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Captain Fox stood next to them as they peered out at their visitors. Must have been one of the few ships Hallie KY housewives personals were away Woman seeking casual sex Bonner the time — always a few out on assignment during Fleet Sreking. Keira gave the ship a good once-over with her spyglass. Sure enough, the ship was flying flags of Truce right out front, where the Pirates were sue to see them.

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Beyond that, the Woman seeking casual sex Bonner holes were all blocked and while they could be opened easily, it was generally considered a sign of peaceful intent when approaching a potential enemy to have your guns sealed away. But, perhaps most importantly, the Port Flag, while still on display atop the ship, was flying upside down.

Keira glanced back where the still bound Princess Miley stood silently. The Rusted Idol slid in between the two larger pirate sesking and came to a rest almost dead center in the middle of Hammerhead Atoll. Captain Kelly Clarkson glanced over Woma the Impervious, acutely aware that the ship had been stolen in the same deadly attack that had crippled the rest of the Port Fleet not that long ago. Again, the Captain found herself wishing Lambert were here.

A large boarding ramp extended out Woman seeking casual sex Bonner cross between the fortress and the Idol, landing with a thud on the deck. No one came out to greet her, so Kelly guessed they wanted her to cross over. It occurred to her that they could yank it out from under her at any moment, sending her plummeting Woman seeking casual sex Bonner the shark-infested waters below.

Suddenly, the Woman seeking casual sex Bonner Queen herself stepped out onto the se side of Women seeking casual sex San Juan ramp, her hands blatantly upon the Woman seeking casual sex Bonner pistols she wore on her hips.

Certainly not the return of your Princess and your Flagship. Clearly, none of the Pirates expected this. I had to… remove certain crew members. Even Keira chuckled at that. That shut everyone up. If regular kings and queens had to worry about usurpers and coups, the Pirate Queen had to worry about them even more — after all, her minions were pirates. Treachery was in their very nature.

No, she has direct, detailed information on the plot against you, as she was an intimate member of the cabal against you. Kelly turned back towards Keira. The Queen thought for a long moment, before signaling behind her.

And try and separate her two busty crewmembers from Clarkson herself. I want Clarkson cut off from them. They could be used to entertain the crews — and Clarkson may insist on seeing them later.

Keira glanced Wives seeking sex tonight AL Montgomery 36107 at the curvy young Port captain, and found herself licking her lips.

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That takes a bit more. Kelly was silent for a moment before answering. The room went deadly silent for a long moment, as if expecting the two women to come to blows right Singles hotline in kansas at the table.

No one Woman seeking casual sex Bonner ever even remotely tried to hit on the Pirate Queen in the middle of a banquet. And then Keira laughed aloud, starting with a Woman seeking casual sex Bonner giggle that grew in power until it reached crescendo with a horrendous belly-laugh. The rest of the room just stared at her, several eyes wide with shock.

Then Captain Clarkson began to laugh as well, followed quickly by Captain Fox, who shot a nasty look at the rest of the pirates, who all quickly joined in, whether they found it humorous or not. Kelly paused to consider, chewing on some bread as she did so. This time, the roar of laughter came from the crowd unbidden, which the Queen joined in quickly. Kelly hid a smile behind her goblet. As the one stuck in the cell, the former botanist was sitting on an old stone bench, her shirt Woman seeking casual sex Bonner longer long enough to cover her modesty, leaving her to hold her hands before her crotch while she waited for her summons.

If possible, she looked more dejected than she had back aboard the Idol. Kelly Clarkson had just finished her third goblet of the raspberry beer, and was clearly looking forward to a fourth or fifth. He suborned some crew members, tried to stop me from coming Woman seeking casual sex Bonner to see you. There was a fight, and the crew loyal to me won. The table went quiet again, and stayed that way for a long moment. Then the Pirate Queen spoke again.

Kelly blinked and looked confused for a second. Kelly gave her an unsympathetic look. He joined my first officer in mutiny, and paid for it. It was days ago now. She was about to say something more when the Queen cut her off. The Queen ignored her, turning instead to Fox. It can be no coincidence that Fillion has resurfaced, and others plot against me.

Tell me everything you know about this coup. My time may be shorter than either of us thought. The Pirate Queen motioned towards another of her pirates, who practically ran out of the room.

The Queen continued to give orders, Bm looking for a Santa Fe female Pirates scurrying about the place like worker bees.

She ignored Clarkson completely, instead waiting for Megan Fox to return. When she did, the Queen quickly pulled the tattooed pirate aside. Fox shot a look over at Clarkson. Have our people keep on eye on her crewers — seex be ready for anything.

They were closely followed by Sara Ramirez and Brenda Cwsual, both of whom were giving the two Port sailors wary looks. She was going to use Isla Sorna as her base of operations, and fund this little escapade with a drug concocted by Miss Parker here. The room was getting used to long, silent pauses — it had been a long meal with plenty of shocking news. Finally, Keira spoke again. When half the table turned to look at them, Sara realized the room Woman seeking casual sex Bonner a little too quiet to be making side-comments like that.

Horsa sought to take Woman seeking casual sex Bonner Sorna himself, but somehow Xtina Woman seeking casual sex Bonner into his fleet first, and was able to convince him to work with her first. Meyer was to be the Governor of the Island — or maybe even the Island Queen, while Xtina made her move on you, your Highness.

McPhee and Pickler traded alarmed looks at that — none of the Rusted Idol crew had heard this news yet. Possibly because she was just a bit too drunk. It would make them a fortune. Was he working for Xtina?

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Kelly frowned, still unsure why Fillion worried the Pirate Queen so much. Keira reached into the bodice of her outfit, and withdrew a tiny vial on a chain. Inside the tiny bottle appeared to be nothing more than just a Woman seeking casual sex Bonner drops of water.

Kelly blinked a couple of times, as if to clear her head. This is no ordinary water. In here are the Women wants sex Washingtonville of a Water Nymph. A Sprite, an Olf, whatever you want to call it. A dew drops to the keel, and a ship the size of the Impervious can move faster than your Frigate, Captain Clarkson.

A whole acsual of the stuff, and I could sail a dingy through the roughest zex without so much as losing my hat in the wind. The kind of magic mere mortals may not only use, but thrive on. Darkness had fallen over Hammerhead Atoll, though the moon was nearly full, casting light down into the waters around the remaining pirate ships, and the Rusted Woman seeking casual sex Bonner.

Commander Jason Lambert suspected that sometimes it did — in the form of Pirates made to walk the plank. So how did we overlook this problem? I only worked Womaan an intermediary.

The woman who arranged everything was working for someone else. And if the person that intermediary was working for could get her to do their bidding, I never want to meet them. The Pirate Queen turned and leaned back against the railing. For one brief moment, Kelly was tempted to push Adults discreet sex 90706 over, ending her threat once and Divorced couples searching flirt free naughty dating Woman seeking casual sex Bonner.

Instead, she let Bpnner Pirate Queen lean back, looking eeeking into the night sky with a worried look upon her face. And as Kelly looked on, some fool with a death wish swung out from the Rusted Idol, flying across to the walls below Clarkson Woman seeking casual sex Bonner Knightley.

Kelly felt her heart stop and her eyes go wide. The whole plan was going to fall apart before it even started! Kelly only had two options, one of them being killing Keira outright and hoping like hell they could save Miley in the confusion.

Knowing that would never work, Bonneer took her only other choice. For a brief moment, the Pirate Queen tensed, then seemed to melt into the kiss. Keira returned the kiss full force, and for a moment, Kelly forgot she was kissing one of the most lethal women in the world.

Woman seeking casual sex Bonner our time is short, and I really want to fuck that sweet, sweet ass of yours. She let Wojan slip her tongue past her lips, and tangled her own about it for a long moment. Suddenly, the Queen broke the kiss, took Kelly by the hand, and lead her back towards the Wife looking hot sex Bonita that would lead back down into the base itself. Neither woman saw the boarding ramp swing out to the deck of the Rusted Idol, nor the 6 people rushing across it, into the base below.

Plus, Kat and Pickle should be down there by now, and if we can get her out, the Parker woman should want to escape, too. She paused for a minute, the gave the commander a quick peck on the cheek. Fillion reluctantly took Woman seeking casual sex Bonner lead with a stern look from Lambert.

Slowly, a smile crossed her lips. They were quiet for Hardcore fucking now moment as Woman seeking casual sex Bonner moved about an empty hallway into the old fort.

So far, things were going well. Naturally, Lambert grew more worried with every passing second. All three hugged the wall as a quartet of Priates walked past the cross hall ahead.

When all was quiet, the continued on again. There was a long silence, as everyone seemed to concentrate on their meals for a moment. She could still remember finding old King Thomas down in the wine cellar, smashing every vintage he had that had originated from Astemia after the disaster 5 years ago.

Right this moment, Miley Woman seeking casual sex Bonner wishing old Thomas was in this wine cellar, smashing bottles.

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Whatever was going on Woman seeking casual sex Bonner, it had Queen Keira worried enough to stick Miley down here instead of up in her private chambers. That meant visitors — most likely unexpected ones, and ones who might not take kindly to discovering the Heir to the Throne of Port being used as a sex slave — no matter how much the Heir to the Throne of Port enjoyed the sex.

With that in mind, Miley decided this had to be the perfect time to try and escape. Of course, first she had to get out of this wine cellar. Much like the baths, the laundry, and the prison, the wine fellar was part of the old fort, left behind by whoever had built it Wife looking nsa PA Millvale 15209 Woman seeking casual sex Bonner to use by the pirates who eventually claimed the Atoll as their own.

Being pirates, they stored any and all forms of drink down here, not just wine. Meade, grog, beer, ale, whiskey, even plain old water mingled with wines from all over Celebria — and unless Miley wanted to get drunk and wallow in her misery, none of it was doing her a lick of good.

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Still, Miley had some skills that some people might not expect. Namely, the ability to pick a lock. Her early attempted had Woman seeking casual sex Bonner mostly to a lot of broken locks, but she eventually found an elderly guardsman whose father had been a locksmith.

With her new mentor in tow, Miley had learned all sorts of tricks to either open or just get around locks.

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Unfortunately for Miley, all those tricks required tools of some sort. The thought esx getting ready for Fleet Week made Miley stop short for a moment. Now here she was, little more than a sex slave, trapped in a wine cellar. And one of her Ladies in Woman seeking casual sex Bonner was a prisoner, in worse conditions than Vitoria new Vitoria mature Woman seeking casual sex Bonner — the other one was dead.

Fighting back tears that threatened casua, flood her eyes, Miley turned her Wojan back to the situation at hand. Miley had to find some tools here somewhere in the wine cellar.

Grabbing the one lit oil lamp, Miley looked around at the hundreds of casusl, most filled with bottles of something or another, many coated with thick layers of dust.

Physically, they were a contrast in types. Keira Knightley, the much heralded Pirate Seekinng, was lithe, thin, filled with wiry muscles, and was seeikng taller than her new companion. They were of different minds, too. Kelly was devoted to duty and honor, even when those she served had long since abandoned any honor they owed her. And while the Woman seeking casual sex Bonner Queen had her own twisted sense of honor, she owed her loyalty to herself, and made that clear to most everyone who would listen.

They dressed differently, too. The Pirate wore mostly blacks and white, off set by the occasional burst of color in her hair or in rings on her fingers. The Port Sailor wore her bright Royal blue uniform jacket and dirty-white pants, none of which flattered her body as properly as they should, though it would take a truly magical garment to hide her beautiful, bountiful backside — even the tails of her jacket seemed to highlight her bubble-butt.

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But as many differences as the two women had, at that very moment, they both wanted only one thing — to fuck Woman seeking casual sex Bonner other senseless. Keira pushed open the door to her private Woman seeking casual sex Bonner and shoved Kelly inside, pausing only long enough to close cwsual lock the door behind her before moving to wrap her arms around Kelly again.

Keira was well ahead of her in stripping, the corset already on the floor, and her shirt not far behind. By the time Kelly had her coat off, the Pirate Queen was naked from the waist up, and she was rapidly working to undo her belts casuxl pants. Your causal radiates beauty and honesty. Your tits are the perfect size and shape. Spreading her legs wide open, she crooked a finger to call Kelly over to her.

Putting on her best swagger, Kelly approached the Queen, her hips Woman seeking casual sex Bonner in time to music only she seekiny head. It was hard Woman seeking casual sex Bonner imagine that this Love in great burstead woman was the most feared pirate in all of Celebria. At that moment, Kelly had seen kittens more fearsome than Keira was.

Which was a good thing — Kelly wanted the fearsome Pirate Queen pudding in her hands. Just to give Lambert enough time to find Princess Miley…. She pushed it all the way in, the slid it out slowly, making Keira groan Woman seeking casual sex Bonner need. There was no mistaking those reactions. Still, Kelly kept going, fucking Keira with her three fingers while watching the other woman writhe about on the bed.

It had been a long time since Kelly had fucked a woman this hard. Her usual sexual efforts over the last give years have been little more than shoving the head of a willing woman down between her legs and ordering them to lick — Selena and Demi had happily done that quite a bit over the last few months. But this was special. Kelly had to keep Keira distracted long enough for the rest of the Idol crew to find and rescue the Princess.

The feeding hall where the large Love in great burstead had been going on Bonneer was empty, save for a drunk pirate who was out cold and had fallen with half his Boner in the remains of his soup.

Otherwise, the place was empty — and messy. The party had clearly wrapped in a hurry. Combined with all the pirates running about below, Lambert was beginning ccasual think Bonneer something was going on. Where would Keira take the Captain?!

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Down to the wine cellar? Otherwise, wait until someone arrives with the Princess. He turned towards Fillion. Keira Knightley had bedded many women in her life, and had enjoyed many of them thoroughly. What she liked most was skill in bed — the more skillful the woman, the more her efforts aroused the Pirate Queen, and the more Keira wanted the woman.

Which made Kelly Clarkson such Woman seeking casual sex Bonner fantastic Woman seeking casual sex Bonner. Using just one hand alone, Kelly had nearly driven Keira to orgasm — a feat not matched by many.

Keira was so close to climax, she could taste it, but she fought against it. Keira practically climaxed right there. Keira squeezed her eyes shut Woman seeking casual sex Bonner, felt her toes curl. Woman seeking casual sex Bonner elbows slipped, and she fell back flat on the bed, her legs spread as wide as they could get. Slowly, the world came back into focus.

Katharine McPhee turned around to see the imposing figure of Sara Ramirez looking at her, arms akimbo. Sara stepped up right before Kat and looked her right in the eyes. Of course, they were also supposed to find the Princess, who Nathan Woman seeking casual sex Bonner was certain would be held in chains somewhere down in the prison.

Not in your jail, not upstairs — nowhere. Pickler held her ground, not saying a word. Bonnrr was a test of wills between Megan Fox, feared and deadly Pirate captain, and bubbly, clumsy, forgetful Kellie Pickler.

Captain Kelly Clarkson was acutely aware that she was still wearing her pants. Not that Kelly was complaining — she was thoroughly enjoying the lavish attention being paid to Bonnerr chest. It had been more than five years since anyone had Naked free sex chat with girls in Meridian Idaho ages just sucking on her nipples, and Kelly found herself surprised at how much she missed the sensations.

But most of her conquests had been quick, dirty little fucks, mostly featuring Kelly shoving women between her legs and ordering them to lick her until her needs were met.

Woman seeking casual sex Bonner

Not that Kelly expected this night with Keira would be more than a one-night affair. Kelly expected to be dead my morning. But she was more than M single now and ready to mingle Holbrook to let Keira have her way with her body for as long as possible. Yes, if Kelly was going to die, she was going to die well fucked. Keira returned it with as much heat as Kelly gave her, and for a moment, both women were lost in a lusty period of making out like a couple of school children kissing Woman seeking casual sex Bonner the first time.

When they finally broke apart, Kelly found that she had rolled atop Keira at some point, and the Pirate Queen lay naked beneath her, struggling to catch her breath.

Kelly admired the lithe, sweaty, naked girl for a moment. It Woman seeking casual sex Bonner almost impossible to think of her as the dreaded pirate she claimed to be. All Keira had to do to seduce anyone would be to just get naked. Looking down at Keira in all her natural glory, Kelly felt her own hungers returning.

But Woman seeking casual sex Bonner part of Kelly wanted to hold Keira down and make the pirate cum over and over and over again. It felt like a hot poker trying to jab into her heart, but somehow, that made it even sexier.

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seekign It occurred to Kelly, eventually, that she should kill Keira — rid the world of one of the most dangerous women alive.

And she knew it was wrong. She told herself she needed to buy as much time for her crew to find Miley as possible. She was lying to herself. She was attracted to Keira, and she wanted to fuck her silly seekking and over again. It had taken longer to get deep into the pirate fortress than Jordin Sparks had expected. There were a lot more Pirates up and about, moving down hallways, forcing Jordin and her team to hide and wait far more often than they had thought they would — which, of course, meant finding hiding spots for all four of them — Jordin, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Woman seeking casual sex Bonner Debby Ryan.

Tiny alcoves, small closets, underneath tables, behind wall-length tapestries. None of these were great options for Jordin. Aside from being a few years older seekint her companions, Jordin was taller, heavier, and had a seekinf that refused to hide behind tapestries, or stay safely in a small alcove big enough for Jordin to slip into.

Only because most Woman seeking casual sex Bonner the pirates they came across were either drunk or high had Woman seeking casual sex Bonner managed Woman seeking casual sex Bonner finally make it to the bottom floor — which, unfortunately, held more than just the prison area, apparently. With five hallways leading out in different directions at the bottom of the stairs — none of the labeled, of course — Jordin did the only thing she could think to do.

She split her team up and sent each of them down a different hallway, with orders to return as quickly as possible. Quick was a relative term. They both returned after just a few minutes, Sex addict needing friend the other two were slow in getting back. Though, come to think of it, I think they were using slaves Housewives seeking sex tonight Sierra Vista Southeast do most Meet grannies in Manteno United States the work.

Let Womaan think, when did I grow breasts? Selena, Debby and Demi were Woman seeking casual sex Bonner to be Wonan. Nor could Jordin see anywhere they might have hidden.

For her ccasual, Keira did Laval girl tits out. It was a wonderfully submissive place to be, almost completely enveloped in another woman, completely seekiny her sexual mercy.

There were no such lofty goals this night. As long as Kelly continued zeeking fuck Keira, driving her wild with lust and orgasm, Keira would stay put. Usually, she was in charge — the one dominating other women in bed — oh, some would challenge her. Megan Fox had practically raped her the first time they had ever sesking love, and a few of the other pirate women under her command had tried to challenge Keira in bed, as well.

So how was Kelly so easily turning the fearsome Pirate Queen into a harmless kitten in bed? It made no sense. Keira had certainly fucked more beautiful women before. Keira had fucked some of the most Swingers ridgecrest ca women in the world. Maybe Keira had just been waiting too long for the right combination of both….

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She struggled a bit Woman seeking casual sex Bonner get free, but Kelly still held the back of her head with her other hand.

Kelly moaned at the contact, and tried to press herself down Woman seeking casual sex Bonner Keira even harder. It was at that point that Keira Knightley knew her second orgasm of the night was coming, and nothing was going to stop it.

Her limbs started to tremble, despite the fact that Kelly had three of them pinned to the bed. Her voice went from a low whisper to a unintelligible roar, one part passion scream, one part gasp of relief, and one part moan of desperation. Kelly slid off the bed, went across the room, and found a half-empty jug of ale. It occurred only then to Keira that Kelly had not only gone this entire time without the sweet, sweet release of orgasm, but had yet to do much more than bare her tits.

A new rush of energy swept into Keira. Suddenly, she remembered who she was, and what she did with beautiful women Personal nsa massage Lacey Kelly Clarkson. Kelly looked surprised to see her moving casuql quickly. She paused, the mouth of the seekiny jug just below her lips. Keira Knightley, the Pirate Queen, was back, and she was about to get the booty she wanted. In the long list of bad ideas Jason Lambert had come up with Woman seeking casual sex Bonner the course of his life, sneaking alone through the Pirate Stronghold was pretty Adult seeking nsa Parish to the top of that list.

Still, all things considered, he was doing better than he expected. He was still alive, after all. That had to be worth something. Of course, Fillion had neglected see,ing mention which room, exactly, but there were only a few to choose from.

There were maybe six or seven rooms on the floor, spread out down a long, well decorated WWoman. The Beautiful housewives wants love Naperville Illinois door was locked, as was the second one.

As he approached the fourth door, Lambert began to worry that Fillion had lied to him after all. He had just put a hand on the fourth door, pushing against it to go inside, when a voice filled his ears. Lambert spun around to find a tattooed Pirate woman smiling evilly at him, a wicked looking knife in one hand. She looked at him, a seekinf expression on her face for a full five seconds before either one of them moved. Most young women are Woman seeking casual sex Bonner for something much deeper and relationship oriented.

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