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In the latest results, South Korea ranked second in reading just behind Shanghai, China who participated as a cityfourth in math and sixth in science.

And just like in Finland, education was considered the best way to pull their county up out of their economic misery. South Korea overhauled their schools and committed to an equal-opportunity system promising to educate every child, just as the Finnish did. They set up a lottery system so that all kids, regardless of where they lived or how much money they had, got access to a great elementary education, again just like Finland.

Finnish students have little homework, short school days and tons of playtime; South Korean students studfnt non-stop. In fact, they study more than kids in any other country in the world.

Navigating the Teacher - Student Relationship in Korea (Part I) | The Arrival Store Expat Lounge

In South Korea, education is very flr. There is a massive entrance exam to get into high school and college and the pressure to succeed on this test starts when kids are three or four-years-old. But their students are some of the best in the world, so despite our possible objections to their approach, there are some things we can learn from them. Culturally, South Koreans are very invested in education.

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They have a lot riding on it. Everything from their social status to their marriage prospects to their job is determined by where they went to college.

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And parents are judged based on what universities their kids get into too. So it goes without saying that parents and students are highly motivated when it comes to school. And most parents send their kids to extra private school after their regular school day. South Korean teachers go above and beyond. They work very hard and make a huge effort.

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Teachers in South Korea enjoy high social status, are paid very well and have Beautiful lady seeking hot sex Buda job security. And once they get a teaching job, not South Korea student looking for a serious relationship people give it up.

Inthey made several changes in an attempt to close the gap between kids in high-achieving urban schools and lower-achieving rural schools. They offered financial support to all middle school students, subsidized computers, offered meals and opened more schools in rural areas to make them more accessible. South Korea is very savvy when it comes to leveraging technology to improve their schools. Every school in South Korea has high-speed internet.

Special - Hanyang University

They also have digital textbooks to make learning materials more accessible, especially to lower income students. The Ministry of Education has also recently created a Cyber Home Learning System, an online program designed to help kids with their after-school learning. Unlike loo,ing Finland, South Korean schools have a lot of tests.

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And they are taken very seriously. Life in the country virtually grinds to a halt during the yearly college entrance exam.

South Korea student looking for a serious relationship

Their future depends on it. You must be logged in to post a comment. Here are a few ideas: Get to know their Soth.

Update them on a regular basis on what the kids are serioue to keep them engaged. Use technology Classrooms in South Korea are packed with technology.

They really help with the teaching process and provide students with more knowledge as well! Technology has also been shown to be a great tool in special educationhttp: Studies have shown Nude girls of Haxey sc technology can help all kids learn faster and develop deeper basic academic South Korea student looking for a serious relationship. So if you have access to computers or tablets in your school, use them!

Computers are becoming more and more affordable these days. A fund-a-need is a great way to raise some money and awareness!

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Do your best every day. Korean teachers go above and beyond every day. To do not only what is expected of us, but more. Always be willing to learn. If you keep things fresh then your teaching will stay interesting to students.

Learn new loooing techniques whenever you can. Be willing to try new, improved things in the classroom! Inspire your students to do their best.

Students in South Korea are highly motivated.

Offer lots of praise for good work, send home positive notes to their parents and give out awards for academic excellence on a regular basis. And set high expectations. Your kids will want to live up to them! Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged stuxent to post a comment.