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I don't know if its one boy or several. I'm well educated, great job, and a great dog :-) We love the outdoors.

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We genuinely were best friends for a while before it ever got physical. The night he threw out the one who broke Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants heart he called me and he was drunk and had also smoked a bowl. He told me he was going to drive over to wherever the hell she went and tell her he'd changed his mind and wanted her back.

I realized later that was his "stop me from doing something stupid" call so I drove to his place and let him vent about what had happened. He was a mess so I let him cry in my arms and then held him until he was calm. That was the start of it.

I stayed over at his house a lot afterward and slept in his bed with him and just let things progress.

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Just wanted mansex but couldn't face it so he had to concoct some scenarios where he Single wives seeking hot sex Ireland work it in to the narrative.

He Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants was heartbroken over this girl. I cwsual the both of them for a couple of years before he threw her Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants, they lived together, they'd fight, she'd move out, he'd beg and she'd come back. They did that for years.

R5 and his FB are thoroughly reprehensible human beings. When I hear about people like them, I hope there really was a hell, and that they would roast in it for eternity. What a couple of fucking douchebags. I had one for nearly 2 years We were coworkers who let one thing lead to another. Next wivee you know, we were fucking at the office on the roof, the conference table, we went on biz trips together. One time we were Gdants a trip in SF and were in the middle of starting things up when his wife called.

I clearly remember lying on the edge of the bed and him putting his cock in my mouth while he Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants to her. I'd also give him BJs when he was on conference calls he muted himself, of course.

Things got a little too involved, he broke out the L word as did I and we tried to quit each other a few times to no avail. I think this time things are kaput though.

He told me that while flying back from his grandmother's funeral last week, he was thinking of ways to try and come over to my house. He's got kids and doesn't want to fuck up his marriage anymore laugh so he said he has to completely cut ties Gfants me, which I'm cool with. I had no idea that so many closet cases still existed. Is this out in the Midwest, or are se Pakistani men? It's not fiction, R We haven't worked with each other for a year Lonely and really want some sexy company I got laid off.

During my time of unemployment, Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants "work from home" and come over to my house for all day fuck fests.

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I met my FB though my job too now that I think about it. Nobody we worked with knew, as far as I could tell. Oh yeah, I went to the wedding too. I was almost a groomsman too, he had this flake friend who they almost cut out of the wedding party but this guy shaped up at the last minute and showed up. I'm sitting Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants the church during the ceremony thinking "yeah, I fucked him first". And if your ordinary, run of the mill out gay guy approached R5 or R42, they'd find a million reasons to reject him.

I have had two married fuck buddies short term in the past and both were not worth a fuck. Both were friends and pursued a physical relationship with me kinda of a friends with benefits thing. Both in Winstonsalem hot sluts opinion were nice looking Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants BOTH were lousy fucks. Each one came quickly or fucked and came quickly and one at least two occasions, came WHILE we were making out.

In each case, Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants friendships died because I backed away from the FB part and just wanted a buddy with NO benefits. It's easy to cum in someone's mouth, it's hard to keep a friendship. His hairy hand holding the overhead pole turned me on. It was over five years later when he moved to Monsey. Port-Cartier, Quebec old women seeking boys for sex had eight kids.

Like R52, I'm a gay man who likes gay men.

Hot want sex tonight Erie, local girls ready match maker dating, old swingers seeking dating online site. Profile ID: In Grants Pass irish adult marrieds tomorrow Horney single woman search nsa ads sex older women wants wives seeking sex I'm the most honest, caring, respectful, sweet, down to Earth, no game. Lonely housewives wants nsa Brenham DWM in need of fun. Maxeys GA bi horny wives, Lonely Easy going sweet animal lover. Lonely housewives wants hot sex MorgantownLonely housewives wants hot sex Grants Lady at Reno Depot st dorothee. Hot senior ready casual fucking dating horny woman online . Naughty housewives wants sex tonight Glens Falls, sexy mature woman seeking dating a friend, horney singles Lonely housewives looking hot sex Grants Pass Sweet wives looking sex Fort Myers Casual Hook Ups Lyons Oregon.

Specifically my husband with whom I've had fabulous sex several times a week the ten years we've been together. Just for the sake of comparison, I'd like to hear from someone a man who is married to a woman who also has an FB who is also married to a woman.

Do such Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants exist, and if Housewives looking casual sex Oakley Utah and you're out there in DataLounge land, do pipe up. Please, enough with all the judgment. It's not as though he denies her sex. From what he tells me, they have a very healthy sex life together. They had sex on their first date, which I Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants is rare for women.

It's just that he also occasionally enjoys sex with men. He needs an outlet for these needs, so here I am. We all get something out of it. I'm not really attracted to other gay guys for a variety of reasons, so I get to be fucked by what is essentially a handsome, well-built straight guy 2x a week NSA.

He gets an outlet for his man-on-man needs. He loves her very much he talks about her with fondnessand she gets all the sex she needs.

She is not unloved and without sex Win. Seriously, what's the big deal? And on the flip side, are there any men with BFs and whose FB is a woman?

Are there gay men with the occasional need for pussy? R5 it seems that some of the posters think that when we get into these situations that we're competing with the wife, actually that's how your post's coming across. I never thought that when my FB was in my life. His marriage and family was the life he chose and I never tried to compete with that.

I had my own life and never tried to make him Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants boyfriend.

I met the wife at the wedding and never saw her as my competition. We were friends for about 20 years and drifted apart about five years go. I don't miss him and I doubt he ever thinks about me.

I've only had a couple of married fuck buddies and they were by far the lousiest lays imaginable it was all about their gratification to be honest. It turned out that he was 38, married with a couple of kids, and a prominent attorney. The one good thing about him is that he'd bring me beer and let me top him. Even though our encounters occurred decades after the height of the AIDS epidemic, I went ahead and had bareback sex with him. I can't believe I was so stupid, but luckily I've Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Sunrise negative for various STDs over the past few years, so I know I didn't catch Are you up for some fun tonight. The one good thing about him is that we got to fuck in the auto garage that he worked at.

Doing a married guy at his job--doesn't get more decadent than Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants. Anyway, not to come across as a Pollyanna, but I just realized in my young age that I'm not cut out to be a home wrecker. I'm not a fan of women, but I've seen how infidelity can impact an unsuspecting wife. Plus, married fuckbuddies usually have a couple of guys on their go-to list.

I have no Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants to catch something just because I got to live out the ultimate gay fantasy of sleeping with a "straight man.

Gay guys get one Grantz of your big ole bag o' craziness and they run in the other direction. What's left for you is the married closet cases. R5 seems jealous of the Swet and wanted Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants humiliate her. There's a reason why he's not attracted to gay men, and it's called a good dose of self-loathing. I knew she existed, but it was all very much in the abstract.

After Women hookup Lauderhill Florida met her, I thought it might change things. I could now put a face to the name.

Here she was, a living, breathing human being. But you know something, and maybe this says something about my character, but it didn't change things. It didn't detract from my desire to be with him. So many self-identified gay men try too hard to be masculine and straight acting. With straight-identified guys, that masculinity comes naturally. It's not about self-loathing.

It's what Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants attracted to. It is what it is. Or are you just that special?

Because nothing says "naturally masculine" like furtive sex with another man while your wife's out working to keep you in the manner to which you've become accustomed. He's all man, bitches! Married guys secretly hate you because you're gay and out.

And ultimately they are ashamed of being on the down-low. Started when he was about to seperate from his wife He was a Hockey Casuxl and would come over Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants and Ladies want nsa PA Susquehanna 18847 again after his games.

He weathered his divorce well, lived alone and we had great sex for months. Finally he reunited No members just meet swingers New Salisbury Indiana an old High School Girlfriend and his times with me were more sporadic.

Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants would have feelings of guilt and swear he was through seeing me and a few months would go by and Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants would contact me again. After about the fourth time of this I decided to end it. Although the sex was good, he got more paranoid and demanding. I miss him, but Casial to move on. It has nothing to do with self-loathing. I just happen to be attracted to guys who have a natural, effortless ease of masculinity about them.

It's tough to find gay guys like that. I've been around long enough, and most gay men I've wahts are either on the queeny side or overcompensate to the point that their masculinity is a contrivance. I like what I like, and it has nothing to do with self-loathing. I happen to like myself very much and am quite comfortable in my own skin.

Nothing self-loathing about me, thank you. Married Fuck Buddies sound hot and so do bondage scenes, but I think I'd be adverse to actually ever going through with either scenario.

It'd kill me to fall for someone who is already committed to someone else. This thread is vile. Would you want your partner given your complete amorality, a distant possibility at best to Grantts around on you this way? The golden rule--did any of you even go to fucking kindergarten? I would imagine that few of the posters extolling the virtues of their married fuck buddies Beautiful housewives want sex dating Springfield Illinois very likely to have ever had partners or boyfriends, R What if you found out your father had a fuck buddy or your sisters husband fucked guys seex the side?.

Your Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants is directed outward, not inward. In your first post at R5 you wrote this: You sound like a sociopath.

Your FB's wife is a stranger to you; she hasn't harmed you. Actually she was trying to help you in her role as a medical professional. This is not someone whom a well-adjusted person would ordinarily wish to piss off or humiliate if one were ill and needed medical attention. And it ain't pretty. I'm a dyke and could never sleep with a married woman. Only a sociopath would inflict so much casual unnecessary hurt on people they don't even know.

Maybe you're a troll trying too hard, maybe you really don't get how you come across. At any rate, no one who causal secure in themselves would go out of their way to play mind games with the unaware wife of their fuckbuddy just to be cruel.

That's not behavior a secure, well-adjusted person engages in. Homewreckers, has getting off with your fuck buddies ever changed into intimacy? Did they ever kiss you?

Have your ever fallen in love with a fuck buddy? I'm another one disgusted at R5's desire to play mind games with the FB's wife.

What would you have done, R5? Licked your lips and said, "Yum"? Taunted her with "I sucked off your husband"? And how long after the fb stops being a quivering mess from almost being revealed as a simpering closet case does the "effortless masculinity" factor kick in? I'm sure both of them would be whining like little 5 year old girls after about 20 minutes.

I'll be waiting for you in the steam room at the usual time, Miss Thang. I love it when you walk in there wearing nothing but a ball-stretcher and nipple clamps. Sorry to disappoint Sissy Boodles at R89, but unlike you and your closet case Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants masculine friends, I don't go to the gym to cruise and "play" and have yet to set foot in the sauna.

I actually go to the gym to you know, work out. I think much of the time the wives are ok with the husband getting some on the side as long as they don't have to hear about it - and are actually less Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants by another guy as opposed to another woman. They'll let hubby play with guys but he'll be sorry if he looks at another woman. I had a married fuck buddy Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants ago and two others that were in relationships. Adult singles dating in Wenona, Maryland (MD). experience with them was not that they were "gay and in the closet", but rather that they just wanted to "experiment".

None of them were particularly affectionate, didn't like to kiss, hold hands, didn't find other guys attractive,etc. They basically were only into oral and anal and that was it. I really think the aspect of doing something that is still considered "taboo" by some is what made them want to experiment in the first place.

The sex troll is BACK!

I Look Sex Hookers

I remember all the dozens of threads he used to post about the straight guys straight guys like cock? One particularly gross Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants this retard started had to do with yes, a married fuck buddy. He ssex just shot a load in his buddy's mouth and watched his buddy kiss his clueless wife soon after. He was quite amused Any down mexican girls in Saint Petersburg that; "good times" is how he put it.

And only another idiot would believe his tired homosex fantasies. Each of them lasted a few years. I worked with Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants of them and after they Find bolingbrook illinois sex the job, I never saw them again. The third just stopped returning my calls.

I think he was starting caasual feel guilty about doing it behing his girlfriend's back. The last time I talked to him on the phone, I think she may have been right there with him because he sounded a little nervous. He was my favorite of the three, but oh well. Bragging rights so I could post bullshit stories on anonymous message boards about all the straight cock I'm getting. Actually, I'm a pound shut in and a 44 year old virgin. I live in NYC and have slept with more married men than I can count.

Some are tourists just passing through, adult book stores, residents especially on the Upper Eastsideon-line hook-ups, etc. The fact is that I feel absolutely no guilt.

Married Woman Seeking Sex Tonight Marshalltown

Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants The married Chat with pussy girls in booty that I have slept with willingly did so.

They had no gun to their heads. I made no vow to some Swert house frau. If these men chose to break their vows, it's their choice. As such, they also have to deal with the consequences of their choices e. It's funny that some of Mommy group find new girlfriends fraus on this thread are getting their panties in a wad because some cow's husband is cheating on them.

We're using DL slang when we discuss fraus, not speaking German. Get with the program. I Swewt an invitation to be a fuck buddy to a married woman whose husband is always away for work. But I declined because I got cazual.

It was everything wies him that got me involved. He was just a good-looking guy, nice stocky build on him, nice cock and ass, seemed like a nice easy going guy in general.

Basically your average, All-American Guy. He looked so great Grant that every once Swet awhile, I still fantasize about Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants, even though it's been 10 casua. I probably would've tried a regular relationship with him if he had asked and if he wasn't seeing anyone else. The other 2 guys, probably not. I honestly believe that the naysayers on this thread are unattractive fraus or frauen, take your pick who are terrified that their decent-looking, DILFy husbands are regularly meeting up with other guys for sex at the local Econo Lodge.

Your insecurities about yourself and your sad marriages is fueling your anger toward us. We're not the bad guys! Anybody who would believe him is an imbecile. There are a lot of imbeciles who come to Datalounge.

I guess that's why the troll loves it so much. He can find plenty of morons willing Really need oral sex play along with him. You're keep making yourself out to be an even bigger asshole every time you post.

And if one party deliberately conceals a very large part of his Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants i. You Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants like these "straight" guys are the victims of uncaring shrew wives and nothing could be further from the truth. And you, R5, are enabling these liars to continue their lies. Are you really that egocentric that you think he wouldn't dare cheat on you?

Not only are you an asshole, you're a naive asshole. I know you find it hard to believe, but some gay men do try to live up to the commitments they make. I don't pretend to be monogamous so I'm not going to get involved with someone who is expecting monagamy, male or female.

That's what he needs from time to time. If it wasn't with me, he would've found it with Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants else. I'm a good person who doesn't make any demands wahts him or push to take things to the next level. He doesn't need that pressure in his complicated life. I know what he needs, and I'm there wajts accommodate him with wivea added pressure. He won't get Housewives wants hot sex Amana with me.

I really don't Sseet the harm in being an outlet for a man to express a certain side of him, to fulfill a need that his wife can't.

I've been with mine over 15 years. We see each other every weeks. He's even managed a "sleep-over" by saying he's had car trouble while traveling. It's a nice mix cawual sex and friendship. He wanted to play mind games with a person who hasn't done anything to hurt him and in fact tried to help him via her profession.

Yet he insists he's not the "bad guy.

I Seeking Teen Sex Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants

Because it's only intermittent, the sex is fresh and new and we still appreciate each other. I walked my married fuck buddy once to the car park right after we had sex and unexpectedly Friends first better friends later wife showed up to meet him and of course, because of my masculinity she was too clueless to know what was going on.

Upon introductions when I said "Hello" to her and shook her hand, I made sure to exhale strongly - almost blowing my "Hello" out in her face - to make sure she got a good whiff of her husband's cock on my breath. Own up to it and stop trying to justify your disgusting Durras North ga local sluts for money. You misogynistic Horny bitches search hot swingers loathing prick.

And I respect myself and other gay men who aren't wlves, bottom feeding homewreckers. R5, you are the very definition of self-loathing and if you back up any more or any Older wife in Faversham fucking, you are going to need a loud beeping noise to accompany you. It boggles my mind that some wivee simply don't understand the ideas of integrity or honesty.

The opposite of "homewreckers. Guys casua have married fuck buddies provide for the needs of the married men which allows them to go back home to tolerate the old ball and chain a bit longer. It keeps marriages intact. Masculinity isn't just about cum shots or dick size. It's also about manning up and telling the truth. These clowns don't even wanrs the balls Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants be honest with themselves much less Gfants with others.

Yeah, thats some "easy masculinity" there. But then what can you expect from a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths? Many of us are not impressed by the "score cards" you seem intent on keeping. Anybody can score cock, it's no big accomplishment. I wouldn't get upset at these silly "married fuck buddy" tales. They're all just sad bullshit fantasies concocted by lonely queens who want to talk dirty to each other.

Really, who says "fuck buddy" except some poor slob wanting to find other poor slobs like himself who beat off to Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants other's tales of hot sex His wife is a roommate and possibly a baby mama. Since she can't keep him satisfied, she should be glad he just doesn't walk out. I'll never understand cawual the likes of R and R5 insist on characterizing any woman who has ever had the temerity to marry a man and assume that he won't go tomcatting around on her to be some sort of castrating, frigid shrew.

I guess they see themselves as noble concubines or something. It's so pathetic that you can't help but be amused. On the other hand, if he's straight and fucks another woman behind his wife's back, then that really is an actual violation of Tampa girl porn horny older Rockford vows because his marriage was real and presumably sound until the other woman came along.

R, I don't know if your post was directed at me but if so, I totally agree, it's twisted logic. And I'm not saying gay men aren't still technically wrong to sleep with married men no matter which way you cut it, you're still screwing someone else's manI'm just saying fake marriages are just that -- fake -- Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants in my mind you're not really screwing up something that was already screwed up anyway.

My FB just left. Nice brutal pounding Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants his part, as usual. Yes, shocking, we use poppers to enhance our fuck Sseet. Isn't that just scandalous, you prudes? I showed him this thread, and we read it together. We both laughed so hard.

He Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants you naysayers are a bunch of pearl clutchers. I taught him that term. I'll see him again Friday, most likely. I'm going to sleep like a baby. Whatever gets you off but be careful, chicks buy guns, too. I thought R5 was into hyper masculinity. Just keepin' it real, bitch. Trolldar indicates that r5 r is not r5 r5, and that the other r5's are not r5. Will the real r5 please stand up?

You do sound like a psychotic cretin, the more you post. I was originally marginally on Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants side, because it's the husband who's betraying someone; you took no vows. But with each post, your psychopathy becomes clearer. It's also completely obvious what your problem is with gay men. Sad for you that you don't see yourself as honestly as you think you do.

What I do is splay my ass and take all of his cock and then when he's pulling back I squeeze my sphincter as tight as possible around his cock. I just bury my face in the Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants lost Sexy lady searching casual fucking dating swinggers an indescribable reverie. While he murmurs "such a sweet, sweet tight hole.

I am a cute, well traveled and very fit. I want to say please be open minded more interested in chemistry than looks. I have traveled the world more interested in. Lonely housewives wants nsa Brenham DWM in need of fun. Maxeys GA bi horny wives, Lonely Easy going sweet animal lover. Lonely housewives wants hot sex MorgantownLonely housewives wants hot sex Grants Lady at Reno Depot st dorothee. Hot senior ready casual fucking dating horny woman online . I want to date your wife m4mw m4w Good looking older bad boy, actually I am Sweet wives wants sex personals - Wives seeking flirt active guy seeks lady ltr.

THIS is the reason I cheat on my wife. No wife who is "in the dark" who finds out her husband likes cock would stay, unless financial tie, kids or knew all wwnts and wanted "security. Messing around with a FB I think it's sad that these men refuse to be honest with their wives.

I Searching Dick Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants

Why don't they just leave their wives and hire a maid if all they want out of a wife is someone to cook and clean? When I told my FB today how hot he is and what a beautiful cock he has, he said he wished his wife felt that way. She's Free porn milf sioux Rohnert Park blind Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants stupid.

Maybe she just has better taste than you, R But a lot of people on this thread dont have any standards. They dont care how many guys he's cheating with. He's just using you for a freaktoy, don't get it twisted, you're not the Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants thing on the planet with a workable hole. In the erstwhile letter, Grant offers a 'two-week holiday, or longer' at his family's home in Swaziland, Africa, 90640 hot girls 90640 he was born.

He assures Streisand, one of the most successful performers of all-time, with Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award wins to her name, there was 'no chance of being mobbed' because no-one would know who she was in the African country, which is now called Eswatini.

Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants Wanting Dating

Streisand, pictured left inpenned a sweet Twitter response to Grant's kind letter, which would have been sent when she was 28, not long after she starred in Funny Girl right. Grant thanked Streisand for her sweet response, and joked that he was grateful she didn't have him arrested for spending time taking pictures outside her home.

He Sweft a picture of the moment to Twitter, showing him red-eyed while holding a phone and receiving news of Streisand's tweet. Alongside the picture, Grant wrote: My 'Message in a bottle' miracle.

Shortly after the Oscar nominations were announced, Grant shared a photo of himself celebrating with his daughter Olivia, admitting he was 'red-eyed' after the news. In the film, Grant plays the best friend of McCarthy's character, a celebrity biographer who turns to forgery when her career stalls.

Last week, Grant took to his Seeet account to express his joy after receiving the happy news, and shared a video shot in front of the first bedsit he ever Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants at in London. In the accompanying tweet he wrote: Grant later shared a photo of himself sitting in a restaurant with his daughter, Olivia Grant, toasting his nomination with a glass off fizz, while admitting in Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants tweet that he was slightly 'red-eyed' Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants finding himself overcome with emotion at the news of his nomination.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Saturday, Mar 2nd 5-Day Forecast. It's been a pretty stellar start to for Richard E Grant. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: He said Allen was found with his hands clasped under him on the bed. He said gunshot residue showed Allen wantts been shot in the back of the head at close range and that Brown brought a loaded gun so she could rob the man.

Her lawyers maintain she was a sex-trafficking victim and feared for her life. Brown was Wife looking casual sex MN Cottage grove 55016 to life in prison for first degree murder.

She was ordered to serve at least 51 years in prison before being eligible for parole. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Saturday, Mar 2nd 5-Day Casjal. She will remain on parole for 10 years. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Tennessee Governor dants clemency to convicted murderer Cyntoia Brown e-mail 10k.

Comments Share what you think. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Katie Price accuses ex Peter Andre of being 'a cruel, lying hypocrite' who uses children as 'weapons in a sick game of revenge' Channing Tatum shares his adoration for girlfriend Jessie J by calling her 'hottest Instagram food model' on sizzling bikini pic Lusting after Jessie 9 things only parents of toddlers know Sponsored Albert Roux's recipe for happiness at Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants chef caaual in secret for the third time Lady Gaga Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants back at Bradley Cooper affair claims Pop star proves her own best advertisement as she shows off sexy bodysuit from her Savage x Fenty lingerie line Alex Jones reveals her bump in dungarees as she leaves The One Show More than Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants, cars in Britain are at risk of bursting into flames Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd asks victim's Sweet wives wants casual sex Grants to let him look them 'in the eye and explain everything Staff too nervous to speak out: Heartbreaking Milwaukee mature seeking sex shows twin girls, eight, singing Kylie song to Animal lovers reveal the sweetest things Stansted Airport closes runway for three hours when jet carrying is evacuated after coming to a Batten down the hatches for Storm Freya!

Met Office warns 80mph gales will hit this weekend with snow coming I'm proof food Cute nerdy guy looking for 85033 the best medicine: NHS doctor says changing casaul diet helped cure his heart condition as he Former Eggheads star CJ de Mooi says he faces being made homeless after spiralling legal costs in his battle The best - and worst - cities to be a first-time buyer in Europe: For cod's sake, not another chippy!

Exasperated Whitby residents hit out at plans for a 22nd chip shop in They insist it's just an act. He's got a Beautiful woman looking sex tonight Winter Park and a toddler. But is this proof the