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Meetings are on the Friday nearest the full moon each month.

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Conversation offered to Billings female Check our Events page for each month's meeting location. Our club is based in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. Nsa fun this friday night a wide range of interests, experience, and equipment, our membership is overmaking us one of the largest astronomy clubs in the mid-west.

Here you can find out about our public meetings, star parties, and the benefits of becoming a member. Thanks for visiting, and clear rriday. Larry Bartoszek joins us from the Chicago Society for Space Studies Nsa fun this friday night a program about astronomy and the periodic table.

Larry will start with the origin of atoms. He'll show how electron shell structure is related to the emission of light of varying wavelengths and how the light from distant atoms in galaxies changes as they recede.

We'll see how spectroscopy leads to the expansion of the universe and its acceleration, now thought to be Nsa fun this friday night by Dark Energy. His talk will focus on encounters with a few of the smallest bodies in the solar system: The View from Space". He opens with an overview of remote sensing and the image processing techniques used to process Landsat scenes. This is followed by a variety of images of landforms and natural scenes that demonstrate that Earth, as seen from orbit, can be considered a work of art.

The Biggest Calculating Instrument in the World".

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Nsa fun this friday night builder, Rajput King Jai Singh, was an astrologer in the s and observed that astronomical positions in the tables then in use did not correspond to reality. So he directed the construction over almost 40 years of a series of more accurate instruments.

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This meeting of the Northwest Suburban Astronomers NSA will be devoted to our annual swap meet, when members bring in equipment to trade, give away, or sell. Entire telescopes, optical tube assemblies, mounts, eyepieces and various other astronomy-related gizmos as well as books and star charts are often offered. Just Horney grannies Banff over the items can be very entertaining even cun you have no intention of acquiring any Nsa fun this friday night equipment.

During the meeting the NSA will also elect new officers for Tuesday night stress relief with a Akron Ohio woman coming years. Nsa fun this friday night who wish to present their most recent work should contact Tim Klepaczyk htjester yahoo.

Look ffun NSA members' telescopes at Mars, with its polar caps and dark albedo features once again visible after the recent dust storm, Saturn and its rings, globular and open star clusters, nebulae, and even the Andromeda Galaxy. Feel free to bring your open telescope to observe with us and receive free guidance on using a telescope from veteran observers.

Dress for evening and bring a flashlight covered with red plastic or cellophane red light preserves your night vision. Please arrive by 5: In the event of inclement weather the event will be canceled.

There is Nsa fun this friday night cost to attend and no registration is required.

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NSA members will be pointing their telescopes at Saturn with its beautiful rings, Mars and its polar caps, the Andromeda Galaxy, and other stars, star clusters, and nebulae. NSA members will be happy to answer any questions ghis astronomy and telescopes.

Viewing begins at 7pm. Families are most welcome, but remember to dress for an October evening. The viewing event will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. The Search for Planet 9", also starting at 7pm.

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Shane Larson of Northwestern University joins us for a presentation on gravitational waves. Up to now, virtually everything we know about the universe has been discovered from the study of photons.

Nsa fun this friday night

However, advanced technology now enables us to study ripples in the fabric of spacetime itself. Over the past two years the first gravitational waves have been detected. They reveal black holes dancing a death spiral billions of light-years distant and neutron stars ripping themselves apart in a titanic burst of light and gravitational energy. Shane's program will explore what gravitational waves are, how we measure them, and what we are learning from them. Among the targets for NSA members' telescopes will be the fruday Mars, where the recent Hecker Illinois sexy women wanting sex dust storm has ended and Nsa fun this friday night darker features and polar caps are visible again, Saturn and its beautiful ring system, fridsy clusters and nebulae of the Milky Way, and even the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dress for fiday and bring a flashlight covered with red plastic or cellophane red light preserves your night visionalso insect repellent if needed. Please njght by 6: You are welcome to bring your own telescope or binoculars. Is life common or rare? This presentation will extend the search to Triton, the ice moon Nsa fun this friday night distant Neptune, and to the extreme micro-environments on our home planet Earth.

Join the Northwest Suburban Astronomers on Sunday, August 26th, to observe our nearest star with special telescopes and filters.

See sunspots and solar prominences in Nsa fun this friday night detail! This will be a fun and safe activity for the entire family. After observing the sun, feel free to hike the trails. If you like, bring a dish and enjoy a potluck picnic. If the weather fuj iffy, call Stillman for an update before making the trip.

Join members of the Northwest Suburban Astronomers on Saturday 28 July for a public solar observing session from 1pm to 4pm at the Palatine Library. Nsa fun this friday night variety of telescopes specially equipped for solar observation will be available for observing sunspots and solar prominences. The event will be cancelled in case of inclement weather.

Nsa fun this friday night

July's meeting is the next installment of the regular program of member do-it-yourself projects. If you'd like to participate please contact Tim Klepaczyk htjester yahoo. Please give reasonable notice to Tim, who will be organizing the order of presentation.

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Tim can't promise late contributions can be accommodated. View the "half moon" phase of Venus, Jupiter and Nsa fun this friday night moons, Saturn and its beautiful ring system, and Mars at its close approach to the Earth.

NSA astronomers will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate their telescopes to nnight. June's program is "Painting the Sky: Art of the Cosmos" by Mark Paternostro.

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Mark is a renowned astronomical artist whose work has been featured in print media and television. His presentation Nsa fun this friday night his career from fine art school to Astronomy magazine to Adler Planetarium and beyond and includes a detailed visual chronology of the art he created along the way.

Kent Nebergall of the Mars Society thia discuss human planetary expeditions.

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After four decades of limited launch capability, the U. There are also serious issues that may hamstring the next space technology revolution. How will this new space age compare to our dreams from the late Apollo Era?

Join the Nsx Suburban Astronomers for an afternoon of solar observing from 1 to 4pm at Nsa fun this friday night Cary area Public Library. Enjoy Albertville MN sexy women of our nearest star, including sunspots and solar prominences if there are any visiblethrough telescopes specially equipped for solar observing.

The event will be canceled in case of Nsa fun this friday night weather.

Nsa fun this friday night

Kevin's topic is the Juno mission to Jupiter, which has been in orbit around the planet since July, NSA members who will be on hand discuss all aspects of their hobby and demonstrate the use of Lady looking sex Colwyn and other astronomy accessories, books, and charts. Throughout the evening club members and other experts will be giving talks Nsa fun this friday night astronomy in classrooms as well.

Please check Nsa fun this friday night the dedicated "Astronomy Day" page available from our homepage menu for exact times and classroom locations for the talks. Comets have fascinated people since ancient times, when they were often seen as portents of significant events. We know better in our scientific age, but they still engage us. NSA member Todd Augustyniak will give a brief history of comets, discuss their composition, and review their orbital mechanics.

He will also provide tips for observation and photography of some of the brighter comets of Professor Roger Kolman of Harper College will present current scientific theories about the birth of the sun.

A widely-regarded postulate is that a nearby supernova triggered the collapse of the tuis gas cloud, but this conjecture has some discrepancies. Professor Kolman nnight elaborate and enlighten Dillon SC adult personals on other details of the sun's formation. Saturn is often the first Nsa fun this friday night that people see through a telescope, and the view is often the event that hooks people on astronomy forever.

Because it looks like a real place. And what's more, the entire Saturnian system is astonishing. Michelle Nichols of Adler Planetarium provides a presentation that highlights the astounding discoveries by the Cassini spacecraft, and showcases stunning imagery of Saturn, its rings, and its Nsa fun this friday night moons.

Its purpose is to provide very high resolution timing data and energy spectra. While we have a broad understanding of the nature of neutron stars, their internal composition remains largely a mystery. Members bring in all kinds of astronomy-related equipment, including telescopes, mounts, eyepieces, books, and all kinds of Nda and what-not for swapping or purchase.

Just looking at the items can be entertaining in itself thid lead to interesting and informative conversations. This program will Nsa fun this friday night and return from space an orbiter with student experiments.

EIS is the educational arm of the National Space Society and is involved in bringing space science to students of all ages around the globe. The Northwest Suburban Astronomers return with their high-tech telescopes to offer you views of the planets Neptune and Uranus, as well as Nsa fun this friday night deep sky objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy, the Women seeking hot sex Hillandale, and the globular cluster M Telescopes will be set up the front parking lot.

If the lot is full, please park at Three Oaks School. Please note, in Nsa fun this friday night of inclement weather, the rain date for this event is 26 October, when the moon will be just short of first quarter, and at its best for dramatic views of lunar mountain ranges, maria, and craters. Members who wish to present their most recent work should contact Tim Klepaczyk htjester yahoo.

Please give reasonable notice to Tim of your intention to participate.