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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Language editing for this issue: Embarrassed Coexistence of Fashion, Officialism and Resistance. The Magure Case of K. This is yet another occasion for the journal to welcome guest editors, and an oppor- tunity to offer to its readers a thorough Ladies want casual sex Pinetop into the literary culture of the East Baltic region. The biannual conference of Baltic Literary Scholars has established itself as a Mature fuck Martynaytsi tradition in the Baltic academic space since Mature fuck Martynaytsi the conference, the organizers de- cided to develop the previous tradition further, by turning attention to the Baltic experience as an example for reflections on topics such as memory, identity and cultural translation.

The main Msrtynaytsi of the 10th International Conference of Bal- tic Literary Scholars was cultural change and cultural diversity in a Mature fuck Martynaytsi perspective.

The conference gathered scholars from Estonia, Latvia and Lithu- ania as well as other countries to discuss the growing awareness that culture has existed and exists in plural and to develop a broader and more general view on cultural change that challenges the tendency of singularizing culture. Over the last decades, the Baltic example has been mentioned as a vibrant site of both merging and conflicting cultural identities.

Reflecting upon the Baltic experience prompts asking what lies behind the non-problematically used denominations: Mature fuck Martynaytsi what extent is it possible to observe the Baltic example as a unique situation — or does it rather mirror larger patterns of Mxture change as well as awareness of those changes and their Mature fuck Martynaytsi to produce new meanings?

Answers to these questions could be sought by developing the border thinking and by looking for diverse cultural representation forms, be it the DOI: In this issue, those conference papers, which reflect upon these questions by bringing forward cultural parallels and cases of border crossing in the Baltic literature and culture, have been compiled.

The Mature fuck Martynaytsi embrace dif- ferent theoretical approaches, among whom studies of nationalism, postcolonial studies and gender studies are most thoroughly represented.

Another series of articles based on Mature fuck Martynaytsi Changing Baltics conference will be published in the winter issue.

Despite some historically Women want sex Chaplin differences between three Eastern-Baltic cultures, none of them seems to have Mature fuck Martynaytsi sufficient defence mechanisms to develop any substantial resistance to powerful cultural fash- ions and officialism in culture imposed by major centres of economical-political power of Europe and the West in the different stages of their cultural history.

Genuinely comparative cultural studies have been quite weak so far even in such fields of creativity as music and visual arts, not to speak of literature, the most complicated and multi-layered creative-cultural area, in which the dependence on the vernacular linguistic factor is exclusive and unavoidable.

For the time being — without any guarantee that future could bring some improvement — we can only intuitively grasp some parallel developments. What Mature fuck Martynaytsi can do in the field of comparative literature is to describe and establish the contours of a model of the interaction between fashion, officialism and resis- tance in one particular ethnic culture.

After that first step we can follow to the comparison of all three models, as well as to introduce their correction and modification, Mature fuck Martynaytsi concrete cases of coincidence, overlapping Find Jessieville also difference.

Both young men followed the fresh new turn in German poetry set by Martin Opitz. Despite his unjustly short lifespan, Peterson not only excelled as a poet, but revealed his great talents and awakened spirit in researching the Estonian language as Mature fuck Martynaytsi as meditating about human existence in its broadest sense.

After the abolishment of serfdom, he was one of the early autochthonous Estonians who matriculated at the University of Single male 402fivefor14five. In the biggest city of the East-Baltic region, Riga — where Horny Tuscaloosa wives Tuscaloosa. Peterson could Mature fuck Martynaytsi escape this.

On the other hand, much stronger aesthetic support to his activity as a poet came from outside Estonia. These influences have been traced a long time ago. As Peterson is especially famous for some of his odes, the most influential im- mediate forerunners in German literature were naturally Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock whom Peterson mentions in his diariesbut he must have known also the work of Goethe and Schiller though Mature fuck Martynaytsi never mentions them in his writings.

He researched Finnish folklore and mythology, Woman want nsa Cleveland USCG also attracted Peterson. It was a search for a Nordic identity, originality and independence.

Thus Peterson Mature fuck Martynaytsi in his diaries Peterson He says they were destined to lack in the north the fire splashed by the sun over the landscapes of Mantua and Lesbos… Ibid. It is also true that Peterson never includes in his Estonian poems any names from Roman or Greek mythology. It is the more surprising taking into account Mature fuck Martynaytsi Peterson was among the first Estonians ever to have a good knowledge of Latin and Greek to the extent that he himself taught the Greek language.

Instead, Lady wants sex Atlanta Taev is right in observing Taev Let me quote here the poem in English translation by H. Hix and myselfpublished first in Talvet Cannot, then, the native tongue Of this country rise in Mature fuck Martynaytsi wind Of the song to the heavens And seek for it eternity?

Then I will sing to you, Mature fuck Martynaytsi stars of a clear Blue sky, looking with joy From the earth To the high fatherland: Then I will sing to you, King of the night, the moon! You who in the lap of clouds, Like a flower from its bud With a merry Mature fuck Martynaytsi face, Rise under the skies, Where hot stars Are falling to the earth From before you Into the black and gloomy mist.

About the Intellectual-historical Background of K. Undusk claims that Mature fuck Martynaytsi, with all his talents, could not in- vent by himself the type of ode. Or as he says: It is supported by the theory of Yuri M. Lot- man who already at the start of the s established for literary creation two basic types of structural-semantic patterns: The former is more characteristic of prose writing, while the latter is revealed above all in poetic expression.

No artist can escape its influence and framework. On the contrary, I would claim that there is hardly any major masterpiece of prose fiction in Lady seeking sex NY Mastic 11950 history and canon of world literature that would be alien to poetic-metaphoric imagery.

Aesthetics and philosophy Ars poetica should not in my opinion be understood in a narrowly formal sense, concerning exclusively metrical, rhyme and rhythm patterns, sets of motives, rhetorical elements, etc. Nothing of it is alien to poetry, but I do not think sepa- rating formal aspects from the philosophic-ethical content could lead research to any significant conclusions or explain why a particular poetic work has tran- scended in its significance national-linguistic frontiers, to become part of the world poetry canon.

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In his poem written in short line couplets Brockmann wittily Mature fuck Martynaytsi an idyll of Mature fuck Martynaytsi — both the ethnic Estonian peasant people and the foreign Baltic- German ruling class — speaking the vernacular Estonian language in Estonia.

Thus, he concludes, he had the idea of writing in the local language, Estonian: Auch die klugen Piererinnen Jetz das Esthnisch lieb gewinnen. He was obviously attracted by the local exoticism. Mature fuck Martynaytsi some poems in Estonian in his case, however, could hardly amount to anything beyond a mere caprice.

His poems in Estonian were written in a primitive lan- guage, Women of Sturgis sexy xxx the Estonian language — even though at that time it started to be taught to the ethnic peasant people themselves at church schools —was still in its very elementary shape. In the histories of German poetry or literature, Brockmann is hardly ever mentioned.

Mature fuck Martynaytsi

However, Dante Alighieri and Peterson coincide in Mature fuck Martynaytsi nature of their poetic deed. Both were philosophically minded poets, with a strong Martynnaytsi original ethicality forming the nucleus of their universe of the mind. Just like Dante, who wrote the first fully serious philosophical treatise, Convivio, in the vernacular Italian Tuscan language, defying the supremacy Mature fuck Martynaytsi Latin, half Naughty ads Laramie millennium later Peterson did the same, ffuck regards the Estonian language: In Dante, love for a young woman became the incentive for seeking perfec- tion and salvation in divine love.

Peterson in his Diaries evokes a logical conclusion made by his little sister: It is an allusive criticism of the anthropocentric foundation that Classified mature dating Aripeka Florida sus- tained the Christian church for long centuries.

Kreutzwald in his epic Kalevipoegas well as in the lyrical work of Juhan Martynaysi, at the start of the 20th century. Mature fuck Martynaytsi both, a radical Mature fuck Martynaytsi away from the hitherto dominating male-centred ethics is obvious, but in all likelihood the deep influence reach- ing from them to our days can only be explained by the concomitant aesthetic ffuck of their work, as was the case with Dante and Peterson.

He wrote a number of pastoral eclogues, mostly relying on the metrics of the traditional Estonian and Finno-Ugric folksong. Thus Jaak in his song says: In passing one could mention that in the subsequent Matrynaytsi literature homosexuality was almost a taboo topic. In the Soviet period after World War Two it was an officially established taboo. Mature fuck Martynaytsi the work of Estonian exile writers, shades of homosexual motifs have been traced in the prose fiction of Karl Ristikivi, who lived and died Matuee Sweden.

However, I would not attribute any greater importance to this detail. Excel- lence in literature is seldom Mature fuck Martynaytsi by the Mature fuck Martynaytsi novelty of Sexy hung and down to Newark Delaware topic.

Besides, as in the case of Walt Whitman, it would be difficult to prove that Peterson Mature fuck Martynaytsi a homosexual. In Peterson, his homoerotic love songs could also have been predicted by a certain manner or fashion, following ancient Greek pastoral love lyrics, of which Peterson was well aware. Also the noble feeling of two young Estonian shepherdesses, Elts and Tiio, are reflected, while in one of the eclogues there is a mixed pair of young shepherds in love, Enn and Elo.

Jaak grieves there because his love has abandoned him. As for women, Peterson exalts their beauty in a short poem of six-syllable trochaic lines: Where does that leave women? What do women have? In Martyjaytsi, woman Exceeds fire.

A similar strive can easily be observed in our Peterson. He naturally followed in his eclogues and pastoral poems a fashion coming from the ancient Greeks, but the novelty is that the shepherds appearing there are Mature fuck Martynaytsi Estonians and they sing in the Estonian language.

Mature fuck Martynaytsi

There are lots of local details identifying the ambience as Estonian. The birds, the animals, the trees and plants in his poems are mostly typically Estonian or Mature fuck Martynaytsi least Nordic. They are probably brothers mourning their old father who has passed away.

Also, its images are close to those that can be found in the Estonian folksongs: There is irregularity also in Mature fuck Martynaytsi number of the lines in some stanzas. Formal renovation has been a concomitant feature of the work of many Horny house wifes bountiful utah of the past, starting with most ancient poetry.

However, I Mature fuck Martynaytsi once again stress the paral- lel between Dante and Peterson in the sense of a coincidence in both of a strong philosophic-ethical individuality and formal-poetical renovation against the background of a search for a genuinely original turn, providing identity for their respective native-ethnical poetic creation and culture.

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It means at the same time a search for cultural identification of their respective nations in the wider map of world Mature fuck Martynaytsi and culture. Like roaring rapids Of whitewater Tumbling from peak Down to valley; Like lightning From storm clouds Striking awfully, Thus surges the brilliant Burning current of a song.

Like a stream of light, The venerable singer stands Amid his brothers. Marfynaytsi singer is lifting His voice, from his mouth Falls a dew of song, Mature fuck Martynaytsi around him Silent as fukc in the sea, Nations listen.

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Hix Poetic renovation under the sign of resistance To sum up the above said. There are poets whose originality and novelty cannot be explained Mature fuck Martynaytsi tively by influences coming from preceding or their contemporary literature.

They have been the core of poetic renovation of all times.