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Veggie tacos no rice

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I could eat chips and guac daily for the rest of my life and never get bored.

Enter these Southwest Bean and Rice Tacos. The first time I whipped up Veggie tacos no rice filling for these tacos, my only game plan was to use up the last dregs of a box of veggie broth from the fridge and a lone bag of frozen brown rice that was giving me sad looks every time I opened the freezer door.

Fifteen minutes later, with the addition of sauteed onion and garlic, canned pinto beans black beans are great tooa can of magical Rotel, a generous sprinkling of spices and a bit of finger crossing, I had myself the tastiest bean and rice concoction I ever did Veggie tacos no rice.

And eat it I did.

Almost half the pan scooped up with tortilla chips whilst standing over the stovetop. Sometimes you gotta just put down the bag of chips and walk away, you know?

Like my Chipotle Crema and Dill Ranchthis dressing gets its creaminess from a base of cashews and coconut milk. Drizzled over oven roasted potatoes. Slathered on veggie burgers. You get the idea.

This bean and rice and Southwest dressing combo is great in Veggie tacos no rice non-taco iterations as well. Or, try a stuffed burrito, topped with lettuce and slathered with dressing. You could also go the lazy route and shovel all the things into your mouth with chips.

I love tacos and I swear you could fill them with anything! I have to say though I am really loving your recipe Veggie tacos no rice the dressing and the fact that you have been putting it on nearly everything!

Good idea, sound delicious. Thanks so much, Tim, and I totally agree, tacos are kind of a wonder tacoos, so many yummy possibilities! Wow, these tacos look amazing!

Saw your bean and rice tacos featured at RecipeOfTheWeek and had to pop over. They look delicious and I love the eice of your dressing.

I hope you enjoy the tacos! Home About Me Food Contact. Bean and Rice Filling.

Comments I love tacos and I swear you could fill them with anything! I hope you enjoy them!