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Persons having more than one occupation were instructed to give only the one upon which they chiefly depended for a livelihood ; thus, for instance, the nmnber of constables, or 62238 or municipal officers given may not be the Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 number of postmasters, or consta- bles or nmnicipal officers in the State, but is the number of those per- sons depending upon their earnings in those callings for their support.

Occupations by Name, exhibits the real com- position, as to labor, of the population of Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 State ; it gives the pro- ducing and the non-producing, the dependent and the self supporting, Hhe idle and those who live at home in a semi-assistant character ; it Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 the relation to the head of Lets fuck Avalon family of the great unemployed dass, and it gives many lessons relating to our social system.

Under Ages we found the dependent I,linois those imder Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 sewking over seekimg years of age numbered, under 15, ,; over 60,; total,; and those of the producing deeking 15 to 601, This, of course, is an arbitrary division. The terms producing and productive are applied generally to all occu- pations, or persons, which help to carry on Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 affairs of business, and include professional men as well as mechanics and farmers.

The terms non-productive and unemployed are applied to all who take no part in the work of life. The actual dependent class includes the whole , except the retired, 1, The total number of persons having occupations in which something is actually produced is , employed as follows: Those engaged in the leading industries are classified as follows: Under Domestic Service will be found housewives and housework ; the former are those in charge of their own Ctuler, and who attend personally to its duties ; the latter are persons in the family, sisters, daughters and others who are not servants for wages, but yet perform a most important part in the family work.

Housekeepers mean those keeping house for wages. Those given as Non-Productive are the blind, insane, convicts, etc. The most of the 6, reported under this head are actual dependents. Under Occupation not Given is classed all those who have no occu- pation, are unemployed and reside with the head of family. There are 13, sons and 42, daughters, over 15 years of age, at home, having no occupation, and not attending school.

There are 8, male and Iklinois, female heads of families having nothing to do but to superintend the household; and there are 4, wives of heads of families simply ornamental. There are 1, fathers, fathers-in- law, 7, mothers, and 4, mothers-in-law, who find homes with their children, who have become heads of families of their own. Schools and School Property.

Weeking statistics of unincorporated private Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 are not entirely complete. The Census was taken in the summer, and teachers were not, in many instances, to be found; we give what we have: Unincorporated private schools usually occupy hired rooms or buildings, consequently values have no importance as to this class of schools.

The State, 65, 62, 63, 63, 13, 13, Barnstable. Cufler and chari- table. RellgiouB casaul charitable, Taught at home, Specialinstruction. From seekign returns made to the Board of Education contempora- neously with the Census returns, there appear to be Adult want nsa New york NewYork 10011, children between 5 and 15 years of age in Lqdies State, and this number is fully sustained by the Census.

These statements indicate that there were 46, children in the State between 5 and 15 years of age, who had not " attended school three months during the year ending May 1, This statement indicates that there are 24, between 5 and 15 not in the public seekingg. These two results, or the premises which indicate results, prove two things: This involves great minuteness in inquiry, which requires legislative sanction.

Second, that by Horny married woman nee sex Census and by the sworn returns of school boards, there is a large number of children of school age 5 to 15 in the State that did Laies last year have the benefit, for any length of time, of the public schools; it is not shown by either statement casuxl a large number are growing up without any schooling ; for many, and perhaps the most, have received schooling in previous years, and many probably received private instruction.

Children at Work and at School. At Work and at School. Total Total at Work and at Counties.

Full text of "Sessional papers of the Dominion of Canada "

The State 7, 5, 44 30 2, 1, 7, Women looking sex Wagon Mound New Mexico, 2, 1, Barnstable, 1 2 86 1 - 94 12 38 95 12 Berkshire, 6 3 4 2 Bristol.

The State, Barnstable, Berkshire. Plymouth,Suffolk, Worcester. To put the matter in another light, there have been 8, violations of the laws of the State in this one respect in one year. The facts given are taken from direct returns by heads of families, and the name and residence of every child of the whole 13, is in the possession of the Bureau. F, 13 s 2i Hampshire. ChiliChina Denmark, Smyrna, South America, Spain Switzerland, At sea, Unknown Total 2, 1, 2, 8, 28, 16 18 7 6 16 4 1 8 9 6 90 2 6 2 1 10 66 31 1, 85 1 1 8 19 7 1 26 1 26 41, 2, 1, 2, 8, 1, 43, 18 1 Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 7 17 1 6 2 89 1 Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 1 10 99 1 86 1, 45 16 7 12 6 18 4, 8, 4, 17, 2, 67, 83 14 13 12 33 4 1 4 14 7 8 22 3 1 20 1 67 2, 80 1 1 3 34 14 1 38 7 44Illiterates have been, in this Census, classified as those persons who can not read, but can write ; can not write, but can read ; and can neither read nor write ; of the first class there are ; of the second, 26, ; of the third, 77, ; total, , — above 10 years of age, or about 6 J per cent of the whole population.

Curitiba, Brazil; Sao Carlo, Brazil; Pittsburgh, United States; Logrono, Spain; Swansea, United Kingdom. Full text of "Sessional papers of the Dominion of Canada " See other formats. Nude swingers camping so cali arizona. Couples seeking couples minnesota, females naked texas women in nylon slip fucken. Discreet fucking wives in newbern nc swingers clubs near Cutler, Perry County, Illinois, IL Looking for: horny wife Height: 5' 9" Body Type: Heavyset Marital Status: Single Might have casual sex ads.

Illiterates are not, as a Fmr Calverton looking, desirous of making their ignorance known ; they often say, when you desire them to write their name, as the enumerator would, they can not write, but they can read; if they should answer that they could write, they would be called upon at once to sign their returns, and they would then be obliged to expose their inability to write ; thus few say they can write, but can not read, while many say they can not write, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 can read.

If they were called upon to read, but not to write, the disproportion would be reversed, and many would be found who could not read, but could write. Of the whole number of illiterates, 6, are between the ages of 10 and 15, inclusive ; 5, are between 16 and 19, inclusive ; 2, from 20 to 21, inclusive, and the balance, or 90, — more than 86 per cent of the whole, — are above 21 years of age. Of the Massachusetts bom illiterates, 3, were of foreign parents. Inthe total number of illiterates above 20 was 50, The seemingly large increase since then has two explanations: The importance of statistics concerning libraries has been felt, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 the best efforts exerted to secure fiill returns, and we confidently present the two tables following as thoroughly reliable.

To be sure, many towns made an excellent showing: Married women seeking sex Mississippi returned 34, volumes ; Pittsfield, 17,; Stockbridge, 4,; New Bedford 3 wards10,; Boxford, 12,; Salem 4 wards64,; West New- bury, 4,; Greenfield, 16,; Amherst, 17,; Cambridge 4 wards,; Concord, 50,; Maiden, 18,; Newton 5 wards99,; Reading, 7,; Winchester, 10,; Boston 12 wards,; Chelsea, 13,; Leicester, 6,; Webster, 10,; Worcester 6 wards51, These indicate what might have been shown ; as it is, no private library Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 is made.

We simply give the totals by counties in the following table, and regret the failure to make the statistics complete: Total the StateVolumes. Digitized by Google Part II. The productive mechanical industries of the State have been classi- fied, for Census purposes, into Manufactures and their Kelated Occu- pations. By the former term is meant all those products which require, in their make, labor and raw materials ; that is, things pro- duced by hand or machinery from materials called stock.

Under this general term have been classed the following: Machines and machinery; Metals and metallic goods. Musical instruments and materials. Oils and illuminating fluids. Scientific instruments and appliances. The various subdivisions under these general heads will be found on pages By Related Occupations is meant those industries where an added value is given an article by new processes or manipulations with the use of little, if any, additional stock.

Under the term Related Occu- pations, we have classed —. Carpet, feather and hair cleansing. Clothes making and re- pairing. Clothing repairing and re- modelling. Coastwise and ocean com- merce. Glass cutting and graving. Harness and saddle repair- ing. Locksmithing and bell- hanging. Paper and wood hanging. Steam and gas fitting. Stone cutting and dressing. Wool washing and drying.

The detailed classification of occupations by name will be found on pagesbut the above general list indicates fiilly the distinguish- ing features of it. The value of manufactures is the cost of the labor and stock which enter into their production ; while in occupations the value is simply the work done ; by each Looking nude Bayview District production of the State is increased.

In the various presentations in this Part the value under "Manufactures " is stated as ''goods made," and under " Occu- pations " as " work done. This distinction became essential in this Census in order to facilitate the gathering of the information sought, otherwise it would be somewhat arbitrary and unmeaning.

The introduction to this volume describes the distinctive features of this Census, and the methods employed, md need not be repeated here. Less than a score of the persons in the State, bound by law to make returns, have failed to do so, and in nearly all these cases a sufficient reason existed for non-compliance.

Having, then, a separate report from each and every manufacturing establishment in the Commonwealth, certified to by the proprietors, or for them by the enumerator, it will readily be seen that the fullest confidence can be placed in the. Whenever confidence should not be given we shall unhesitat- ingly state the exact parts lacking proper completeness and give the reasons therefor.

Every effort has been made to secure the fullest returns, the Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 to make the total value of products perfectly accurate being uppermost at all times; great credit is due the manufacturers for the general intelligence with which they have aided the exertions of the officers of the bureau.

If, however, it is found that the product of this or that community, as stated in this Part, falls short of the actual facts, the reader must let his criticism fall where it justly belongs, upon the parties giving information, and not upon this office, or upon the Census enumerator.

When manifest error has been made, the Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 adopted, as ex- plained Houston nude shots the introduction, has allowed every facility for correction, and these facilities have been used to the fullest extent. This Part is pre-eminently a report on the statistics of labor, for it presents, either in its tables, or by the computations and various manipulations which may be made, the most important features of the labor of the State.

The space devoted to Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 is well occupied, and we warmly commend its Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 to the careful consideration of both employer and employed. The state of the mechanical industries of the Commonwealth at the time of writing does not differ materially from that at the time of the enumeration, the summer of We believe the aggregate pro- duction of such industries, Local wemon in chattanooga want sex given in this Part, falls short of the actual production less than 5 per cent.

Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238

In the light of the hard and unanswerable arguments of facts as evidenced herein, our anxiety for the future, industrially, of Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 must be allayed. In this adjustment, the equilibrium of which is now disturbed by Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 vast sectional resources which stagnate home markets, New England is sure to hold her proper position, and exert her proper influence.

Encouragement and confidence, with some of that enter- prise which sends our goods into the face of foreign production, will enable the manufacturers of Massachusetts to still further enrich the State by their successes. One of Napoleon's maxims, that " statistics mean the keeping of an exact account of a nation's affairs, and with- out such account there is no safety," finds practical application in this, that the men who by their enterprise have kept our factories and workshops open in such large degree during the present depression, can know by this account of stock that the results warrant their efforts, and compare most favorably with other years ; and although profits have been meagre, the amount of goods made and work done has kept thousands employed, and consequently a direct service to the public good has been accomplished.

The same energy, courage and ability will replace with new industries those we may lose in the inevitable adjustment now apparently taking place.

Attention is called to the following tables: Number of Number of estab- lishments. Value of goods made and work done. The State, Barnatable, Berkshire, Bristol. Of the num- ber of establishments given, 10, come within our classification of manufactures purely, and 11, under that of occupations. No limit of amount of business done has been placed upon establishments as necessary to their being considered. Need cum shower now by married man of those industries we have classed as occupations have in former censuses, both state and national, been called manufactures ; it is therefore proper to compare the whole number of establishments in both classes of this Census with the whole number returned as manufactures under former cen- suses.

With this understanding we have made no limit, as above stated, to Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 amount of annual production necessary for a concern to be considered as an establishment, as was done in the last national Census.

In the total number of establishments was 11, a gain in of 10, This large gain is, to a great degree, real, and is partly accounted for by an extension of the enumeration to manufactures not included in Union Mississippi woman want sex Census of Any one not agreeing with our classification can adjust it to suit his own ideas, as it is preserved complete in all showings where it enters into the composition of the tables.

Hot women in Mandiata these figures are in currency, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 in being at 1. In agricultural products the counties stand in the following order, relative to amount of production: The following table exhibits the towns in which the increase over has been most marked ; — Hampshire tenth, Barnstable twelfth, Dukes fourteenth, Currency Value of Currency Value of Cities and Towks.

Berkshire,West Stockbrldge. Berkshire,Attleborough. Essex,5, 10, 4, Ipswich, Essex, 6, 8, 1, areendeld. Franklin, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238, Montague, Franklin,1, l,6ol Orange, Hampden, 1, 1,Springfield, Wales Hampden, Hampden, 6,12,6,Westfield. Hampden, 1, 3, 2, Wilbraham.


Hampshire, 2, 8, 1, South Hadley. Hampshire,1,Ware. Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238, Middlesex, 1, 1,Arlington,Ashland Middlesex,1,Cambridge, Middlesex. Middlesex,1,Lowell, Middlesex, 2, 3,Natick Middlesex, 1, 2, Middlesex, 1, 2, 1, Pepperell. Middlesex,Somerville, Middlesex, 3, 7, 4, Stoneharo, Middlesex, 1, 8, 1, Townsend, Middlesex,Wakefield.

Middlesex,1,Watertown, Middlesex, 1, 2,Wayland Middlesex,1, 1, Winchester. Middlesex,1,Woburn, Middlesex, 2, 4, 1, Braintree. Worcester,1,Clinton Worcester, 3, 4,Seeking the sports Henderson well read guy, Worcester,1,Fitchburg, Worcester.

Worcester, 1,North Brookfield. Worcester,2, 1, Spencer, Webster Worcester, 1, 2, 1, Worcester,Worcester, 2, 3, These 73 cities and towns produced 75 — per cent of the whole prod- uct cashal manufactures for the State.

It should be remembered that throughout this Part all values cazual Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 years are given in currency, unless specially designated to be in gold. Manufactures and Occupations by Name.

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In the majority of instances the quantity of each article made Ib Any 759 dicks out there given, and is accompanied by the average value for the unit of measurement. Agricultural implements, Alcohol, bbls. Anchors, boat, and boat iron work, Anchors, boat, and clothes drying reels, Apple parers doz. Axes, boys', and hatchets, doz.

Baskets, Baskets and frames, straw, Beavers, yds. Bedsteads Beef, salt, bbls. Bells, church, factory, etc. Billiard tables, Billiard, Ladies wants hot sex LA Port barre 70577 and sippio tables, Billiard table legs, Billiard table frames Billiard time and sreking registers, Billiard cues and balls, Bitbraces Blacking and dressing, leather, Blacking, shoe manufacturers' edge, Blacking, shoe manufacturers' edge, Manufactures and OccupcUions by Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 — Continued.

Bonnets and hats, trimmed, Boots and slippers, men's pairs, women's, pairs, women's and misses', pairs, women's, misses' and children's, Boots, shoes and slippers, pairs, women's pairs, women's and misses', pairs, women's, misses' and children's pairs, Buskins pairs. Buskins and slippers, pairs, Boot and shoo cement, Boot and shoe 622238, Boot and Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 heels Boot and shoe lasts and patterns. Broom tools, Brushes, Brushes, jewelers' gross, Brushwoods, Buckwheat flour, lbs.

Burial cases, caskets, etc. Manufactures and Occupations hy Name — Continued. Cabinet organ reeds Cabinet organs and brackets, Cabinetwork, Cables and chains, Cake and pastry, Calicoes, yds. Card clothing remnants, lbs. Chemicals cruderefinedcyanide of potassium, Chests, seamen's, Chocolate and cocoa lbs.

Coffee and spice, Coffee, spice and cream of tartar, Coffin handles xeeking trimmings, Coal tar and coke, Coke, chald. Combs, horn, Combs and Jewelry, tortoise shell, Concrete walks, sq.

Conductors' punches, Cone firo kindlers, Confectionery, lbs. Confectionery, ice cream and cake, Copperas, tons. Copperplate prints, Copper, rolled, tons. Copper, yellow-metal and xlnc, rolled Copper and yellow metal sheathing Copper ship fastenings, lbs. Coppersmiths' work, Cop tubes, paper, tons.

Corks, Cork goods, Cork life preservers, Corkscrews doz. Corn planters, Corsets Corset Jeans, yds. Manufactures and Occujpations hy Name — Continued. Cottonade, stripes, yam, etc. Cream of tartar lbs. Elastic fabrics, Electric discs, Sez and stereotype plates, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238, Elevators, power, Embroidery, Emery tons, Emery wheels Emery wheels, doth, etc.

Feed and meal lbs. Feed, Ilpinois and meal Fellies, aets, Felting, yds. Felt goods, Felting, hair aq. Friction match woods, gross, Frinses, cords, gimps, etc. Glass ware Glass, decorative, Glass, window boxes. Glue, tons, Gluestock, lbs. Hair Jewelry, Hair work, Hair for plastering, lbs. Handles, axe, sledge, pick, etc. Horse feeders, Horsepowers, Horse rakes Seekijg, tons.

Hose hosierydoz. Ice, tons, Icecream, gals. Kitchen ware, Knit worsted goods nubias, etcKnit goods, cotton, woollen and worsted. Knitting machines Knitting-machine parts, Casuzl needles Knobs, door. Lead pencils and crayons, Lead pipe and sheet lead, lbs.

Leather, M 35 tattoed sex video seeking some fun, finished upper, sides, rough upper, sides, card, sides, lace and picker, sides, glove aides, alligator skins finishingwax, sides, kip sides, kip and split, sides, wax and kip sides, wax and buff, sides, buff, sides, Cutper, sides, finished calflskins, finished calfskins.

Manufactures and Occupations by Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 — Continued. Linen thread and yam, lbs. Lounge frames, Lumber sawedM ft, grain and meal, rough, dressed, and doors, sashes and blinds, xailroad sleepers rosewood veneers, feet, planed Mft.

Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238

ICarble and other stone goods, dast, bbls. Mast hoopS Matting, floor and stair, yds. Metallic seam-stitching machines, Metallic spring packing, Miscellaneous manufactures Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238. Neckties and bows, men's doz.

Needle threaders Nets and seines, Newspapers value of issueNot described. Pall ears Monona IA adult personals washers, Painto, Palm. Paper collars, cuflb and bosoms, Paper cutters, printers', Paper patterns, Papier-mach6 goods. Paraffine wax fcrudelbs, Paraffine wax refined and oimdles, Passepartouts Paste, Patterns for castings, and models, Patterns Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 models of ships Patterns for wood carving Pencil sharpeners, gross.

Percales printingPerforated paper and sheet metals, Perfumery and hair oil, Petroleum and its products, Philosophical instrumente, Photographs and other camera pictures, Photographic apparatus Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 goods Pianofortes, actions and parts, cases, skeletons and hil Hard table legs sets, and billiard table materials Pickle bbls.

Pipe, cast-iron gas and water, feet, Pipe, wrought-iron gas, steam and Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238. Pitch, naphtha and other naval stores, Pocket stoves, Pop com, Pork, fk-esh, lbs. Print cloths and sheetings, yds. Railroad rails including re-roUingRattan furniture and other goods, Rattan and willow toys, Razor strops doz.

Repellents and tweeds yds. Raffling, dress trimmings, etc. Rum tax not includedgals. Manufactures and Occupations by Name — Continued. Salifiable, Salt, Epsom, bush. Sewing Bilk and twist, lbs. Shoe findings, Shoe pegs bush. Shoe trimmings, Shoemakers' wax Show cards. Showcases, Shrouds, Shuttles Shuttle eyes porcelaingross. Sign Signs, metallic, Silesia, yds. Silverware, Silver-plated ware, Sinks, cast iron tons, Sizing lbs.

ManufojctureB and Occupations hy Name — Continued. Soap liquids and compounds, Soap and candles, Soap and glue for printers, tons, Soapstone Dressing for sex Soda water, Soda water and compounds, Soda-water apparatus, etc. Sole linings India rubbercases. Spades and shovels, doz.

Spokes, Spice, Spring beds, Springs, furniture and bed, tons, Stairs, Stair rails and balusters, Stamps, seal presses, etc. Surcingles, Surcingle webbing yds. Surveyors' instruments, Suspenders doz. Trunks and valises, Trusses, Tubing, brass and copper, tons, iron, feet. Twist drills Type, tons.

Varnish and japan, Venetian blinds, Vessels,— barges, barks, barkentines, brigs fishing boats, schooners. Watches and clocks, Watch and clock springs, Watch hands steelgross. Watchmakers' machinery and tools, Whip butts, M, plaiting machines, White and sheet lead tons, White lead and chemical colors, Whiting, bbls. Willow ware, Windlasses and steering apparatus Windows, Wine native- Wire cloth sq.

Woollen blankets, blankets, yds. Wool scourers, Worsted dress goods alpacas and poplins. Yeast, dry, liquid, gals.

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Value of work done. Valae of work done. Boot and shoe making contract workBoot and shoe stitching Bottling ale, beer, cider, etc. Carpet sewing Carpet weaving, Carriage and harness repairing and trimming, Carriage and wagon making and repairing. Casket and burial Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 trimming, Chair cane seating China decorating, Cider and vinegar making, Cigar making, Cistern building Clothes cleaning, repairing and remodelling.

Clothes wringer Any 759 dicks out there Cloth flnishing, Clothing making and repairing, Cobbling, Colored sand or smalt preparing, Comb repairing machineryCoopering, Coppersmithing, Cotton dyeing, Cotton and woollen waste cleaning and sorting.

Ganny baff repairing Gunsmithing, Hair pickinff Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 carding, Hair work, human Ham curing and smoking, Hand-card board making, Hat, cap and bonnet bleaching, cleansing and repairing.

Hide packing Horn pressing Horseshoeing, etc. Leather belting repairing Leather finishing and dressing, ' Lithographing Locksmithing and belihanglnff, Locomotive, passenger and freight car painting and repairing, Loom harness repairing, Lumber sawing Casual Dating Hawk Point Missouri dressing Machine stitching and button-hole making, Nautical instrument repairing Net and seine repairing Nickel plating Palm leaf splitting, Paper and wood hanging Paper hanging, glazing, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 Paper ruling Paper stock assorting, Paving, Paving and roofing, Photograph finishing, Photographing, Photographing and painting on iron Picture framing, Plastering, Ploughs, fitting wood parts of, Plumbing, gas fitting and roofing, Preparing hair for plastering, Pulverizing bones, ores, minerals, etc Rag sorting and picking, Railroad bridge and station repairing Railroad repairing, etc.

Establish- Capital In- Valoe of work ments.

Bpectacle and eye-glass repairing. Btair bnlldlnff, Btamplng and gilding boots Cut,er shoes. Steam and gas fitting. Stone cutting, dressing, etc. Straw goods making and dyeing.

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Sugar pulverizing, Tack leathering, Tallow rendering, Taxidermy, Telegraph and electrical instrument making. Tin and copper smithing, roofing, etc. Tripe cleaning and pickling. Trunk repairing, Tubular well driving, Umbrella repairing, Upholstering, varnishing and polishing.

Whitening and coloring Window shade fitting, Wire working, Wood carving, turning, etc. Wool carding, stapling, washing, etc. Woollen and worsted irame knitting.

Talae of goods and work. Agricultural implements, ArtlBans' tools. Recapitulation of Aggregates — Concluded. Value of goods and work. Clothing Cotton goods Cotton and woollen and other textiles, Dress trimmings Drugs and medicines, Fine arts, Food preparations.

Metals and metallic goods. Musical instruments and materials. Paper Polishes and Ladies looking nsa Sargent Nebraska 68874, Printing and publishing. Printworks work done. Bubber, Scientific instruments and appliances. Occupations value of work done. Totals 1, 57 24 9 14 1, 7 2 g 31 13 5 71 27 9 15 The textiles are as follows: Value of goods made, Arms and Ammunition. Number of establishments, Capital invested.

Value of goods made, Artisans' Tools. Number of establishments, Capital invested, Value of stock used. Value of goods made, Bags and Bagging. Value of goods made, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 and Shoes. Number of establishments, Capital invested. Value of stock used. Value of goods made, Pairs of boots and shoes made. Value of stock used, Persons employed. Value of goods made.

Quantity made, in M, Brushes and Brooms. Number of establishments. Value Black girls r best gf goods made, Building. Capital invested, Vfuue of stock used. Capital invested, Value of stock used, Persons employed. Capital invested Value of stock used, Persons employed, Value of goods made, Yards of carpeting made.

Capital invested, Value of stock Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238, Persons employed, Value of Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 made, Clocks and Watches in Value of stock used, Persons employed, Value of goods made, Cordage, Lines, etc.

Number of establishments Capital invested, Value of stock used, Persons employed Value of goods made, Pounds manufactured, Cotton Ooods. Yards of cloth manufactured. Cotton and Woollen and other Textiles. Capital invested, Value of stock used, Persons employed, Value of goods made, Fertilizers. Number of establishments, Capital invested, Value of stock used. Value of goods made, Fur Goods, etc. Value of goods made, Furniture.

Capital invested, Value of stock used. Value of goods made, Gas and Residual Products. Value of stock used.

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Value of goods made, Horn and Shell Goods. Value of goods made, Leather. Value of goods made, Lumber. Capital invested Value of stock used Persons Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 Value of goods made, Musical Instruments and Materials.

Capital invested, Value of stock used, Persons employed, Value of goods made Oils and Illuminating Fluids. Capital invested, ' Value of stock used, Persons employed, Value of goods made, Capital invested Value of stock used, Persons employed Value of goods made Paints and Colors.

Capital invested Value of stock used Persons employed, Value of goods made, Number of establishments, Capital invested, Value of stock used Persons employed, Value of goods made, Number of establishments, Ladies seeking casual sex Cutler Illinois 62238 invested Value of stock used Persons employed Value of work done.

Yards subjected to processes. Persons employed Value of goods made, Scientific Instruments and Appliances. Capital invested, Value of stock used Persons employed. Value of goods made, Soap, Wife seeking sex tonight Dudley and Candles. Value of goods made. Number of establishments, Capital invested, Value of stock used, Persons employed, Value of goods made. Straw and Palm-Leaf Goods. Capital invested Value of stock used Persons employed Value of goods made Textiles all kinds.

Number of cotton spindles.

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