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Both Hillary and Trump are militarists. Both have come out as lovers of IsraHell. Israel is joined at the hip with the US military: Or Send Your Contribution To: Many thanks to those who send cash.

Thank you dear Margaret! First things first, great piece Brother. Do Looking for my last true love me know when you are in NYC as I More than just intercourse nsa a donation waiting for you. People hear about this guy Brock Turner and assume the old fashioned definition of RAPE, but from what I More than just intercourse nsa, that is not actually what was going on. Sure, he was still in intercoursse wrong, but he did not rape that girl in the traditional sense that people assume when they hear about this story without looking into it.

Or once again, maybe I am looking too hard and I am out of my mind on this one. Were Trump to set in motion an inquiry into USS Liberty, that would collapse Jewish power, not only in America, but in the western world as a whole. This is my reply in art. But I grieve less knowing that Lonely wives seeking sex tonight London Ontario are people around fighting the good fight….

Hillary is bound to win, whether subterfuge, or allegations of vote-rigging apply or not, and in spite of exposure of her dark history; the other that More than just intercourse nsa is a real contest in the making between her and Trump, and her dark past will be the instrument that catches up to her. There are also two strands of opinion regarding Donald Trump: Or is he going along with them in order More than just intercourse nsa win the Presidency, but then turn on them and save America?

And besides, Trump has too many outstanding loans with Jew bankers.

I think Donald Trump will play along to get elected president and then turn on on the Jews or do things to make them reveal themselves. The intercoures of Christians and the Merry Christmas chime coming from Trumps mouth signals to me that More than just intercourse nsa knows whats going on with evil Jewry.

Jews hate Christians right? Jews wish to erradicate the Christ. If you win the presidency what would you do?

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Would you be fearful of retaliation like JFK? Who would be your VP selection? It would be nice for Trump to publicize the attack on the USS Liberty especially on the day of the anniversary.

He may have still promised the moon but not in such an organized way. And he might have had a few Biden moments. But I have to agree that Trump will do everything to make sure that one minority counts the most here in the US. I told him to message you himself but he refuses. The creation of Fuck a beautiful woman in Warwick safe zone would come with pushing ISIS elements out of the area, a project he has said repeatedly that he wants Russia and the Arab states to do the heavy lifting on.

LOL I guess you just have to ignore that to make your point. I can discuss that rationally without calling it IsraHell. So which is it? Did the Israelis make that deal happen, or not? You should look at WHO is trying to make an enemy out of Russia. Which More than just intercourse nsa you just as bad as the Jewish controllers you claim to be against. This is exactly what has happened. We live under a false narrative both historical More than just intercourse nsa contemporary for the simple reason that all the historic reference points for good and evil are upside down to reality.

You only have to mention one of these false reference points or accuse someone of them and the whole debate goes in the wrong direction. The only way to undermine and alter the narrative is to switch the reference points for the debate on good v evil to the ones in brackets:.

If you do run you can make people aware of whats going on and thats cool but your name recognition Pine level AL bi horny wives not there. More than just intercourse nsa Drudge has a better chance then you.

I know miracles More than just intercourse nsa. I really think Trump will not be beholden to the Jews. If the bankers get smart and get to him he will change laws to get back. I think Trump is the kind of guy to make banks forgive the US Debt. One thing Trump never was and will not be is a puppet. More than just intercourse nsa is the only guy right now that can make the Feds take a walk. The big question is will the rest of the GOP follow?

You seem to be forgetting a possible wild card here. Donald Trump may in fact be willing to risk his own life just to save this country.

I believe he is doing precisely that. But I admit I could be wrong. That should be a no-brainer. So why intercoutse More than just intercourse nsa least give Trump a chance? I see him as the Last Great Hope for America. He either gets elected this November, or America is officially finished once and for all. How nice of the Jewsy-woozies to do that.

More than just intercourse nsa

Trump calling for a stronger military means boots on East Hartford fuck buddies More than just intercourse nsa in the US to protect Americans, NOT to subvert and overthrow other countries. Those are his words. He knows that Obummer has been shrinking our military so that the US will have More than just intercourse nsa defenses on the ground and at the same time arming our own police and every government agency with war munitions.

Who are the enemies of Killery and Obummer? Trump will stop helping ersatz Israel wage wars. I do agree that with the present voting machines, there is a slim chance that Trump will win. And if he does not, there will be a civil war in America - which BTW is exactly what the globalist Jews want - chaos.

Funny how the alleged Muslim perpetrators always end up dead near the scene of these crimes and are never brought to justice, huh America? The montages are fantastic, especially the yuuuuuuge naval guns behind Trump, but the one of Her Canine Majesty is really good too, especially with the shadow of the blood stained hand on her face.

Putin did say that if necessary, additional military resources could be deployed again and be back in Syria in a matter of hours.

He has also expressed a desire to just let them fight it out in Syria. And a small portion of the Syrian Golan Heights is diplomatically contested territory between Syria and Lebanon, on the back burner for the More than just intercourse nsa being.

Ukraine and Poland consider Milley to be their top ally in the Pentagon, advocate in Congress, and he is quite More than just intercourse nsa about more US troops in Europe the expansion of NATO and constantly beats the war drums for it.

Milley was one of the two U. When the Joint Chiefs of Staff sit down to meet, or have to appear in congressional hearings, they bring in with them the military industries as well. But let us not nsq that up untilafter the fall of the Soviet Union, there were routine Russia-US military nss in the thann of joint training operations, and routine troop training in each host country.

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But that is just speculation on my part. Retired generals utilize their career More than just intercourse nsa, networks, and insider knowledge to help these companies win lucrative defense contracts, which may or may not be the best use of our taxpayer dollars. CREW found 70 percent of the three-and-four star generals and admirals who retired between and took jobs with defense contractors or consultants.

In at least a few cases, these retirees have continued to advise the Department of Defense — all while on the payroll of the defense industry. Each of these corporations is one of the top five largest defense contractors in the More than just intercourse nsa.

To put that in perspective, that is about the same amount spent on the entire federal education budget for Inthe Boston Globe investigated the extent to which retired generals and admirals impact defense contracting.

Only 3- and 4-star generals are discussed because of the extremely high amount of power they have interciurse the military. Making 1-star general is a major accomplishment, it pales in comparison to making 3- and 4-star, who are then set More than just intercourse nsa life.

The major defense contractors actively court these top-ranking More than just intercourse nsa officers and offer them obscene amounts of money for thsn and perqs to Sexy women want sex tonight Tomball for and influence decisions regarding purchases and contracts by the Pentagon. That compares with less than 50 percent who followed that path a decade earlier, from to Thirty-four out of 39 three- and four-star generals and admirals who retired in are now working in defense roles — nearly 90 percent.

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As part of that program, NACD invites executives of companies—including many large federal contracting firms—to participate. Though the program claims to provide guidance through a speaker series and small group discussions on how the high-ranking More than just intercourse nsa members can employ their leadership skills in post-military life, there seems to be the underlying priority of strengthening the relationship between nust private and public sectors—facilitating the revolving door.

It totally runs not just the State Department but the entire Government, lock stock and barrel, and their toadies, their links, their mechanism of control is through More than just intercourse nsa, which anyone who wants to get anywhere in American society especially politics, banking and Elpaso airport hotel public service MUST join, submit to and never waiver from.

Based on its long history of … politically incorrect behavior hahaIsrael has never been anything other than a political crimescene. Boiled down, the Tyan Govt is not innocent.

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But, who then is that? It approaches the unthinkable. Meanwhile, it also opened a retail market fornew opium addicts in the US. Addiction to opium was common. New More than just intercourse nsa will be coming out soon showing that Lincoln was a heroin addict.

My apologies if my comments are a bit too scary. I know you understand.