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Was told it was the head unit. So I just took the car home. When I got home I just pulled the fuse for the amp and put it back in and everything was working Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for. Poor sales and bad customer experience after placing order for a Kia Sorento from cycle Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for carriage Singapore. Ordeal started after I signed on the dotted line. I had to relent after he threaten not to honour price.

Then came the next nightmare. Salesman gone totally silent on when will my car be delivered, when it was indicated on sale order that it will be weeks. This salesman did not do any selling whilst I do all the buying.

To Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for matters worst, he did not give me the first 3 services free like in all new car purchases. But before I can enjoy the car, I am already regretting it. Would someone please help me! I had to send him several text to remind him and all he could say was I will be required to pay balance payment upon towing out of car from showroom.

How about sending you this in a message from one pissed off kia owner. That is my mileage on my Kia Forte right when the oil pump went out and the engine blew. Now I need to replace the engine cause university kia in Huntsville Alabama. Not to mention that there was already a class action lawsuits against kia for this issue.

So no im not a happy customer cause kia could have treated me a little bit better than what they did. As a large Korean company I am interested to know your views on the sadistic evil trade of dog and cat meat in your country. Before Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for make the assumption that this has nothing to do with your company, I would just like to inform you that there are thousands of people on social media who are absolutely appalled and disgusted by this evil trade and as a result have Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for products from China, and Korea.

Just last week my friend informed me that she would be looking to buy a kia at the weekend. After educating her on the evil cat and dog meat trade in Korea, she was shocked, disgusted and appalled.

Needless to say she did not buy a kia and instead bought a VW instead. With awareness of this evil trade growing fast on social media, you might want to consider how many sales you have and will lose because of it. Hello, I Ny man seeks Peterborough find the diagnose plug in my Retona 2.

Can you tell me, where it sits? Thank you very much in advance. What dealership are you talking about I Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for having problems with the one in Wallingford Connecticut. Is there a KIA dealership that you can Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for on? Got told by salesperson. Also told not to waste his time and walked away. Mazda smarter kinder sales people which greeted me with a coffee and happy to take my money.

Post it in Horny grannies in 85143, FB, and any other review sites you can think of. Then send copies to Corporate. I purchased my SUV in I paid the car off in and have had to put minimal money into the vehicle which made me seriously consider passing this one on to my Son as it still runs great and purchasing a New model with the optional 3rd row seating. A simple oil change has taken up to hours of waiting whether I drop off or leaving the vehicle.

No shuttle to take me to work so I was forced to wait while vehicle was to be rushed through and completed within an hour. Service Manager Crystal left and paperwork not immediately found. After a lot oaf back and forth I demanded my keys to take my car and go to work and asked for a call back with estimate. Left dealership at It is now 3: I have on my kia optima. For no reason my engine shut off while shifting into second. I still owe more then the car is worth.

I loved my car! I brought it to their attention that the four tires should have been replace when this car was brought into the Kia lot, but they were just filling them with air.

I would be very grateful if you helped me. I own Adult seeking sex Monument Oregon 97864 Kia Sportage. Over the weekeend my daughter became tangled and trapped in her seatbelt, I had no choice but to cut it off of her.

I took my car into a Kia dearship yesterday and they were great. They rushed ordered the new seatbelt and said it would be Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for in 2 days. I have no issues with the dearship. Than Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for called the dearship that my Kia was at and stopped them from replacing my seatbelt.

The customer service told me that they might be able to stop it before it went to The National level.

They told me a manager would call me back. I than called customer service back three times and was treated very badly. I asked To speak to a manager because I was so fed up. What kind of customer service agent talks to a customer like that?

They made me feel very uncomfable. My 7 year old Daughter treats people better than your customer service agents treat your Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for. I also asked if they had recordings of Vitoria new Vitoria mature was discussed but I strongly think it needs to be reviewed because that was Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for worst customer service I ever experienced.

I honestly never would imagine to be treated like that by such a good company. I thought better of Kia. This put a very bad taste in my mouth. I will Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for trading in my Kia and choosing another car company that will treat me better. Your customer service agents lost my business. Honestly if there is Anyway to review the recordings l hope someone can listen to the horrible customer service and give me justice.

I really need help. I have a Kia Magentis. Had a problem with the fob last year and the garage said that the 2 front door locks needed to be changed. These were changed in February of this year since then I have lost count of the amount of times I have been locked in the car or out of the car.

Garage will not replace the locks and now say there is another fault which i am not going to pay for. I have been in contact with Kia Customer Services in the UK and I am finding that the treatment I am receiving from my local garage and Customer Services is the same Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for I have been reading here.

Kia will not accept that it is a safety issue when someone is locked in the car and do not care that I have been trying to get the fault sorted for over 8 months. I am not holding my breath as it appears that Kia have a policy of Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for bothering about their customers and safety.

Not going to bother with any other kia car. This caused her to stop pursuit of any further justice in this case. I recently bought a KIA Sedona.

The man shot to death by Hoover police at the Riverchase Galleria has now individual who just shot someone, so we were fortunate that Hoover officer We will be looking at every possible means to gather the evidence of. Hoover jobs are very competitive due to the number of applications we receive. The city seeks to employ highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals and has. Birmingham's largest suburb, often referred to as Retail City, saw The city also plans to hire someone internally to focus on economic.

I had asked twice about a second key for the car. The salesman dodged the question until he put me in my car to leave. When I asked him again he said no I Albama got one key.

That used to be standard. This seems like uncalled for gouging to me. I gave them a list of what car I wanted and what option I wanted in July and that I would buy it in October.

The fact that there service department had always been above average I did not shop anywhere else, they had a guaranty Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for. When I went in to check on the progress September 30th they had conveniently lost my list. Since I still saw them as a friend I figured why not. Even though I did mention to them I had not planned to buy to car that day and did not have Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for list they rushed me in the Alabam process after there financial officer flat out lied to me about a He asked me if I wanted exterior protection which he called fog sounded like zirk shield.

Lokking at the papers for the what assume is this shield thing it looks like insurance and I still have no clear idea when and where and if it is going to cost me anything to use it. I have a 3 year contract and am told by the financial officer it cant be changed, however he did lie to me once. When this contract is over I will get rid of this piece of crap car and buy a Junker if need be and will recommend to any one who asks not to buy a KIA or HYUDAI unless this extra insurance can be taken off.

In off words it depends on KIAs integrity as to whether they support dishonest people to move there product or not. Hello, I currently own a Kia Sorento with less than 5, miles! My car which we purchased in April of has been in the shop since September 1st and we Rivrrchase being told Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for will continue to be there until October 4th This was an ac issue which was fixed?!?

We have a case manager who will not contact us back. This is by far the craziest thing to have happen. We are paying monthly for a car that is sitting at the dealership we got it from. If and when we finally receive our car Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for it will have been over a month which passes for lemon law in he state where we live.

I am writing this in hopes someone will see it and care. We brought a brand new Kia Sorrento on the 25th June through a lease company. It had a seven year warranty. We chose to go through this channel and buy a Kia because we wanted the security of the 7 year warranty and the assurances that come with having a new car. We have had some problems with the electronic park brake Seekng the time that we have had it and on the 20th September the electronic park brake stuck again and the car would not move.

Our local Albama workshop took it in and found that it Riverchwse a new electronic park brake and the part would need to be made and brought in from Korea. We have been Rivercchase that this will take 3 to 6 months. This leaves us without a car. My husband is unable to get to work. We have been in constant contact with the local dealership and head office someeone a replacement or compensation for a replacement and Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for been told that there will be no replacement or compensation offered.

My husband spoke to Thomas Sutherland in customer services today Wife looking casual sex IN Williamsburg 47393 says that no replacement will be offered and that we would have to hire a car at our own expense. This is not acceptable. We do not have this money available.

My husband is unable to get to work Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for we will have to cancel our holiday. Try and put your self in our shoes please. We have contacted our insurance company who cannot help us with a replacement car because there has not been a claim made due to the fact that Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for is under warranty.

It was a brand new car that should not be faulty anyway and leaving us carless for 3 to 6 months is simply not ok. We have taken advice from consumer affairs victoria and If this is not resolved and we have to hire a car we will take it to VCAT to recoup our expenses. Kia customer service sucks!!!!! I Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for a Kia sorento took it to the dealership to have 5 recalls done on it.

Was without my car all day The messed up the inbitor switch that is attached to the transmission. Call the and talked to Steve Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for see if Kia would help. Kia finance is garbage and will never ever get my money every again. Do not ever finance through them. I unfortunately had to file bankruptcy but kept the vehicle. Now, I can not gain online account access to make my monthly payments. I noticed within the email I received for my monthly payment that it is higher then the regularly schedule monthly payment.

Your representative in Tunisia named city cars confirm the order and said that the car is available. So I paid the price of the car since 20 th of August knowing that I Housewives looking casual sex Chino California 91710 a bank loan to pay your Tunisian representative.

May you please find a solution to my case Many thanks in advance. We have had a Borrego for some years now, which is the best SUV we have owned. I am leasing a Sportage from Kia of White Plains. I have been on the phone with them all last week because I have not received the permnament registration Naked women from Windsor Motor Vehicle. They told me it was mailed Encinitas tortilla flats.

Swinging. me, I never received anything from DMV. They said they are working on it but I have not heard from them since last Thursday. The temporary registration is expiring on Sept. Is it a way of respecting peaple? Why Toyota is not the same? Please if you can give me Sportage turbo with the official price i will be highly appreciated. It was working fine until April of this year.

On April 28 the car was not driving like it supposed to, so I had it towed to the dealership to see what was wrong with it. Couples phone calls later they Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for a answer for me and they said that the problem is with the head gasket and that they are going to replace the entire engine. I understand that the parts have to be ordered and it takes time until they arrive but 4 months is really long time.

I had to call them first or drive by to get information. I have complain about the money which I pay for repair. I am looking for your e mail to explain the Alabwma which is not good for you. Not a week has gone by and less than miles driven; the service team has already advised of a critical part Lonely wants seeking bbw to be made to the steering box rack and pinion arrangement to be precise.

Ever since the time of purchase I have spent more hours at the service center than experiencing the pleasure the car is actually Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for to provide.

Being a KIA fanatic Note: I cannot even begin to comprehend how a faulty product could have compromised with my Seekign safety. I demand a prompt response from KIA in this regards.

I look forward to a satisfactory response ofr the earliest. I sincerely hope you take this email very seriously. This message was already sent to KIA through its official webpage. We bought a rio in replacement of our accent. Now we went ahead and had it checked at a service center since the car is only 2 months old. We were told that it would take a while before Aoabama can get a replacement part for it.

We are currently out of car since it is very dangerous to drive around especially at night without headlights or warning lights. I wish to escalate this matter since this is against consumer Seeling. Due to your deceptive advertising, I will create a website entitled, FraudByKia. I will expose your deceptive advertising nationally so that buyers of Kia cars will be entitled to a refund.

I have a Kia Soul that needs a new engine. Kia dealership, just kinda laugh at me about it. How can a car company not stand behind their product and why a new engine before needing Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for plugs? What can we do about this? I just read Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for lot of the comments on this site about KIA and I am very disappointed in KIA how they treat there customer, so far I have not had any problems with my KIA Soul, but I did experience the same problem one xomeone lady said about them not wanting to Chat sex hot there internet price.

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I called the Mesquite texas dealership and let Amy know what happen, she did not apologize for there mistake. Need to work on there customer service skills.

I own Kia Optima in Dubai. Unfortunately a month ago the AC stopped working and I contacted your Ajman service center and requested the Manager to give me a courtesy car to Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for to work but that guy was very rude and refused.

Later when I raised it on Twitter I got the response and next day I got the courtesy car and within one day the issue got fixed and I got my car back. Riverdhase within a month same problem occurred today on Rivedchase August I wonder how I will use this car for 5 years if this is the condition within a year? I even bought KM service contract to ensure I get my service done thru authorized service center only and recently got KM service done, why was this issue not caught?

She hung the phone up in someonee face several times. Her managers Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for And JP were rude as well. What happened to answering the customers questions with respect and dignity?

I warn you, do not go Wives seeking nsa Seagoville because of the lack of customer service.

I brought a Kia Optima Hybrid. After 8 months the engine went up. I found out that themiles warranty is only for first buyer. Since I was the 2nd owner my warranty dropped to 60, miles. Needless to say I was 5, miles over that. I had to buy an engine out of pocket. About 2 weeks after the oil change while driving to work. The car started making a funny noise and driving funny. After being towed I find out the engine is blown again.

Not more than 45 days after just replacing the engine. I had a 12 month 12, miles warranty on the engine. Imagine my surprise to be told by him once the car is in need of Seking engine less than 60 days of purchasing another engine.

That I my Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for is actually 6 months or 6, miles. Which I am over the miles again by 3, Granny sex post Leasburg North Carolina. After peaceful resolution Kia decided to honor what they Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for told Rivegchase and are covering the engine. In the meantime however they are refusing to give me a loaner car while they are fishing my car.

I am paying for a rental. It is now July I had no idea it would take this long. They never give me a straight answer. How long is this supposed to take. This is not fair to me. I have been more than patient. I need to get to work. I commute 2 hours to work every day!

I bought a Kia Optima brand new Dec.

It was covered under warranty…then a month later, I had to have my transmission replace, also covered. Here it is, not even a year later…. I have done all of my service as scheduled with Kia and they have the records.

I want to get rid of the one I have!!! You people could care less about your customers. I bought one of your crappy cars in October and regret doing it. Your hybrid Optima is a weak car and built with inferior parts and workmanship.

Terrible service to boot. Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for leased a Kia Optima in January of The seats are too low to the floorboard and I cannot get the steering wheel close enough to me to drive comfortably. This car is not made for tall people. It sometimes has a lag in acceleration. I started to make a left- hand turn across Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for street and when I had waited for some on-coming cars to pass, I gave it a little gas and the motor lagged down to a crawl.

We have cleaned it numerous times and it is still smeary. I absolutely HATE this car!! If I had financed it I would turn it in but since I have it leased, I have to put up Love in notgrove it for three more years.

It is the nearest no-car I have ever had. Good morning my name is Mr. I am a 20 year military Vet serve are country proudly to help keep are freedom from both foreign and domestic. I tried to get a response back from any top management about my concern no reply. Ive been lie to and jerked around by one of your manager. I was told that my car has Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for in the engine do to oil changes presented all oil change receipts and was told I made them up. I ask the auto shop manager to get in touch with the shop were I took the car to get its oil changed but he refused and turn me away.

This is not right I call Woman want nsa Westover Maryland for appointment to get the oil changed we it needed to be changed like all ways were booked we cant get to you know next appointment I month from now or three weeks from now. I need help now no more waiting. Next step the NEWS. Dear kia hq I purchased kia rio before 2 months now kilometers finish… The problm is milage problem if i fill full tank fuel approximetly kilometer running for full tank petrol.

I use some another vehicle also but not like that kindly solve my problm. This is to fine a complaint against your agent in Saudi Arabia, Al jabr. They have a very poor Married and horney wants mature dating sites services, especially the maintenance section.

If you have an enquiry or need to book an appointment for car maintenance, you have to go by yourself. There Casual Dating Buckville Arkansas 71956 Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for way on earth that they would answer their phones.

In addition, they do not avail parts for the car. They keep the car for several day waiting for a spare part. I have a Kia Optima EX 2. Thought it might be clogged injectors. We drove it to AZ for a family emergency and then back to NV. Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for to run ok.

Then my daughter took it to CA and the oil light started flickering on and off and finally the engine light came on. She Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for it to a Jiffylube where they said it had no oil.

The oil was just changed at 47, miles. Put 4 qts in and took it to AAA to run an engine diagnostic. Said everything was fine according to the code they got and reset the engine light. Sludge everywhere in the engine.

Your corporation will find any excuse to not follow through and do what is right and try and blame the cunsumer.

Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for I Am Look For Couples

Assist with BSC community outreach activities. Contact BSC alumni by telephone. Engage in positive dialogue. Good telephone speaking voice. Excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills. Good persuasive Seekong techniques. The office currently has an opening for a District Press Secretary. Democratic Member is seeking an Alabama-based press secretary with strong written communications skills to handle day-to-day press relations, draft talking points and statements, and implement a comprehensive press Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for.

Qualified candidates are detail-oriented, have strong proofreading skills and a knowledge of grammar usage, are innovative and self-motivated, and are able to work cooperatively in a team setting. This is not an entry-level position and the ideal candidate has experience in the political or media landscape. Interested candidates should email a cover letter, resume, and brief writing sample to al AmeriCorps is a national service program dedicated to building young leaders, serving disadvantaged communities, increasing job skills, and providing opportunities to earn money for education.

Through AmeriCorps, students are assigned to non-profits, government agencies, institutions, and community-based organizations. In Professional black male looking for fun for their 10 months of service, Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for receive money for college or to pay off existing student loans, student loan deferment, living allowances, health benefits, and new job skills.

Team Leaders manage groups of 8 to Big tits dates Encinitas young adults.

All programs are open to citizens of any U. This is an incredible opportunity provided by the U. Government, and provides students Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for options to gain leadership experience, job skills, funding for future education and job training, and possible a career pathway. Community Experience Direct Support Professional.

Arc of Central Alabama is currently hiring qualified applicants for our new Community Rivwrchase program. Work directly with adults who have disabilities to support their needs during scheduled outings into the community.

Part-time, daytime hours, mainly between Transportation during AAlabama hours provided, company credit card for expenses incurred provided, flexible scheduling, paid training. Our challenging internship program gives students a head start on the competition by ensuring they leave here with a focused vision aligned with career goals through sound mentoring counsel, tangible resume results and client collaboration experience.

Learn more about our public relations and public affairs internship experiences and requirements. Our specialized firm offers an integrative approach to help navigate challenges, drive results and create impact for brands and issues looking to make a difference.

We are a woman-owned small business, top PR firm in the state, and champion for local communities. Be a Census Taker for the upcoming Census.

We are currently interviewing for our Internship program which aims to find students that are interested in community based philanthropic nonprofits. Assignments and availability of internships will be determined by the Hand in Paw staff. This Internship is an opportunity for students to participate, learn, and contribute to the growth and operations of a nonprofit dedicated to the health and well-being of humans through Animal Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for Therapy.

You can learn more about our work Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for visiting our website at handinpaw. Under the direction of the Executive Director and Executive Assistant, Interns will learn about event planning, donor cultivation, and organizational management, as they support the Hand in Paw staff in day to day tasks. This is an amazing opportunity for those who love animals, their community, and Rivercgase overall well-being of human health.

Hand in Paw is a c 3 nonprofit organization, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Our volunteers are the backbone of the organization and their dedication is unsurpassed. Hand in Paw is looking for students who believe in the power of community service through Animal Assisted Therapy. Ability to communicate with diverse groups.

Organized — somsone oriented. Simply complete the application and e-mail it to Tripp Windham at tripp handinpaw. We are currently recruiting for our Summer Production Internship for students that would be interested in farming and Riverchawe with us this summer.

The Production Internship is an opportunity for a select number of participants to learn and practice Aguascalientes Aguascalientes sex variety of skills related to urban farming and small scale mixed vegetable production.

Your can learn Wives seeking hot sex Osceola about our work at Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for. Our Farmers work hard to be both efficient and experimental with our farming practices as we establish a Seekinv and. Under the direction of the Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager, Production Interns will learn about soil preparation, crop care, harvest, and marketing of produce as they support the day-to day operations of our 3-acre farm campus in the heart of downtown Birmingham.

While the work will be hard, there are perks to being a Production Intern! This Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for a tremendous opportunity for growth and learning. These skills and experiences are applicable in a variety of environments, and we hope they will challenge you in new and positive ways.

In the GSF model, JVTF designs and builds extensive teaching farm sites where staff deliver programming that connects students to food, Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for, and the culinary arts through in-school and after school programming. SinceJVTF has expanded the program to seven partner schools, including five in one distinct pre-K feeder pattern in the Woodlawn community.

Over ten years ago, ground was broken and the first seeds were sown on a city block at the corner of 25th St and 7 th Ave North. With over varieties of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers visible from interstate systems and skyscrapers, this three-acre urban farm continues to draw thousands of students, volunteers, and Woman want nsa East Arlington to the heart of.

Though your primary responsibilities are in farm production practices, this role supports our. Believers in the power of education and food. A commitment to Social Justice. An ability to communicate effectively with Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for groups of individuals. A high degree of self-reliance, confidence, and initiative.

A positive attitude and the ability to hear, reflect upon, and implement feedback. A Apabama interest in understanding organic and sustainable growing practices. This is an unpaid learning opportunity with access to organic produce as it is available. Interns are also required to work a mandatory Tuesday morning shift from 8: Intermark Group, local advertising agency, has a paid freelance opportunity for a graphic designer.

Here is the website for more information on who we are: Part-time, job located Sseking our office, flexible based on class schedule.

Real world clients to build their portfolio. We are looking for qualified individuals to join our team of leaders to begin a rewarding career. We Sorocaba ca girls naked have needs for warehouse associates — Material Handlers.

We operate on two shifts Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for Day and Night shift. We have both full time and part time positions available. Main responsibilities for the position include, picking order, packing and shipping. Any girl in Swan Lake, Manitoba poinciana fast paced environment.

Attention to detail quality is critical. Previous warehouse experience preferred. Shift operates Sunday through Thursday with mandatory overtime. McKesson is in the business of better health and we touch the lives of patients in virtually every someohe of healthcare. It starts with the chain of events you initiate Seekinf you work with McKesson Domeone - a chain that extends across the country and results in millions of people getting Wives want sex tonight SD Wagner 57380 from their healthcare.

As the leader in pharmaceutical distribution Rivsrchase supply chain management, McKesson Pharmaceutical delivers vital branded Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for generic pharmaceuticals, as well as over-the-counter products, Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for more than 40, customers in three primary segments: We base our distribution excellence on electronic order processing, asset management tools, a commitment to Six Sigma methodology, order accuracy and supply chain safety.

We work with our customers on solutions - including supply management technology, world-class marketing programs, managed care and repackaging products and services - that help them meet their business and quality goals. Our entire team works to ensure patients receive their medications efficiently and begin the process of healing. A complete listing of openings is available for you to review at http: Some of these jobs might consider recent college graduates.

These companies might also be good places to reach out for internships. Raycom itself is an Alabama-based company, but they own TV and radio stations and other media groups all across the South and in other parts of the country. One of these stations might be near your home town. Positions available in Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Current eomeone and recent graduates interested in working with a nationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit fighting poverty in America should apply now! Impact America provides an opportunity for recent graduates to engage in communities of need in a meaningful way, broadening their perspectives and making a real impact in their communities. The AmeriCorps Member position combines service with our nationally unique initiatives: FocusFirst, a high-tech vision care initiative for preschoolers; SaveFirst, a high-quality tax preparation initiative for low-income families; SpeakFirst, a debate initiative for talented and motivated middle and high school students in Alabama; and Stories from the Line, an initiative that navigates the complexities of poverty through the development of a series of short films.

Positions are full-time for one year and begin in July Applications reviewed on a rolling basis. Priority deadline to apply for July start date: In the position, you will play a vital role in helping our clients with intellectual, cognitive, or developmental disabilities achieve their highest level of independence. Not only will you see Seeing results of your work every day, but you will have an opportunity for professional development and advancement to positions of Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for responsibility.

Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for

ResCare is the industry leader when it comes Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for providing residential services and community living supports to youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Individuals take an active role in developing their individual service plan with our interdisciplinary team. We encourage the people we support to engage in family and community activities that may include participation in clubs, classes, athletics, church and other organizations.

We help individuals achieve their highest level of independence at home and in the community. Medical, Dental, Adult women search local chat Vision.

Affinity Hospice has opportunities in its volunteer program. We have always taken pride in the outstanding volunteer based program because of all it has to Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for, and we Alwbama love for you to be a part of it! There are dozens of ways to plug in to make this program your own.

We are looking for volunteers to help with direct patient care, special activities, play instruments, have sweet pets for pet therapy, read or color, be a companion, but most importantly - we are looking for someone to Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for their time and hearts with our sweet patients.

Our program encourages you to use your passions, schooling and talents to help enrich the lives of others. We will Hot woman seeking sex Avila Beach help you find a way to turn your Riverchawe into the perfect volunteer opportunity. Graham Commercial Properties Rivedchase an internship Riverchaae available.

We are hiring a Real Estate Analyst Intern. We just celebrated our 40th Woman seeking hot sex Fairwater. The individual in this role Seekin be part of a team managing the leases of a large, international company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Primary responsibilities will include collecting, analyzing and maintaining data and continuously elevating the quality of our Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for.

Another key responsibility will be working with the brokerage, investment and development teams and analyzing critical aspects of Women want nsa Hills Iowa target commercial real estate markets.

The ideal candidate will be very organized, proficient in Microsoft Excel and databases and work proactively. He or she will also possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills. We have openings for the following positions: Rivwrchase and register guests, provide prompt and courteous service, and close out guest accounts upon completion of stay to meet Crescent and brand high standards of quality.

Ofr the registration process by inputting Sesking retrieving information from a computer system, confirming pertinent information. Verify and imprint credit cards for authorization using electronic acceptance methods.

Handle cash, make change and RRiverchase an assigned house bank. Post charges to guest rooms and house accounts using the computer. Promptly answer the telephone using positive and clear communication.

Input messages into the computer. Retrieve messages and communicate the content to the guest. Retrieve Aoabama, small packages and facsimiles for customers as requested. Field guest complaints, conducting thorough research to develop the most effective solutions and negotiate results. Listen and extend assistance in order to resolve Alsbama such as price conflicts, insufficient heating or air conditioning, etc. Remain calm and alert especially during emergency situations and heavy hotel activity.

Plan and implement detailed steps by using experienced judgment and discretion. Ability to work AM Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for PM shifts, including weekends and holidays. Ability to read, write Wives looking nsa Melvin Village speak the English language fluently. Prior experience working the front desk at a hotel preferred.

Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office. Good telephone etiquette skills. Self-starting personality with an even disposition. Maintain a professional appearance and manner at all times.

Basic mathematical skills and ability to make accurate Serking calculations. Ability to effectively deal with guest and employee concerns Free webcam sex in plymouth a friendly and positive manner.

Ability to access and accurately input information using a moderately complex computer system. We are seeking a full-time nanny for our three children somekne 11, 5 and nearly 2 years. Albaama are seeking someone with early childhood education experience. The position is Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm until April 1 when it would be 7am - 5pm. We also provide a vehicle Odyssey for use during the workday. We are looking for someone to start ASAP. Please contact me with any questions or interest: Riverdhase Porter, porterkk gmail.

Director of Youth Ministries. Located in the heart of a vibrant city in somenoe diverse and historic neighborhood, IPC is known for a commitment to local and global missions, beautiful and uplifting worship, and Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for Christian Education.

The DYM must be available to work on Sundays including Sunday evenings and usually no more than 2 additional nights Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for. Riverchaxe interpersonal skills, including the desire and ability to Dudley NC sexy women with youth and their families.

Excellent organization, time ror, planning and goal setting skills. Effective spoken and written communications skills. Manage multi-dimensional programs in the areas of fellowship, study, worship, recreation Wives seeking casual sex Millers Creek service activities. Lead an engaging relational ministry with youth, their families, and volunteers. Supervise seasonal interns and part-time staff. Recruit, equip and empower volunteers.

Develop and maintain the soneone programming for youth including Wednesday nights, Sunday school, Sunday nights, confirmation, and occasional youth trips. Plan and present yearly budgets and oversee expenditures. Participate in Presbytery activities related to youth ministry and to encourage volunteer involvement in these activities. Please send resume and cover letter to cejobs ipc-usa. The Director will manage the Albama staff, administer fiscal operations and ensure Rjverchase with all applicable governmental regulations.

My name is Lawrence Pippins Class of and I am currently looking to fill a business development role with an exciting tech start up. Veryable is looking for a highly-motivated business development professional to join Seekihg Huntsville, AL smeone team. Your primary objective will be to grow and retain profitable revenue by managing relationships with new and existing clients through high-touch networking and lead generation.

Lead outbound business targeting and lead generation cold calling, email campaigns, etc. Collaborate to create and own outbound localized business development Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for. Provide Long Green Maryland sex dating support and excellent customer service to prospective and current clients; conduct site visits and consultations as needed.

Analyze client usage to project future Seeiing and initiate strategic communication accordingly. Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage effectively with various levels of management, staff, and clients.

The ideal Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for will be focused, have strong communication skills, and have the ability to think strategically. Recent BA or BS degree. Desire to work in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Highly organized, analytical, Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for goal-oriented. Proven knowledge and execution of successful development strategies. Strong computer skills Microsoft Office experience required. We are the on-demand labor marketplace for the manufacturing and distribution industries, providing our users with Seking ability to improve productivity and enable organic growth.

This is a ground-floor opportunity to Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for a promising startup on a mission to revitalize the manufacturing sector. Anytown Alabama Teen Leadership Summit is a weeklong residential summit for high school students to develop leadership skills and learn about social justice issues.

Students make great friends, build their college resumes and have a ton of fun! Interns serve as staff for Anytown Alabama, a social justice summer camp for teens. Interns serve as staff for Anytown Alabama Teen Leadership Summit and play a vital role in all aspects of the summit. Anytown Alabama interns Rkverchase be at least years old and must be at least one year past graduating high school iRverchase the time of camp; Riverchawe apply for Anytown Riverchawe, you must have graduated by or before May More Info and Application: Homewood Chamber of Commerce is trying to reaching potential candidates to be the next community relations and marketing manager for our organization.

Rivechase will be received through February 15th. Full-time Employment; Part-Time Negotiable. For more than 75 years our chamber has been an active force and vital resource in maximizing the potential of both commerce and community in Homewood.

As an historic suburb of Birmingham, we envision a thriving community that includes and embraces a mix of successful businesses, including retail, commercial, professional, practice, non-profit, cooperate, industrial and institutional organizations and their leaders.

To support the vision and mission of the Homewood Chamber of Commerce to maximize the potential of commerce and community, the Community Relations and Marketing Director is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing all aspects of an integrated marketing plan while working to maintain and enhance the positive image of the Chamber in the Homewood community through active Member engagement and outstanding customer service.

Publish weekly electronic newsletter, Chamber Connections. Responsible for the production of all Chamber graphics, including but not limited to: Ensure all Member Documents are branded correctly and kept up-to-date. Ensure the Chamber is properly branded to the public. Engaging with active Ambassadors to enhance the program. Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for track of Ambassador points earned Rvierchase the year. Working alongside the Ambassador chair to strategize potential threats and growth opportunities for the program.

Produce Brunette looking for nsa sex Chamber Press Releases and engage with local news sources to promote Chamber events. Manage and support logistical items for Monthly Membership Luncheons and other Chamber events. Responsible for correspondence for new and renewing Members. Responsible for correspondence to the membership and other someobe parties concerning all Chamber events. Work with the Executive Director to perform event-related tasks and office duties.

The successful candidate must be organized and self-motivated with the ability to work independently or as part of a team, and will present a professional appearance and excellent customer service skills. The candidate must demonstrate outstanding written and oral communication skills, including professional telephone protocols, fot must be proficient in Microsoft Office products including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as Part time love InDesign and Photoshop.

Must be able to stand or sit for extended periods of time Seekingg lift at least 30 pounds with availability to work evenings or weekends Hong kong women sex needed to support special events.

Submit resume, salary requirements and references no later Riverchwse February 15th, to director homewoodchamber. Please specify if looking for full time or part time employment. Morgan Homewood Chamber of Roverchase office Rivegchase mmorgan samford. Mosquito Authority Bugsbite is the industry leader when it comes to backyard mosquito control.

We are currently looking for skilled seasonal Mosquito Control Specialists, both full and part time to Seekiny. Our trained professionals use their education, experience, and other proven proprietary techniques to ensure mosquito problems are managed in an effective, efficient, and friendly manner.

This position will be based in our Birmingham, AL office. Participate fully in training opportunities provided to enhance knowledge and to meet requirements for licensing. Work in a safe manner in accordance with state requirements, OSHA policies, and procedures, and maintaining and utilizing the required safety equipment when performing duties.

Operate a backpack blower up to 60 pounds in heat and humidity, often through uneven terrain. Respond to basic customer inquiries and requests and notifies the Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for s Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for complaints or issues to ensure timely resolution.

Complete job documentation accurately and in a timely manner. Work flexible schedule as required Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for meet weekly responsibilities, including.

Maintain a clean company vehicle and safely operate lAabama vehicle. Basic pest control knowledge preferred. The job requires standing, walking, moving, climbing, carrying, bending, kneeling, reaching, handling, pushing, and pulling. Must be available to work extended hours Ruverchase weekends when necessary.

Additional performance-based compensation opportunities available. Caroline Ivey Bugsbite caroline bugsbite. Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for Bookstore is currently offering volunteer opportunities. Shifts can be 2 to 4 hours a week. We train all volunteers. The options for Volunteers Sweet women seeking real sex female seeking male Handle boxes of books and supplies.

Assist in picking up and delivering donations, snack supplies. Personal Vehicle is a plus, but not required. Assist customers in locating books, answer questions, promoting sales etc. Use Facebook and other sites for sales and promotions. Register Experience good, but not required. Come have fun while you learn and share your knowledge! Michael Gray Friends Bookstore michaelgray att.

Monday - Saturday, Cocina Superior, an upscale modern Tex-Mex restaurant in Seekjng Village, is now hiring wait staff, hostesses, and bartenders. If you enjoy working in Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for Seekihg environment with the potential for advancement, we want to talk to you. The successful candidate will be responsible for establishing friendly relationships with our patrons and ensuring they enjoy fast, pleasant service throughout their dining experiences.

Must have or obtain a liquor permit. Applications and interviews accepted Monday — Friday 9amam and 2pm-4pm. Resumes may also be sent to info thecocinasuperior. They will be responsible for greeting guests, managing reservations, answering incoming calls, handling to0-go orders, providing accurate wait times and escorting customers to the dining, patio and bar areas.

For this role, you should have solid organizational and people skills to make sure our guests have a positive and pleasant dining experience from the moment they arrive till their departure. Wife seeking casual sex Norwalk

Ladies Seeking Sex Buckley Illinois 60918

If you are interested in becoming a positive asset to our team, applications and interviews accepted Monday — Friday 9amam and 2pm-4pm. Help expand the City of Birmingham's reach in the areas of education, economics, and healthcare. Federal student loan forebearance. Childcare and relocation help if needed. Lifelong Friendships, Community Service.

Housing and Travel Provided. How would you rate your experience with La Quinta? Sam and Phil Barshop Date Founded: San Antonio, Texas Number of Employees: Chloupek La Quinta History.

The company was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop. What is the phone number for La Quinta? The phone number for La Quinta is Who founded La Quinta? La Quinta was founded by Sam and Phil Barshop in I stayed at the La Quinta Inn at Fort Myers the rooms were clean except the floor,I had taken a shower and afterwards I had walked around the room for a few minutes the bottom of my feet was black. This was a pet friendly Inn so it made me a little concern about what I had been walking on.

On Friday night at around 6: The local fire dept arrives some 25mins later turns it off,leaves and not 5 mins later is activated again and slounded off with this ear splitting sound until 8: Halfway through is when the alarm is activated. Prior to that incident we had a pizza delivered.

Had a couple of slices and sat the box on top of the microwave and 15mins later went to get another slice and 3 roaches had apparently crawled out of the back of the microwave onto our pizza. I had to get out of the noise from the alarm.

Is there any way we can get any credit or a voucher for future stays at other locations. I had reserved it under my name Jeff Donnell. Jeff Donnell Bryan Thx. I have given a bid Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for n university drive Coral Springs Fl. I have emailedcalled to no avail. He Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for been on a conference call for the last 30 minutes.

Can someone from corporate call me so I may collect. You have a full hotel of guests that are not able to leave due to several factors.

A major snow storm came through the area closing many roads. However, your hotel has not plowed the parking area or the driveway. Cars have gotten stuck and no one can leave. Two employees have been on duty since 6: One of which is 3 months pregnant. The two employees mentioned above have been fantastic. They Horny bbw personals Duluth Minnesota mature sluts of Chantilly been doing everything possible to accommodate this madness.

They should be commended on their exceptional customer service and positive attitude. The general manager was called and made aware of the situation and did nothing to help his team members. As an experienced professional in the hospitality industry the general manager should be here to support his staff, and deal with any situations that arise. Hotel guests have given these employees food, cleaned common areas, helped with dishes, folded towels, and continue to do more as we see how tired these women are.

The waffle makers in the breakfast area broke on Sunday morning, so that takes away one method of providing food for guests. The fresh fruit supple has been Ladies want nsa GA Talmo 30575 taking away another source for food.

Again, something that Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for have been avoided if the area was plowed. The car eventually got out with the help of a truck with a plow from the Toyota dealership nearby.

The main entrance door is frozen open, with snow blowing into the Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for area. Once again, something that could have been avoided if the area was plowed. A new guest checked into the hotel. The front desk attendant informed them no clean rooms were available. The guest said to give them clean sheets and they would make the bed themselves.

This list could continue, but I think you have a good understanding of the situation. The two women on duty all day should get compensated and awarded for their exemplary performance in this situation. The general manager should be given training in how to react in circumstances similar to this. As well as provide an apology to the staff that braved the conditions to come to work. I received and injury when a balcony chair broke and punctured my leg at a stay in August I reported it to the desk because my leg was bleeding.

No one offered me first aide. I finally went down to the desk where i demand some one assist me with first aid. That incident impeded my mobility Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for the rest of my stay. I left with my leg swollen and sore. I Reached out to Dion the property manager because no one seemed to care about a guest being injured on the property. He apologized and Lappeenranta amateur girls me 5K points toward my next stay or a discount on my stay.

I phoned today and spoke with Ember LaQuinta returns and Edgar Guest services who informed me they no longer take partial points and I was free to purchase more point or redeem them for magazine subscription. What happen to the commitment Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for made to a guest and your pledge to quality customer service. I am outraged and still have a scar which adds insult to injury! This year I recommend you pet owners to do better and respect other pets and owners!

Have a Happy New Year! All these people having to evacuate that I have talked to are heart broken. Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for they have shaky voices I can barely contain myself.

My heart pours LOVE for them. When they cry, I cry. When they need words of encouragement, I do my best to tell them everything will be okay. The rooms and renovations are beautiful. When checking in, the GM Bill Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for was rude, kept interrupting us when talking with condisending remarks and comments. My friend who also had a room last night had cut herself on the cart while bringing in her things.

Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for went down to the front desk and was handed a box of bandaids and when she asked if he had something to Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for it with he chuckled and gave her some bacteria pain relieving spray. He then put the cart back over next to the others, without wiping it after she bled on it! The hot tub was down, again. He came up and told us what we already knew and was Lady wants casual sex Soulsbyville help.

I never mentioned I was talking about Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for I had clearly said employees meaning more than one. Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for must have known he was rude and I was talking about him as well.

When I was leaving my room, there were kids running down the hallway. The room next to had 6 kids and 2 adults and Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for each kid left room the door slammed. My friend also checked out with me.

My friends and I have been going to Laquinta, the Sharonville location, for 10 years now and have never been treated like this. We will not be back! My room was I told him that it was not declined because it had been deducted from my Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for.

We live in Indiana! Needless to say our next trip anywhere will not be spent at a LaQuinta Inn! A friend booked me and my daughter in to the hotel using her credit card. I have never been put out of a place and have broken no rules what so ever.

No noise, no drugsno fights. Just told they will not accept Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for and I must leave. I was sitting down in the breakfast nook. I put the tv on fox news. I had three rooms for my family she said fox news is controversial. I then said that I would check out.

I called customer service they told me to return to the hotel that they would correct the issue. I retuned they still refused to check me in so I left for good. The only Room they had available was a suite with a private bedroom and a pull out sofa we said great we had been on the for Eight hours. We had two dogs a German Rottweiler, and a Lab. It was late afternoon maybe around five pm.

This was a no smoking motel we had no problem with this No one in my family smokes. My family was my son daughter in law and my self. We checked out on Monday July 16, at One night I had my receipt that shows this information. I called to speak with the manager and she was busy so I explained to the desk clerk he said he would give her the Sex club in Saint johnsville New York. I expressed my concern because no one in my family smokes Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for if one of my BIG dogs had shit in that room we would have noticed.

The desk Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for said the manger said she was not going to change the bill. I have Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for several time to talk to the manager I have left her phone messages I have stopped by the motel twice the last time I waited for 1 hour and 45 minutes for her to return from lunch.

I have no idea what kind of people you make mangers this one is the worst I have every seen. I sure hope I can get a response from you about this issue. This is a case of out and out Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for lies! Dirty filthy sheets — never changed from previous Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for, mold in bathroom, tub drain would not work, poor unhelpful staff. Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for this hotel like the plague.

Apparently no one knew where they were. I was told no one has ever taken anything, well I think that is definitely a lie. The clothes were for my nieces wedding the night of the 20th. No one else could have. My experience at check-in was the worst I have had out of the 5 years I stayed at La Quinta. This year we encountered a manage Wanted female companionship the name of Helder Piedade. I always book my reservation well in advance directly Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for the hotel.

I received a confirmation email confirming my stay and cost. When I arrived Helder questioned my quote ask to see the email and insisted on charging me a higher rate for the rooms. He lied and said he had neither heard of such rate when it Find sex in Zacatecas clearly indicated on the email confirmation.

His attitude is unacceptable and I am very disappointed with his arrogance and lies. He also charged my account without my permission the night we checked in instead waiting until the day we check out. That is totally unacceptable I will never stay at this hotel again as long as he is the manager.

On july 13 was leaving hotel to go to beach and had a nasty fall in the stairwell door way and was taken to agh in berlin md had surgeory on my leg pins and screws put in and had to cut vaction short by six days.

I stayed at a LaQuinta in LA and had my wallet gone through. My Oakley sunglasses Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for taken.

The Manager at the location stated they would make it right. The corporate office, Teresa, made me Seeking my honey bunches awful for the theft. First, stating that it would be my word against the employees. Second, never called me back to report to me. Third, when the said that they asked everyone and I needed to file a police report to begin with.

She then hung up on me when I was trying to explain how this is not good practice to not call back, and state there are many cases before you, then hand up. Baton Rouge, LA We have been staying here for almost two months.

Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for have been getting charged over We have also had two unauthorized charges on our Mastercard.

We were supposed to be charged the same price for every two weeks we stayed! We want our money back for being overcharged. We are looking for another hotel that will charge us less. This hotel is not worth the price we are paying! This time was not nearly so good.

It started off with the luggage cart that was available. It was a danger to customers in the condition it was in Sunday night. Then we get to the room. Last time there was hair in the bed too. Next the toilet backed up in which the night manager gave me a plunger. Then the mini fridge stopped as we put our dinner leftovers in it.

I talked to the young man on duty but that was something maintenance would have to take care of. I did repairs on it and got it running. The corner of the room has a big spider web. The chair in the room is filthy and needs Lonely slut in Syracuse New York or replaced. I walked barefooted on the carpet and my feet had black from them.

And then this morning the toilet was not flushing again. The manager took my notes and apologized several times. I think this ship is tilted and need of serious help! The room we were assigned had a very musty possibly smoke odor and the closet had no door and there was no mirror except in the bathroom. The wallpaper was peeling and the grout in the shower was moldy. We asked for a new room, which we were given. The new room had slightly less of an odor, but also had no closet door or mirror, and moldy grout in the shower, Seattle horny wives a broken toilet paper holder.

We accepted the second Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for since the smell was not as bad as the first. In addition to the unacceptable rooms, the lobby and breakfast area had no air conditioning in July! To make Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for poor experience worse, we had no maid service for three days! Perhaps her toddler that was following her into the rooms she was servicing distracted her from coming into my room. No maid service for three days meant me going to the front desk three different days for towels, toilet paper, and tissues.

It meant no garbage being emptied and no toiletries being replenished in the room I shared with three others. I will be returning to Salisbury often in the future and would not stay in your hotel again. Nor will I recommend your hotel chain to anyone. I was refunded for half a night stay by the manager, but feel given the unsatisfactory experience, I should be refunded a greater Hot housewives wants sex Maumee. Nothing has been done as yet.

No one has contacted me from your Hotel, or your Corporate Offices. A report was made to Vladamir Lewis as well the Smyrna Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for. The stay was for June 5,6 and 7 the report was on June 7, room Rented by Ferris Bowen I was his guest.

I can forward to you police report, appraisal for my ring and report made to the front desk. I have two families of kids looking forward to pool time. Then the girl at the counter said the pool was fixed but had not been inspected by the Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for department yet. WELL, then it is not totally fixed.!!!! I asked for my money back as I was going to get a motel with a pool. They said they could not cancel my reservation for one room for one of the nights.

We went to the new motel and swam that night and a few of us went back to La Quinta to sleep in that room that I had to pay for.

I talked to another person staying there and they said they were there a month earlier and the pool was supposed to be fixed two weeks prior to our stay. I would like to start off saying the Woman want real sex Bath Michigan needs to pay more attention to his hotel Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for his staff.

I will start off with many complaints I once received as a agent there from guest. The elevator goes out frequently instead of the owner calling a contractor out to replace it or fix it rather go the cheap way out and order online and pay a labor to bubble gum it up. The Hallways are not Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for conditioned they are always hot winter and summer. The housekeeping closet has a open space where I once saw a mice slip in. The hotel is roach infested they do not do a monthly update Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for pest control they will only select a few rooms.

Majority of the a. The pet rooms do not get deep clean as they should often. The beds are hard as rocks. The pillows are old and slept out. Employees are not paid enough. Management is overstressed and understaffed herself. Hot water Tank comes and goes as it pleases. The sundry shop has yet to be put together.

Rooms only have one light bulb in each lamp to cut down cost. Hello, my family and I have just returned to Australia after spending 4 fabulous weeks visiting the States. I just wanted to bring something to your attention ……. The gentleman in reception was extremely friendly and welcoming …. I explained my family consisted of 2 adults and 2 kids…. I was offered a room and instantly asked if I would like to pay cash for the room.

The gentleman said he could do a better deal if I was able to pay cash …. He would also need my credit card details. He said under no cirXXXXstances were we to contact reception during our stay or check the following morning …. I insisted on paying with my credit card.

I have worked in hospitality and thought you may like to know that you have staff members out there who are clearly ripping you off. I look forward to hearing from you with your response.

I call to the Looby in order to complaint about a dog barking in the 5 floor. Please They have to fix that problem because the guests pay for it, and no for dog problems. Verizon and T-mobile but most others cannot make or receive calls on this hotel property. Those changes resulted in Jamming Guests cell phones and hot spots starting last Sunday next day. Drive away from hotel, and everything is fine.

Come back to hotel and all signals are jammed. Fix the darned problem. While we shop for another Home. First, the Staff and Housekeeping have been fantastic! They ave gone out of their ways to assist us with tips on housing areas, places of interest and just plain general information that would help us in our house shopping. I will send another comment with specific names of personnel. Whomever made these changes to the hotel internet infrastructure needs to change it back ASAP and stop jamming guests devices.

We would appreciate status as to when this will be done or we ave no choice but to seek other hotel accommodations for our extended stay. Thank You — D. I made reservations though central booking with my rewards W for a first floor room In Port Orange Florida. Got there early afternoon and a very nice young man informed there is no guest rooms on Floor 1.

Rebooked at Daytona Beach facility. I was told Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for was 8, MORE points for a first floor but it had a jazzui and beach front. When we arrived they put us on the roadside and NO beachfront and still charged the extra points. My husband is 83 and ill so this was far from being a pleasant experience. The manager conceded and gave us the room we expected, but the musky smell that was trying to be covered up by an automatic spray sent made it even worse. What is happening with the La Quinta booking agents????

Thank you for listening, Bob and Marion Roy. When we walked Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for our room, we found personal belongings of another traveler. We immediately contacted the front desk and we were told to come back downstairs and they would assign us another room. My family and I have stayed at La Quinta Innns on several occasions and most of the experiences have been pleasant.

It is a damnable shame you would consider Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for a dump for human habitation. We had three rooms, one room with no telephone and in two of the rooms the phones looked as if they were out of the sewer and from the smell of the room that well could have the case.

The hallway had smell of a smocking gallery with butts littering the hallway. The rooms were not clean and had a musky smell, two of the rooms had spiderwebs. The hotel was for truckers and hookers. The hotel was stinking and top it off. I booked for double beds and when I arrived.

I was so shocked that they had twin beds. This was a terrible. I was there for my daughters basketball tournament. Me and my family was Seekinb. This Laquinta is a dump sojeone needs to be closed down.

I am a gold member and I do have a choice of hotels when I travel. Her bulling tactics, of high school student Dave Hogg, are not becoming to your brand. I am completely appalled that you sponsor Laura Riverchaase. She did some serious snooping while frantically looking for dirt. A million children ask not to be murdered and you support a woman who attacks them. The Hoover High School girls basketball team advanced to the Class 7A state championship game with its win on Thursday.

Feb 28, 2: Feb 28, 4: He won the Regions Tradition twice. Feb 28, 9: Each year, a senior is selected from each of Hoover's two high schools, along with an employee of Hoover City Schools. Nude women of Bad Aussee 27, 5: The Hoover and Spain Park high school sports teams were in action last week. Feb 24, 8: Eight authors shared their life stories and the stories of their characters.

Feb 23, 8: A woman was shot in the arm early Saturday morning in Hoover's Ross Bridge community. Feb 23, 5: Feb 22, Feb 21, 8: It's a story of a man Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for found his passion and followed it and who wasn't afraid to experience failure on the road to success. Feb 21, 4: Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for year-old Hoover man was involved in a fight with another inmate, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Feb 21, Feb 20, 3: Feb 20, 1: The attorney for the family of Emantic "E. Feb 20, Authorities say the year-old man died of blunt force trauma.

Feb 19, Vote for your favorite local businesses in Hoover. Feb 18, 9: The company eliminated the outdoor play area and Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for more soundproofing to the walls.

Three Gardendale High School sports medicine students Riverfhase aid to a woman who had fallen as people were fleeing gunshots at the mall. Feb 18, 8: Police have blocked off a portion of the block of Crossings Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for with crime scene tape. Feb 18, 3: Seeking someone Riverchase Alabama for 17,