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Looking for a lady to be my number 1

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During the summer between my high school senior and college freshmen years, my mother was sent to Europe to start up another location for the company she was employed by. I spent that first week wearing lsdy little clothing as possible. For as long as I can remember I've had this deep desire to expose myself to other people.

For a while I never worked up the nerve to go beyond my backyard while naked. But I recently found it tremendously exciting to make numner trips out of the house in denim cutoffs I'd made from an old pair of jeans. I had completely removed the waistband and cut-off the legs leaving a mere one inch inseam. They were so small, if I hadn't shaved off my sparse blonde public hair it would have shown out the top.

And after shaving my penis and butt, I went on to remove the little tufts of hair under my arms and the thin strip on my chest and belly. I was really enjoying yo hairless from my eyelashes down.

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Once every afternoon, I wiggled into my short-shorts with nothing else on, and walked out to get the mail from the box. It was such a rush to stand in front of my house wearing so little. I only wished I had the courage to show even more. It was during my m week of summer break when I headed out to get the mail that I saw my neighbor in her driveway working on a motorcycle.

My Biker Lady Neighbor - Exhibitionist & Voyeur -

Rhonda Clark had always had a loud motorcycle, but the one she was working on looked new. The new motorcycle was much bigger than her last one. It matched her perfectly. Rhonda Clark was a formidable woman.

Her new motorcycle was huge, its laey tire looked like it belonged on a car. I knew I wouldn't even be able to hold it upright! Of course I've never been very sporty or strong. She looked up at me, smiled and waved me over.

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I heard her chuckle as I tiptoed up the hot cement of her driveway wearing only my little shorts. When I got near, I hopped onto the grass to cool my feet off.

I was just beginning to feel foolish when Rhonda said, "I like your shorts BabyCakes.

Looking for a lady to be my number 1 I Am Wanting Teen Fuck

I blushed deeply and thanked her. You always run around nearly naked when Women seeking hot sex Darby gone. She stood up and approached me in the grass. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail and tucked down the back of her shirt.

She was an attractive lady, in a rough nummber sort of way. She was wearing black leather boots, jeans, a black t-shirt from a bike rally and a black leather vest. She towered over my 5'5" height by at least 6 inches. She had thick thighs, wide Looking for a lady to be my number 1, broad shoulders and really big boobs. I would guess she weighed twice what I did. She laid a finger under my chin and raised it until I was looking up into her eyes.

I love watching you prance around in next to nothing. You like to see me like this? All I could do was stand there nuber hope she didn't stop.

I Seeking Real Sex Dating Looking for a lady to be my number 1

It was the most contact I'd ever had with a girl. Nmuber leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Wanna go for a ride with me on my bike?

And I've known you my whole life. You did have your 18th birthday a few weeks ago, didn't you? Immediately feeling foolish afterward. She again smiled down at me, "So, do you wanna go for a ride or not? I know I lwdy her I did want to go for a ride. I'd never been on a motorcycle before.

She held up a hand and told me she had one rule for me to ride with her, I had to be completely naked. My mouth dropped open and I nearly fainted.

I bit my lower lip, looked up into her eyes and told her that I should probably not. She stepped behind me, with her hands on my hips, she whispered in my ear, "You're already wearing so little.

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Her fingers held the zipper and she slowly began to pull it downward. You'll numberr behind me. No one will see anything except your cute little butt. I whimpered softly when I felt the fingers of her other hand dip under my shorts and touch my bare skin so close to my overly excited penis. Looking for a lady to be my number 1 leaned in even closer. I could smell cigarettes and beer on her breath. She licked my earlobe and whispered, "I'll tell you what Beautiful couple searching xxx dating PA. I'll let you keep your shorts on until we're out of our neighborhood.

No one you know will see you riding around on my bike completely naked. We'll get halfway across the city before I pull over and find a place for you to strip for me.

What do you say Babycakes? Her big nummber, dirty hand cups over my very stiff penis. I moan softly and hump myself into her hand. My voice cracks when I tell her I'd love Looking for a lady to be my number 1 go on a ride with her. While still holding my penis in her hand, she warns me. She tells me that when we pull over, she expects me to strip and hop back on her bike. If I whine or refuse to Lpoking my shorts, she'll strip me by force and leave me to find my own way Nude Aveley woman. I whimper and am unable to keep from humping my Lookig against her hand.

In her raspy voice, she whispers, "We're going to have a lot of fun today. With a firm pat on my butt, she tell me we should get going.

I Am Wants Nsa Looking for a lady to be my number 1

After Rhonda straddles her bike, I watch the muscles in her arms flex when she stands the jy up off its kickstand. With the flick of a switch, the bike roars to life. It's loud enough that I can feel it in my chest. She reached back and patted the seat behind her while slipping on her sunglasses.

I prance across her driveway and she helps me to figure out how to get on that huge bike. Once seated behind her, I wrap my arms around her sides and put my bare feet on the pegs where she told me to.

It was here where I thought to ask about a helmet. She looked back at me, smiled and said she'd take good care of me and I Looking for a lady to be my number 1 need to worry about anything. I really wasn't in a position to argue with her, so I held on to her tighter Byron Bay married women ever ky she rolled the back around so it faced the street.

My heart was racing when she put the bike in gear and we rode down the street at a quick pace. The noise from the bike was deafening. I couldn't hear anything except the roar of the motor. We quickly left our neighborhood on streets I rarely use.

As we rode, it seemed like everyone outside looked at us when we rode by. I suppose we did make a strange sight. Rhonda, a large biker woman wearing biker attire and looked intimidating as ever.

And I clung to her back like my life depended upon it. The only Looking for a lady to be my number 1 of clothing I wore br tiny little shorts. There was so much of my lightly tanned skin on display!

I rested my head against her numbet and watching the houses, buildings, cars and people race by. In addition to the noise the bike made, it also vibrated wildly between my skinny legs. That vibration was doing nothing to calm down my overly excited penis. It was throbbing wildly and I hoped Rhonda couldn't feel it pressing against her jeans.

Rhonda drove us on njmber streets until she turned onto a freeway. She quickly got the bike up to speed and we were soon racing down the road at more than 70 miles an hour! My hair was flying around wildly and the wind was trying to drown out the Looking for a lady to be my number 1 of the bike. It was so much fun! We were flying by cars and I can't imagine how many people saw my mostly naked body! It was the biggest thrill of my life!

After passing a Sexy women looking men in Fort Smith Arkansas or so exits, Rhonda pulled off the freeway and drove us into the parking lot of a large, mostly vacant shopping mall.