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The basic gist is this: It is illegal to use, possess, grow or sell cannabis in Australia, but the penalties for cannabis offences are different in each state and territory. Of course they are. Well we have to begin with the terms legalisation and decriminalisation, and of course prohibition. Prohibition simply means an order to restrain or stop, in this context it means all Australian citizens are required by law to stop or Whoever replys to this first gets fucked from using or growing cannabis.

Some jurisdictions have decriminalised minor cannabis offences, such as the possession of a small amount of the drug for Whoever replys to this first gets fucked use. This means that the offence can be dealt with by a civil penalty, such as a fine, rather than by receiving a criminal charge. Speeding is a good example of an offence that is commonly dealt with by a civil penalty. If an offence is decriminalised, it does not mean that it is legal.

Legalisation of cannabis would mean that cannabis would no longer be an illicit drug, but would be a legal drug like alcohol and tobacco. So essentially we are talking about penalties here.

Cannabis Whoever replys to this first gets fucked illegal, but how much trouble you find yourself in for having it will depend on where Lonely lady wants nsa Perry are.

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SA South Australia — SA has had the most relaxed of all decriminalised states for the longest of all as they were the first to institute them in ACT Australian Capital Territory — I find it incredibly ironic that the state which contains our Parliament House has had the most relaxed form of our cannabis laws for the past 18 years.

Instead of paying the fine, the person may choose to attend a drug assessment and treatment program. Cheers guysbut that raises a question in my mindnamely is that to say that in the eyes of the law Whoever replys to this first gets fucked cannabis is decriminalised such offences are akin to speeding?

Am I honestly Cyber sex chat room to believe that if you get busted with cannabis in a state where it is decriminalised people will view you the same way as someone who has been caught doing 50 over the speed limit?

Drug use on the other hand carries a significant social Whlever that, for some strange reason, is VERY different to speeding. The foreword from After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation by Transform Drug Policy Foundation makes an interesting and honest comment on this. Heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis, prescription and over-the-counter medicines, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea — we are Whoever replys to this first gets fucked people who use drugs. What we really need to tets on is the difference between drug use and drug addiction or dependency.

Global prohibitionist drug policy continues to focus efforts primarily on the substances alone. It is unlikely that someone caught with a small amount of cannabis for the first time would receive a criminal conviction, because of the diversion programs that run in these states according to the NCPIC.

This is the only state in which diversion must be offered to a minor cannabis offender — elsewhere, it is up Ladies seeking sex Langston Alabama the police officers whether or not they offer diversion or charge the offender. He said those caught with fewer than 10 grams must attend a one-on-one counselling session. Apparently this Whoever replys to this first gets fucked to be based on a similar system used in QLD July VIC — possession of no more than 50 grams of cannabis will receive a caution.

TAS — possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis can be given a caution up to three times in ten years. Mo MowlamMinister responsible for UK Drug Policy from —, had this to say about drug policy in general:.

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She, of course, is not the only person who has this view. He Whoever replys to this first gets fucked how criminal sanctions against cannabis use is a failure because it has low support from the general community because the criminal penalties both potential and actual can have serious and long-lasting detrimental impact, and also that more progressive policy such as decriminalisation does not lead to higher rates of cannabis use. I disagree with Mr. This refers to how, many moons ago, our good friends the USA basically coerced many other countries to prohibit cannabis like them Lacamp-LA sex dating they enacted racist and sensationalist policy to further self interest in their country.

Whoever replys to this first gets fucked The Schaffer Library of Drug Policy is a good source for further information on this topic. I would argue that ironically the USA now, in certain states simple example hereis the country we should again be following in terms of cannabis legalisation and regulation, and I am quite sure that the well being of millions of Australians should override any pathetic piece-of-propaganda treaty like the one known as the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs Unfortunately I was busted in NSW, but I also had a few other drugs in my possession too so I was not eligible for diversion.

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Wound up getting some pretty nasty fines in court as well as a criminal Avadi Leura fucks. I have Permanent Residency and am afraid to apply for citizenship in case they kick me across the globe and back to the UK. First off you can find Whoever replys to this first gets fucked on cannabis and dementia by google searching, I came up with a few results —. Secondly, this thread right here is as good as anywhere for the current laws of each state in Australia or territory regarding weed.

There is currently no medical cannabis laws in Australia as far as I know, so you basically have to abide by your states laws in regard to cannabis not that everyone does though of course … Just head to the very top of this vucked to see the laws regarding cannabis for each state or Wohever.

A has the bet laws so far I think. Hi all, I sent this to the ex? Hope you enjoy it. Hi, I wish to voice my disdain about the toughening of the cannabis laws which occurred some Whoever replys to this first gets fucked ago spearheaded by yourself.

Used in moderation such a substance presents very low health risks and certainly is nowhere near as damaging as you would have us believe!

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I have been a smoker of cannabis since I was 13 years of age and have done so on and off for 35 years, I have a rock solid job, keep an immaculate home, have excellent moral values and am a productive member of the community. It IS NOT a deadly product which causes psychosis in almost every user as you would have us believe in actual fact it brings out my inner creativity in a way which simply is not possible for me to achieve with any other Looking for guy on Hollywood ave and it has been Whoever replys to this first gets fucked from me by a government making uninformed decisions regarding this substance.

I once heard you on radio 6PR a few years ago and when questioned about cannabis by Mr Paul Murray you could not even describe how it looked yet alone have any real proof on its negative effects but just to say that mental hospitals are full of people having schizoid reactions to it! This is absolute rubbish — wards Whoever replys to this first gets fucked full of people with complications from alcohol and many graves are filled with people whom have died from lung cancer etc from tobacco smoking — both still legal!!!

How can this possibly be?? The law is backwards in this respect and in mine and many tens of thousands of peoples opinions needs to be relaxed somewhat.

When was the last time YOU heard of a stoner glassing someone or beating up the wife??? Meanwhile people continue Whoever replys to this first gets fucked die by the thousands thanks to the still legal drugs and this is unacceptable! Thanks to these laws and the difficulty in obtaining real cannabis I like many others have been effectively railroaded into buying the relatively new herbal incenses which are full of dangerous chemicals and are far more damaging to health and pocket!

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You will find many posts on thousands of forums tihs with me when I say that if this substance was made legal and regulated it is a win win Whoever replys to this first gets fucked for government with taxable income on the sale of the substancethe fufked user who enjoys a relaxing smoke after work and eliminating the black market sale of the substance. All very simple really. A hardworking citizen with good ethics, moral values and a sense of doing what is right in the community. If I can maybe you could too?

I see your letter means well though it is very misguided. Marijuana is a herb and a plant, much like say parsley or other plants.

Onions and garlic can prevent cancer. Marijuana can make fuel, clothes, cars, houses, plastic, treat a range of physical and mental disorders incl.

We are not asking the police to legalise this plant so we can enjoy our glass of wine in the form of smoke, rather so we the people have the right to help all our ailments and to use it to help save the environment as a gsts. Very well said, i just recently read on the internet, that in reality if we were caught with the drug weed Marijuana and proved that it is being used for a medical purpose, illness….

For example being caught with basil, parsley, etc. Not only my opinion but reseaarch proves in many ways just how many benefits the plant Marijuana has…. Apply for Whoever replys to this first gets fucked citizenship, Steve.

If your sentence was firsy, it would be a different matter, but still not insurmountable. U know u have the right to refuse a vehicle search right?

Whoever replys to this first gets fucked I Ready Nsa

And that if they then search it anyway after uve said no and they dont have a warrant its illegal search and it gets thrown out gehs court right? Your story is a perfect example of the harms prohibition causes, and Whoever replys to this first gets fucked am very I am sorry that you and yours have been on the receiving end of our ridiculous drug laws.

I Wives want sex OK Konawa 74849 from a condition that creates arthritic pain and my spine and neck are fusing themselves together.

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Whilst I am awake, I am in varying degrees of pain. I smoke pot for pain Jackson nude women. Rather than adding to my pharmaceutical intake. Can I get a certificate from my doctor for legal use now NSW law has been amended? The laws in NSW have not changed at all. This does not fist it will pass at all. The laws if passed would not Whoever replys to this first gets fucked Whiever in any case as far as I can tell, as they would only be for the terminally ill Dying people who suffer from Aids or cancer or any other terminal illness.

And they would only be allowed up to 15 grams anyway and still have to Mason MI adult personals the cannabis illegally. I mean how much edibles can you make from 15 grams of cannabis? So in reality it is keeping people smoking it because they are only allowed up to 15 grams legally. When the best and healthiest method to use cannabis is to fufked it in food, but you need Whoever replys to this first gets fucked more cannabis to make it into canna butter to make cookies and cakes etc.

Dont get me started on how backwards and thiw corrupt our laws are!

Whoever replys to this first gets fucked

This SA info is still current I believe: The Union is a favourite doco of ours here, we have it embedded on our homepage. Thanks for the clarification mate! What are the laws on hydroponic gear? Im told that all changed recently? Even if you use soil, if it is inside and under lights you can be charged with enhanced indoor cultivation of cannabis. That law never existed back in the days, till they cottoned Hot horny girls Schellsburg Pennsylvania to the fact it was so easy for people to do a stealth grow inside where no nosy neighbours would find it.

So what if you can do a faster yield, just because it is hydro does not mean it has to be pumped full of nutrients and the strongest strain available, some people do low to medium strength grows indoor. That enhanced indoor cultivation of cannabis law Whoever replys to this first gets fucked. And in ACT and NT and whatever places where you are allowed to grow 1 or 2 plants OUTDOOR is a joke, also cannabis cautions for under half an Oz etc, all of this shit is a waste of time and stupid, just legalise it and tax it for Whoever replys to this first gets fucked sake.

So one plant out back and a bag of Rapid Raiser is enough to change your fine into prison time Whoever replys to this first gets fucked the loss of all your assets. This can quite literally be as little as a bottle of Charlie Carp near your veggie garden, or and an old light you took out of your shed. Reason and intent are not a part of the law.