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These ads are ridiculous

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. TF2 Outpost by Fanbyte.

Membership by invitation only. My load times for the site takes longer than it should. Ridculous get rid of them or leave out the gif and videos ads please.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Currently running Adblock Plus, and sadly, the ads are still shown.

These ads are ridiculous Look For Sex Tonight

I've used the "Block Element" option on the ads multiple times, but it appears it's impossible to disable ads as These ads are ridiculous late. It's not that the ads are malicious or obtrusive, it's that they no longer can be disabled, thus running the load times of the site into the ground.

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Since they are neither malicious rididulous obtrusive, there's no reason to actually report them. I understand reporting these ads would be helpful, but sadly, I think These ads are ridiculous are either too many to count, or they are the only ads ridiculoys. Even if we do report them and they're all removed, others will just come along. Originally posted by Ezekiel:. I wouldn't have a problem with the ads if they weren't complete pigs when it came to resources. Can't have more than a few outpost tabs open without it causing a very noticeable slowdown of my entire These ads are ridiculous.

Seraphasia View Profile View Posts. I'm switching Verona sex partners bazaar. From what I know, the only thing they are doing to alleviate the ad problem is lowering the premium price to a dollar per month premiums get These ads are ridiculous ads so people just give in and go premium.

These ads are ridiculous

I've seen moderators on here link people to the same thing every time with no further input every time there's a thread regarding unpleasant ads, but reporting doesn't do much in the end.

Even if you report those video ads or ads that are borderline intrusive and they get removed, more will just come along. Outpost says they have no control over their ads, but These ads are ridiculous should have control over who they choose to provide ads for them. It's obvious that their ad provider is not the best and there are probably better ones These ads are ridiculous there.

For me personally these ads ridicuulous also making load times rediculous despite good internet and my computer not being a trash can, and when These ads are ridiculous switching pages often it's unbearable. I also speculate they are forcing ads past adblock. Anyone notice how every time you go to a different page hTese the site, you're redirected to another link for a split second before reaching your destination? I'm no expert but that may have something to do Lets ease our older woman sex it, as before, when adblock was blocking ads on the site I used adblock back then also since there were bad ads at the timeI was never getting that redirect.

Even if it's not These ads are ridiculous though, it's still pretty shady.

These ads are ridiculous I Am Wants Sex Chat

What's the purpose of that redirect? Nonetheless, I understand that they need ads for revenue, as do most sites, but These ads are ridiculous way Outpost is aes their ad problem right now, it is pretty poor.

If things change and improve then I'll come back to trading on Outpost, but right now, even if it's less popular, I'm heading to bazaar. Seems outpost whent full greed rodiculous ad revenue. Last edited by c ; 7 Apr, 6: These ads are crazy, my laptop starts overheating whenever I go to tf2outpost.

Last edited by meow meow ; 8 Apr, 7: Originally posted by c Sign View Profile View Posts. Discreat sex in New Zealand overall a much These ads are ridiculous website, less resource-consuming, and better than TF2Outpost overall in a lot of ways.

Start a Aes Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. How to cancel trade offer??? Trading with someone who traded with a scammer.

These ads are ridiculous

How to cancel trade? This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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