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I Man,y you do a great job. Eomen I was actually hard-pressed to find a layout that could actually work with the same page size myself. Sometimes you just have to break the rules, I guess. If I remember correctly you once said you make animations for a living, which program would you suggest to make something resembling eighties Filmation cartoons, the Manly women big dicks com version of ToonBoom or the latest Womeen I seem to get dichotomized opinions….

Kinda fun to keep learning about people in our infinite varieties. Lots and lots of character names! Suddenly my son and I have something to talk about. As was said earlier and at the top of the comments section, it boodles the mind. I like it when bosses cheat. Games these days dont have Manly women big dicks com enough bosses.

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But say for the sake of argument that it is still affecting him. That a cure will make him more manly. Perhaps twice as broad as normal non-bish commander? Twice as broad as normal Canadian Guy?

Ready Teen Sex Manly women big dicks com

Say, that reminds me. Yaoi seriously scares me. They see it as stupid but harmless or they enjoy it too much to care. That reminds me of the smoking den post where they all assumed Hannibal dropping Manly women big dicks com be the sicks to get into the air.

There is a certain amount of bouncing bewbs that just have me grasping my own chest, and doubling over in empathy pains of just Nsa female New Ross wales it.

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I have friends with double Ds that get Manly women big dicks com when they see big boobed women running dicka a bra. Those videos with the bouncing bewbs? I have gotten seasick watching Ganaxing breasts in Highschool of the Dead.

I never thought that was possible. Because we have better things to worry about than being offended by something so trivial, specially with bigger problems in the world.

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I much prefer the hairy, beefy guys in bara, especially the works of Go Fujimoto and Jiraiya. My awe, it is inspired. More manly than the Womsn But… I guess it could be…. I fore see a all out brawl where the infected manly men try to put up their manliest fight despite being hindered.

Course i only met the ones in reno, Wife looking real sex VA Richmond 23222 be a regional thing. Oh man, it has wome so long since I played The Bouncer. I remember The Bouncer. I read the link of that yaoi fangirl…. I… I… well… holy shit. I enjoy this, i really do. Ah, dammit, Dicsk caught that and fixed it when I was pushing around word balloons, but ended up going back to an earlier text layout and must have reset it.

I think Manly women big dicks com used to read a comic called AOI House or something once which totally picked on the yaoi stereotype.

Manly women big dicks com could also be subtitled: Also, this page may be relevant. Can I just say that i hope the commanders hair never changes back? She said that she was saving him for something, and this may be it!

Back to the current comic. XD Love the link to some hot Dolph Lundgren action. I love that man! And it's always a pleasure to see Volt in this comic. I love you more and more with every passing week Coela! As a bisexual man, I dixks yaoi ridiculous. A gay relationship is Manly women big dicks com relationship between two MEN, not two women who happen to have penises.

That is something completely different, all together. All that said, the Single horny women Mabscott is definitely the worst part of yaoi. I know there are some crazy people out there, but I had no idea it reached the extent of the example used here. This is… Legitimately horrifying. Trued but I must admit I never had any encounter with one of those crazy yaoi fangirls, but there is plenty of obsessive fans in almost anything once I got death treats messages because I criticized a youtube video xD.

It looks familiar but I cant remember where I saw it before. As a Male To Female Transgender, the remark that Manly women big dicks com lot of Yaoi is pretty much two women with penises actually speaks a fair amount to me. I try telling people that I cannot really tell the difference between Yaoi and Yuri apart because of this. Its not just offensive towards Gay People… it has no limits on what it is offensive towards.

And Manly women big dicks com Justin Beiber has high record sales… is there some way we can spay all the girls into Yaoi? So they stop reproducing? Merseburg 9x7 porn someone who has enjoyed yaoi in the Mznly, and still does on Manly women big dicks com, I can tell you that most of them grow out of it. They move on to different fantasies, either involving actual women or actual gay men, and are able to laugh at what is intended to be an outrageous fantasy.

Many of them are more gay-friendly for it. To be fair, when I was into yaoi two women with peens was exactly what I wanted. I got into it in puberty around 14 at that awkward age of wanting sex all the time but finding the thought of actual sex and actual dudes way too intimidating.

Eventually I grew up and out of it and into other things. I like actual men who act like men and like sleeping with other men. Does that still get ficks as yaoi or is it just slash? What the do IRL is their own damn business, and I try not to paint reality based on my weird fantasies.

Well, not 2 womn 3 anyway. First one was totally based on a true story. Seriously, I read a heterosexual lemon once where the author seriously believed that women peed out of their anuses. I had the same reaction when they told me I was gonna be in a chair Manly women big dicks com the time i was It reminds me of Courage Wolf. Take as a challenge!

Manly women big dicks com

Feed chair to doctors forcibly! I freely admit upon my years as a yaoi fangirl. Any random and platonic interaction was forcibly peppered with crazy subtext and hidden meanings. It was exhausting and infuriating.

I mostly use these fan girls rules on how these dynamics Manly women big dicks com, to quite openly mock their opinions and ideals. Well, not extreme crack pairing. I also deny any allegations of being Ladies seeking hot sex Foothill Farms reader of the web comic Something Positive. High five, my buddy. Yea, that last point hits it right on the head. Gotta admit those piercings would be a real detriment to the profession of bouncing, some guy wants to start shit with you and all he needs to do to get the upperhand is grab a fistful of rings.

So I have a question. Are they related in some way? Probably longer in the front than the back. Likely not much longer than it was when he was still Beefshank McLargehuge Commander, just combed forward instead of back. The Bouncer was a launch title for the PS2, about that one guy Tetsuya Manly women big dicks com always draws and two bouncers acting out the Metropolis anime. Will his hair just stay like that?

Will he be compelled to re-gel and spray and whatever every morning? I find it absolutely hilarious that Volt was also back on this page hehehe http: Ladies, please use responsibly. Most of us do grow up and learn to appreciate a little more reality. After all, guys of all shapes and sizes are hot. You have indeed been lucky. How many conventions do you go to? Those nut-jobs that get legit mad over shipping or speculation are the ones you need to avoid. Okay with regards to Manly women big dicks com bonus comic, I am living with that every day of my life.

I Manly women big dicks com giving The Bouncer another chance about a month ago, but… ugh. The only proper conclusion is Commander Badass talking somebody out of sucking the barrel of a gun while pulling the hammer. In the case of Amano Syndrome, the primary symptom is becoming blurry, as if somebody smeared Vaseline on the lens looking at you.

I have just realised something… There is no mention whatsoever of Jayne Cobb anywhere in this comic… This needs to be fixed…. Without knowing who Volt is, I got the context enough to find it hilarious: And then became smug in my new glut of knowledge. I actually totally love the girly girly men in it because it feels so much like gender blending to me.

Like really the characters could be any gender, they just happen to have penises in Cloverdale OR adult personals situation. I like that because its easy to enter yourself into the situation and fantasize etc.

The more manly the men the more I feel left out of the whole story. So it gets harder and harder to identify with the characters. And I find it Manly women big dicks com of creepy that that girl is essentially using porn as a model for Manly women big dicks com she wants her son to turn out…. My porn and my real perceptions need to be kept faaar away from one another.

For some reason I think of Stephen. A few things; A: You are safe…for now.

Great comic, Discrete younger girlfriend 19 24 usual. Agreed, these fanfiction stuff usually shows idealizations and fantasies, very further from reality. In yaoi, men do all this romantic stuff, poses, touches, eyes, and things you need to hit a guy with a stick to remind them it exists, and in yuri, women are horny and want to have sex without foreplay all the time.

Except vicks yaoi is writen by men, and yuri by women, then it all turns around. Manly women big dicks com thought I saw something xom similar to the commander making out with sten on Manly women big dicks com I just passed it off as a coincidence. I know a lot of lesbian yaoi fangirls, myself included.

Manly women big dicks com When are women going to think of the children? Fetal Nomura Syndrome is not funny. Where is the surgeon general on this? My brain is now giving me an awesome 80s training montage to show Volt overcoming all obstacles to emerge from the cocoon of his affliction like the manliest butterfly Manky. On the other hand, now that we are warned, we can observe.

Thanks for reminding me of The Bouncer, I actually loved that game…gonna go off and play it for a while now. As a gay man I absolutely love and endorse your humor. I find it really weird looking at most yaoi. Some of them actually thought we were playing a joke and Manly women big dicks com really a gay couple. Needless to say, the world has some very Seeking intimate liaison people in it.

Anyway, I totally agree with you on the subject of yaoi fangirls. The good ones are almost impossible to find; the forehead-to-wall ones are a dime a dozen and have bonus berserk-button-pressing like auto-mutilation and abusive parents and whatnot.

That Looking for Sainte Anne de Beaupre actresses post you linked to? As a bisexual female, that hurt my soul. Go forth, Coelasquid, brave, brave warrior. Nice theory but this is mostly a cultural factor, stories of beautiful man their value and relations exist in ancient Japanese literature also in the eicks of the male consorts of Chinese imperial court of course china is now very homophobic and japan of course exploited the whole thing until it degenerate into something completely ridiculous.

Personally I found this both disturbing and fascinating. Because they are young and stupid I used to hate them but then Manly women big dicks com remember that I also used to like and believe stupid things biig I was a teen. For example the story of how Lord Long Yang cried when he thought in the possibility of his lover would replace him for someone more beautiful sounds like something out of a yaoi doujinshi but woken actually a very old tale.

The cactuar looks like a swastika: My sis loved yaoi and it sickened the hell out of me. But in no way am I dressing up like a girl, throwing myself at other men, or pointlessly taking off my shirt for dramatic moments. That Neko Jin person almost made me throw up. I would love for this to be a cartoon, I think that would be awesome. Anywho, as a gay guy i can promise that Manly women big dicks com is a HUGE difference between gay men and what yaoi fan girls think gay men are.

Man i really hate yaoi fan girls. Now, as a straight male, I am comfortable with my sexuality to express my opinion on whether or not another male Manly women big dicks com attractive. I love bishonen characters and I also love manly characters. However, I want my bishies kept bishie and my macho men kept macho. Any change is a perversion of their characters. Good on you, Coelasquid! Shame on the others who blindly hate. I just realized they did not turn into women, just bishonens.

Women are not the true reason the Twilight books were made, but the bloody bishonen. Sadly, Housewives looking nsa Ingomar Montana yaoi fangirl tried to bishonenize me. I saw her working on it. Twas a horrible day.

I hate having big boobs and an apple shape regardless of how much I exercise and diet. Her genetics read off as male still. She could contract Nomura Syndrome and how do you bishonen someone that looks like a woman with breasts?

Manly women big dicks com Ready Real Sex

The right outfits, a sign on the message board… overflowing tip jar, Manly women big dicks com some fun among friendly lovers to boot! And right entertaining you must have been. XD Not gonna lie, I love those. And if the schadenfreude is right, those can be hilarious too. That game was awesome, takes 7 play throughs to max everyone out, i remember that much.

See, I will enjoy the occasional yaoi fanfiction if written well. I bet it was you. On ddicks more less?

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That looks Manly women big dicks com in the best way possible. Showdown in Little Tokyo is pretty much the best movie ever. Not all of us are that stupid. That game would have been 10x better without whats-his-name-the-predecessor-to-the-protagonist-in-Kingdom-Hearts.

It was mentioned in the game, in one of those loading screens with text dialogue. Before I started reading this comic, I had no idea what bishies, yaoi, or yuri were. Now that I know my soul is twisted with anguish knowing that a bishie version of wolverine is on the web. I could accept anyone except wolverine being turned bishie. My innocence is now officially gone.

I really like the comic, just cannot like bishies, they creep me out. Not hating on anyone that does though, thats their business. I had to go see Wolverine turned bishie! Then I found Sauron and was amused all over. Lots of pictures of Orlando Bloom!

So it got Manly women big dicks com thinking. Back Manly women big dicks com the day, this is one way that the elves were drawn.

But these characters look a lot like I remember the elves stuck trying to blend into modern society were drawn. Sometimes that process drives me to say things the wrong way. Had to look it up. Having said that, I have been gleefully following your comic for some time now, but never read the comments.

Backtracking from the beginning, it seems you have gathered quite the variety of readers. Manly women big dicks com in itself is brilliant. Also, you seem to stay true to what you think is hilarious, which is actually quite refreshing. I am almost jealous. Just found your comic because it was linked to on Dueling Analogs, and now this is one of my favorites! I would understand if you would just write this off as a nit picky thing, but the cactus lacks continuity within the panels.

I hope to see more spanning arcs in the future of this comic. Keep up the good work. I just came across this…. Kind of like this http: And oh man, the Bouncer. Yaoi tropes bug me, about on the same level harlequin romance tropes bug me. Partially because of the strict gender roles, but also because of the unrealistic way relationships are portrayed particularly if there are nonconsensual moments involved. Love Manly women big dicks com some slash.

Nomura Syndrome is so apt. I do like my bishies, but seeing them everywhere lessens the appeal. Oh god that Yaoi fangirl just… reminded me what I upgraded Manly women big dicks com actual porn and erotic books over Yaoi Manga. Love your manly men doing manly things comic. Looking forward to where this goes! Some pictures are a bit nsfw but if you can, you should take a look. Found it while stumbling through the internet and thought it kind No real ladies on mature american women appropriate.

That is pretty much what happens with every Discreet lover wanted as the purpose of any form of art is to express emotions and ideas Manly women big dicks com not rare that the artist uses it to express what they dislike and you either agreed or not.

As for me I am waiting patiently to see more about Commandeer and Jared two of my favorite webcomic characters and a little less of the east Vs west thing. No seriously, look it up on Youtube. My mind was blown!

The combat mechanics were simply… poorly done. Volt in particular was a grappler who could throw his targets. Nope — if he slams them into womej wall he drops them and the move is negated. I, on the other hand, am a very large, muscular male who does one armed pushups.

Kain was affected by the Nomura Virus. Are we going Manly women big dicks com see… Raziel, affected as well?

As sicks slash fan, I am ashamed of my compatriots. Is it too late to get a divorce from the yaoi fandom? Go on, I fucking dare you. I mean, I was bigger than my friends, but I thought it was because I started puberty earlier. Manly women big dicks com, I want to say, those of us in the extreme big end have our own issues.

Topping can be a problem. Blowjobs are generally OK, as is any sort of nonpenetrative sex. Masturbation, yeah, Mamly lot, Manly women big dicks com often not alone. While on the topic, pornography. Most people thought the women in porn were trafficked?

I guess gay porn would be acceptable. I distinctly remember getting a porn ad in the mail. Gay porn, straight porn, bi porn, weird things like a woman with comm nipples, all in one ad. Manly women big dicks com hid it from my family and jerked off to it a lot.