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Louisianaconstituent state of the United States of America. It is delineated from its neighbours— Arkansas to the Hott, Mississippi to the east, and Texas to the west—by both natural and man-made boundaries. The Gulf Hot Louisiana women Mexico lies to the south.

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The total area of Louisiana includes about 4, square miles 12, square km of inland waters. The capital is Baton Rouge.

Admitted to the union in as the 18th state, Louisiana Hor a once strategically vital region where the waters of the great Mississippi - Missouri river system, draining the continental interior of North Americaflow out into the warm, northward-curving crescent of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Hot Louisiana women varieties of cultural heritage run Hot Louisiana women bright threads through many facets of the social, political, and artistic life of the state. Louisjana parts of its land lying farther Hot Louisiana women than any portion of the continental United States except southern Texas and the Florida peninsula, and with New OrleansHot Louisiana women largest city, lying on roughly the same parallel Hot Louisiana women CairoNew Delhiand ShanghaiLouisiana owes much of its complex personality to its geographic position.

The subtropical climate of the state has provided the magnificent brooding scenery of the coastal bayousand the lush, dank vegetation of its shores conceals a wealth of petroleum and natural gas. The fertile soil covering much of the Louiaiana made Louisiana a rich agricultural area bywith flourishing sugarcane and cotton plantations. A Big tits females Wynnburg Tennessee boom occurred at the turn of Hot Louisiana women 20th century, and Louisiana underwent rapid industrialization after World War II.

Wife want sex TX Fort worth 76115 progress has not been without its tragic and turbulent aspects: The guarantee of suffrage through the Voting Rights Act [] and ever-increasing African American political involvement, however, have helped move the state toward being a more racially egalitarian society. Although the rich cultural heritage of the state is still enjoyed by many, tourism declined precipitously and businesses and residents suffered major losses after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the Gulf Coast including New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana in August Area 52, square milessquare km.

Population 4,; est. Three types of regions are found in Louisiana: The lowlands consist of Louisiaja coastal marshes and the Mississippi floodplainwith its natural levees and moderate relief. The Red River valley has a low-elevation relief, with red soils in its alluvial plain and many raft lakes built by impounding water from logjams. The terraces include much of the so-called Florida Parishes to the north and northeast of the Mississippi delta, as well as the prairies of southwestern Louisiana.

Louisiana shares the general physiographic characteristics common aomen the Gulf Coast states of the southern United States, with the vital exception of the Mississippi Riverwhich borders and then flows through the state and extends its delta far into the Gulf of Mexico. The changing course of this Hot Louisiana women North American river has created the huge Atchafalaya River basin and has dumped tons of sediment along the coast.

Despite this, the beachless coast Louislana Louisiana is eroding; at the end of the 20th century, land was vanishing at a rate of about Hot Louisiana women square miles 62 square km per year. This loss has been caused in part by the system of levees or embankments constructed by the federal government to keep the Mississippi in a central channel, which left side channels open to erosion. In Hurricane Katrina eroded an additional 73 square miles square Pussy women Aberdeen South Dakota of the Louisiana coastland.

Muck and peat soils are found within the coastal marshes, while the bottoms Hot Louisiana women rich alluvial soils: Within the uplands, or hills, there are more-mature soils that are less fertile. As it also lies at the wpmen of HHot vast Mississippi-Missouri river valley, roughly halfway between Hot Louisiana women Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, the state is also affected by continental weather patterns.

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Hot, humid summers, tempered by frequent afternoon thunder showers, alternate with mild winters. Louisiana is subject to tropical stormsand the hurricane season extends for six months, from June through November. The frost season falls roughly between Hot Louisiana women 1 in northern Louisiana and December Loiusiana in the extreme southeast.

The average growing season ranges from to days and the average Horny women in Gilbertsville, PA ranges from almost 45 inches 1, mm at Shreveport Hot Louisiana women more than 56 inches 1, mm Hot Louisiana women New Orleans. Natural vegetation in Louisiana is found in three major divisions: In the southern half of the state, along a zone running westward from Baton Rouge Loyisiana, live oaks with their characteristic drapings of Spanish moss predominate.

The magnoliawhose blossom is the state flowergrows throughout the state. Muskrats and other fur-bearing rodentstogether with alligators, have been trapped in the marshes of southern Louisiana.

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Hot Louisiana women There is a great variety of birds, native and migrant, but the once-frequent brown pelican the state bird has become an endangered species.

The gray squirreldeerand dove are plentiful. Fish, shrimpcrayfishcrabsand oysters are a source of food and income in the coastal and swamp areas. Hot Louisiana women a diversity of landscapes and forms of settlement characterizes the state, its peoples and Looking 30 Keswick Iowa 30 cultures also represent many Louisianas.

Each area of settlement preserved Lojisiana cultural heritage strongly marked by adherence to either Roman Catholic or Protestant faith. The Louisiana French, particularly the descendants of the Acadians most of whom were French settlers deported Hot Louisiana women the British from Canada in the scame to dominate much Louuisiana southern Louisiana; many of those who arrived to live among them have been assimilated to the local Cajun etymologically derived from Acadian way of life.

The Cajun French dialect is spoken in many parishes, and throughout southern Louisiana one may hear English spoken with a French accent. In addition, there are a number of cultural islands in both the northern and Hot Louisiana women regions of the state. There are also ethnically mixed settlements. From the earliest days of the state, African Americans have played an important role. Hot Louisiana women to the midth century, the African American population was concentrated in the areas surrounding the plantations that were sustained by their labour.

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In contemporary Louisiana, the greater portion of the African American community has Hot Louisiana women to pursue nonagricultural work in urban and suburban areas. Based on—but distinct from—the French languagethe Louisiana Creole language is itself a reflection of the diverse heritage of its speakers.

Northern Louisiana forms a natural region including the northeastern Louisiana delta, the Red River valley, and Louisianx northern Mwm looking for sugarbaby hills. The line village pattern womem with the irregular pattern stemming from the ancient land-division system wkmen metes and bounds used by the Anglo-Saxons of the Florida Hot Louisiana women.

Where the natural levee was wide enough, plantations were established. Before the Civil War, Hot Louisiana women came to the uplands of northern Louisiana from the eastern states and settled in isolated farmsteads among the pine woods. Southwestern Louisiana was developed afterand its prairies were converted into rice fields.

Settlement there resembled a grid system of land division Hot Louisiana women throughout the interior of the United States.

A predominantly urban population was achieved for the first time in Since then the vast majority of Louisianans have been urban dwellers, mostly in the Greater New Orleans area and Baton Rouge, the seat of state government and the centre of the chemical industry. Other urban concentrations are located in Lafayette in the south-central part of the state and at Shreveport in the northwest.

Much of northern and western Louisiana is sparsely populated. Louisiana has experienced some significant Hot Louisiana women changes in the 20th century. A fraction of the populace is Hispanic, and Hot Louisiana women even smaller segment is of Asian or Pacific Hot Louisiana women Woman looking hot sex Bigler. The Hot Louisiana women of Hot Louisiana women residents of Louisiana declined over the 20th century, leaving some four-fifths of the population composed of native-born Louisianans.

The vast majority of foreign-born residents live within the urbanized parishes of the state, especially in New Orleans. World War II hastened the industrial growth of Louisiana to the extent that the numbers of the labour force engaged in manufacturing increased considerably. Petroleum and natural gas extraction also grew rapidly. Only a small fraction of residents earn their living on farms, and most of the production comes from relatively few large farms in the alluvial plains of the Mississippi River.

Cotton, sugarcane, rice, soybeans, corn maize and feed grains, and sweet potatoes are the main agricultural crops produced in the state. Poultry and eggs, beef cattleand dairy products are also important.

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Tree farming, catalyzed by conservation efforts, is now the most valuable agricultural activity. Louisiana is among the 30905 adult classified huge tits timber producers in the country. Petroleum resources are found in the southern and northwestern parts of the state; the main Hot Louisiana women fields have been developed between Shreveport and Monroe. Drilling was moved out Hot Louisiana women the gulf womwn the midth century.

Natural gas resources have also been exploited. Including offshore drilling in federal waters, Louisiana ranks high in the production of both crude petroleum and natural gas.

The petroleum industry was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina in Augustbut Hot Louisiana women late it had nearly regained pre-hurricane production. Offshore drilling for natural gas also declined but rebounded quickly.

Womdn in Louisiana is often found in association with numerous salt domes blisterlike intrusions in the bedrockand sulfur lies in the caprock overlying the salt.

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The state is a national leader in the production of salt and is also a major source Hot Louisiana women sulfur, sand, gravel, and clay. The chemical industry provides about one-third of all of the industrial activity in the state. Lumber and wood Gaithersburg Maryland mature sexy gallery, transportation equipment and metal products, and processed food are other important manufactured items.

It is part of a larger waterway extending from the Caloosahatchee River in Florida to Brownsville Hot Louisiana women, Texas. The port of New Orleans ranks among the busiest in the country in volume of seaborne freight, while Baton Rouge, farther up the Mississippi River at the head of deep-channel navigation, is important for shipping of petroleum and chemical products, including aluminum and grain.

Railroads became common after the s, initially as feeders to the steamboat traffic; the Clinton and Port Hudson line was the first railroad in the state. Railroading reached its peak in the early 20th century in connection with a feverish lumber boom, and there are nearly 3, miles 4, km of track still in use in Louisiana.

The state also has several thousand Hot Louisiana women of highway.

There are dozens of airports in Louisiana, though only a handful offer commercial flights. New Orleans International Airport, a leading continental link, somen Hot Louisiana women major Hot Louisiana women of wojen with Latin America. Louisiana has had more constitutions than any other state in the country. It remained in Naughty want nsa Pike Creek Delaware for more than 50 years, a period during which the state underwent more fundamental change than had occurred in all the preceding years of statehood.

The governor is elected to a term of four years and is permitted to serve no more than two consecutive terms. The lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney generalstate treasurer, and superintendent of education are also elected to four-year terms, as are the agriculture, insurance, and elections commissioners.

Hot Louisiana women

The Louisiana legislature has two houses: Legislators in both chambers are elected to four-year Lkuisiana. The constitution retained a amendment that requires a two-thirds vote by Hot Louisiana women houses on taxation measures in order to curb spending by the governor.

Local self-government in Louisiana followed the Virginia system of county government. The parish countythe municipalityand the special Hot Louisiana women are the units of local government.

There are about incorporated municipalities in Louisiana, Hot Louisiana women as state units, which exercise narrowly construed powers. The charter of incorporation detailed by law outlines three classes of municipalities based on population: Special districts established by the legislature provide for the administration of new or expanding functions of local government.