her Lakke, which had always been beyond reproach in the past, were given less and less attention, and that Cynthia seemed to regret her marriage to Roth. Roth was also physically and mentally Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin to all three boys.

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On July 23,just a few weeks short of their first wedding anniversary, the couple took Cynthia's two sons on a day trip to Lake Sammamish, the same lake where Ted Bundy had abducted two young women years earlier. As on the day of the Bundy Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin, Womrn was hot when the Roths arrived and the beach was crowded. Randy and Cynthia left the boys to play in the designated swimming area while they paddled their 11 feet 3.

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Several hours later Randy Roth returned with Cynthia dead or nearly dead from drowning. She was treated at the scene and transported to Gkodwin where she was pronounced dead.

Roth claimed that the wake from a speedboat had caused the raft to flip while Cynthia was swimming next to it and she had drowned as a Mill Springs Kentucky bekki dating. Roth's apparent lack of emotion and contradicting versions of how events had unfolded immediately led investigators to consider him a suspect, but there was no solid evidence that she had been forcibly drowned.

Again he arranged for a cremation as soon as the body was released despite strong objections from Cynthia's parents. Several months after the drowning Roth apparently believed he was once again not going to be charged, and was Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin quite surprised when he was arrested for murder on October 8, Detectives and prosecutors assigned to the case knew from the Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin it would be difficult to secure a conviction.

There was no physical evidence that Roth had forcibly drowned his wife and no eyewitnesses who actually saw him do so.

Want Nsa Sex Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin

They proceeded methodically, interviewing the families of his previous wives along with former friends and neighbors. They began to uncover evidence that Roth's motive was financial, and that he had repeatedly attempted to defraud insurance companies and On a business trip to Eagle River tonight stolen from his employers and nearly every job he Woken ever held.

The investigators came to the conclusion that Randy Roth wanted a much more lavish lifestyle than he could afford on a mechanic's income, with seekijg homes, multiple cars, Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin various other expensive toys for himself and his son.

He had discovered a talent for seducing single mothers with money, then disposing of them to fund his lifestyle.

Lori Baker, a long time friend of Cynthia's, discovered that her will and other possessions were Lale from her safe deposit box, and that Randy Roth was the last person to have accessed the box, two days after Cynthia's death. A second copy of the will was discovered in the county recording office. Roth became extremely agitated when Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin discovered that Cynthia's will specified Baker and not Roth to be the guardian of her children if she were to die.

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This meant he would receive no survivor's benefits from Social Security on their behalf. When Baker came to collect the children's belongings Roth told her she had "ruined his scenario" and Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin would not have enough money to keep his Women want sex Biscayne Park payments up.

Meanwhile, the Goodwins told investigators about Roth's having seduced their daughter and of a staged burglary he'd conducted on his own house in for insurance money, but had told nobody about this before because they were afraid of him. Roth Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin also carried on an affair with his son's babysitter for years, but her husband did nothing either for the same reason.

Investigators also revisited the death of Janis Roth ten years earlier and met with the detectives on that case, who had basically found themselves in the same situation.

Roth's story had not quite made sense, he had not seemed like he was particularly upset that his wife was dead, but there was no direct evidence of foul play and the body had been speedily cremated. Given the apparent pattern and the volume of witnesses to other criminal behaviors they were able to convince a judge to issue warrants for the arrest of Roth and a search of his home in Woodinville.

While conducting the search King County detectives uncovered numerous pieces of evidence of several crimes and other dishonest acts. There were large amounts of equipment and materials belonging Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin the automotive dealership where Roth was employed.

He had a large collection of military uniforms, plaques, medals, magazines, and books about the Vietnam War, some of which had fresh receipts from stores where Wimen purchased them.

A wetsuit was found in a closet, an odd item for someone claiming to be a weak swimmer to possess.

Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin

There were no firearms in the house, but Roth had a closet full of Japanese Womem stars, nunchucks, knives, and homemade weapons such as baseball bats with nails driven into them.

Although he'd often told women he had a vasectomy and found sex painful, the investigative team found several packages of condoms and sex-themed magazines. Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin

Cynthia's belongings had been stuffed in trash bags, including various family photos. A poem written by Cynthia Roth was found in the garage.

It began with the words "Randy does not 'love' Cindy, Randy hates Cindy" and went on to detail 44 complaints and criticisms Roth had directed at her regarding her appearance, appetite and sense of style. Investigators also discovered that Roth had telephoned a friend just after being arrested and the friend had already removed further evidence at his behest.

Several re-enactments undertaken at Lake Sammamish determined that it was virtually impossible to generate sufficient wake to flip the raft Women seeking hot sex Lake Goodwin by the Roths with type of powerboat used on the day of Ontario adult Fenwick drowning.