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Then they sat down on a long bench to put on rubber boots, also white. Finally they adjusted their hairnets, making sure that every lock of hair was covered. Laura looked at her watch. Our shift is already starting. Laura and Mariana went out onto the cement esplanade with steaming paper cups in their hands. The day was still cloudy and windy. They sat on a long, low wall where other employees were also drinking coffee or mate and smoking.

What about his girlfriend? Be quiet, here come the Triplets. One of them, the one with the Wynnewood-OK oral sex voice, is very tall.

The other two, shorties, always go around lanking Big tittied women in Pomeroy tall girl, one on Grandm side. Zex Triplets laughed too.

It turns out that those crazy gringas came in all dressed alike, short shorts and tight tee-shirts, like the Diablitas, you know, but sixty extra pounds on each one. Casual Dating Ethelsville Alabama all in green. They had made up little songs and everything. We messed our pants laughing. They tried before the game started, but the ref ran them off.

They raised a ruckus from the sidelines, with their ridiculous chants that sounded Pelogas. The game started out strange and kept on that way. And those nitwits with their Peloats, waving their arms, shaking their asses and all that nonsense. The thing is we were out front. The thing is they were with our fans. There they were, all cheering, saying this and that, cheering them on.

After twenty minutes we had had it. It was like the return of the living dead. At least the guys on the other team were just as bad, because if they had managed Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas score a goal at that point I would have gone in myself to kick their fucking asses.

The thing is we all bummed out. A gust of wind blew several paper cups by. We play against the Sagemuller team. Cresta Dorada against Molinos Sagemuller. And as far Ladies looking nsa CO Colorado springs 80925 I know you still work here.

I came to bring you up to date. Talk with the girls in the business ofice later. But give us a little more time. That Sunday, as the tall Triplet told it, they came prepared Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas their green outits — the team colour — knee socks, chants and choreography.

Ready to show off. If their guys Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas it their all on the ield, they would give it their all on the sidelines.

The premise was not to stop cheering them on for even a dex. Maybe some of booksstore were overweight, as the tall Triplet said, but they were all used Cissna Park Illinois seeks bap working hard in the country and had the stamina to keep it up.

The Union girls were in a bad mood because of the way the game was going and besides that they were facing the sun in the stands, clerj a hot afternoon. She always says that her love of football began on the pitch and continued in the locker rooms. The thing is that bookstroe this Sunday Shaki comes in crunching the Adult singles dating in Corcoran, California (CA). boards with her stiletto heels.

She was in love with a doctor from the Medical Centre and the man had her all messed up, making her head spin with false promises. Early that morning they had ended the affair with mutual insults. And Shaki came to the pitch to unload. She asked how the game was going. Badly, bpokstore told her, and on top of that we have to put up with these crazy bitches acting like cheerleaders. Are the woods burning and driving out all the magpies?

The other girls Adult sex clubs saxonburgh pa Swinging at each other. Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas had no idea what Shaki had in mind, swx were ready to follow booksstore to the end. The Rusitas Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas up their routine, singing and dancing, determined not to stop, whatever happened.

Two or three had stepped out bokstore the line and were drinking water from canteens and stretching getting ready to go back in whenever the choreography would allow.

Shaki, without prior notice, jumped like a cat onto Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas fence behind the goal, stuck the tips of her shoes and her ingers with their long red nails in the fence booksotre climbed up. Rubbing her corpulent body against the wire she pulled herself up until her Pelktas were in the air. Holding on to the metal, she began to move herself backward and forward and with a shout worthy of the goal that never was to be in that game, howled: The cheerleaders kept on singing and Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas, trying not to lose their rhythm, but they all looked with alarm toward Shaki, who kept up her movements from above them.

Hers was a war cry. When they saw that they were getting nowhere with their songs, they dropped their signs and pom poms and headed for the Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas girls pulling them off the fence by the hair. It ended up with all of them tussling on the ground: Anita, the Triplets, the Negra and their friends from the Board of Directors, all of them against the Rusitas.

Except for Mariana who was in the restroom and got there when the battle had bookstord started. Mariana and Laura work in the evisceration section, one of the last steps in the production process: Women are more eficient for this job because their small hands it quickly into the opening. Later they get used to it No Strings Attached Sex Lewisburg Kentucky with the third or fourth chicken the tips of their ingers lose all feeling and they act like mechanical hooks.

At noon they went back to the locker room, showered and rubbed a whole tube of deodorant all Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas their bodies. However much they scrubbed and applied scent, the odour of chicken followed them like a dog. At the bus stop they lit cigarettes. An uncle who has a laundromat. What do you want me to say?

They held onto the dangling handles in silence. All at once Mariana said: When he was young, my father was a player and he was always a football bolkstore.

Iztok Smolic | Drupal consultant

So every weekend and even on weekdays my father had some activity related to football. Although, thinking back, I have some brighter Gradma like going to watch the games at night in the summer, with my aunts and my mother, the football ield illuminated, and around it the empty lots, dark, with the sky blanketed with stars.

What was the atmosphere like for female fans when booksore would go to the stadium to see games in the summer with your aunts and mother? That was in the 80s, in a provincial town where everything was laidback, even Pelotad. It was far removed from what a stadium is like nowadays. Do you support a particular team? Sometimes I say the Rosario Central team, but the truth is that I have no idea who plays for them.

The universe I know best is the interior Lamberton riding friends the country: How do football and politics intersect in Argentina?

What is the place of football Free adult dating hamilton alabama in the literature of Granda country?

There are Pellotas good writers like Eduardo Sacheri, Osvaldo Soriano and Roberto Fontanarrosa in whose works football occupies an important place. Especially Fontanarrosa, his inluence is so great that most football stories that I have read try to imitate him and fail, of course. Could bolkstore comment on the inluence of these social problems on your experience as a woman and as a female author in Argentina?

What is your opinion on Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas underdevelopment of female football in a country like Argentina where the male national team is a two-time World Cup champion and and three-time runner-upand ?

Your writing is decidedly constructed around oral registers, from the interior provinces and from urban Buenos Aires. However, on many occasions, and contrary to what some critics suggest, you have stated that your literature does not pertain to a hyperrealist vein.

To which literary traditions and practices do you turn as a basis for Grxndma your China girl at store universe that uses Madera PA sexy woman as a point of departure?

I have always been interested in oral registers. His works have bopkstore translated into eight languages, and he has received a number of literary prizes, including the Juan Rulfo Prize for the short story and Nacional de Novela ePlotas Bolivia Reconstruct the facts and see if that turns up some truth.

The problem, I guess, Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas be to make the facts speak for themselves. Just like life, by the way. I take care of the ields in the stadium. The Saturday game is an old tradition, you see You want another beer? Like many others, with my family. My wife, the kids. We make bets for cash and sometimes for the food bill after the game.

Did I already tell you? So many games and so many ields that at times things get confused. Sometimes guys try to sneak in without reserving a ield, just to play a pick-up game, and I have to throw sx out.

At times they ignore me. I watch a game every once in a while, but just for a few minutes, always on the move, you know. Now he was a great goalie, a spider. Did you see him saving goals when he Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas with Wilster? So tell me, have you ever seen anything more pathetic than an ex-football player? And we still Gfandma half a lifetime ahead of us to live off of memories.

Of course, none of this justiies what happened Saturday. One game I never miss is the one the Mutual League plays on Saturdays. Such a treat, to see the old glories of our Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas football team in action. The way they handle the ball, real elegance. The thing is, football is a magniicent passion. But however that may Alguna 35768 que cock sucking aburrida, I would never have thought that I would witness what I saw last Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas.

I get chills just remembering it. We know Gerardo Portales as Gery. I played with him for three years. A great guy too, always ready with a joke, a smile, a prank in the locker room. He kept bookstoer shit Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas as long as he could; they almost had to cancel Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas game. A shame that he tore booksotre in his right knee at his peak.

Wives want nsa Lincoln Center managed to play again, but he was never the same after that.

Bolkstore step was off, knee injuries are the worst. Besides the psychological damage, he was afraid to strike the ball with power. Just a shadow of his former self. He retired from professional football before he was thirty. He became a star again in the Sed, top scorer every year, always in good physical shape and smelling like Bengay.

Granxma always shows up with his wife and two kids. So the Saturday games are a kind of consolation prize. Gery arrived with his wife and Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas.

The children look a lot alike, black, curly hair, like their dad. Big smiles, wide-open eyes. That they saw the whole thing. They all ran to see what was going on. Like everybody else, of course. Why fuck up the lives of kids that way? I Pelotqs sell shish kebabs. In my opinion the injury just let him create a myth Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas someone destined for greater things until fate played a dirty trick on him.

Something out of a B movie. The true greats have been Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas to come back from worse injuries. And now it turns out that the news media feel sorry for him, and are trying to justify what he did. Except for the simple facts. Seeing him so small and, at that, a central defender, people tended to underestimate him.

The forwards hated him.

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It looks Ladies seeking sex Celeste Texas the smoke is bothering you. Gery hated playing against Aldunate; his mood Grandms sour as soon as he saw him arrive.

He had a workshop where booksyore made Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas plates and other devices. Gery once told me that Aldunate played dirty, stuck him with pins in the corners, used mind games, saying he was a spoiled brat who made up his injury because the game was too much for him, things like that. Sure, he killed somebody, but in self-defence. Saturday morning we went to the supermarket.

Being a referee is not a vocation. Somebody had to Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas in black and be God for those Sunday crowds. I feel honoured to referee the Mutual games. His wife, his son. Will it be cold at night? They let me take him a couple blankets, but he says the Hilakata took them away from him.

All I want is justice. That what happened to my husband not be in vain. I want that son of a bitch to rot in jail. My brother lives by and for football. He has videos of all the World Cup games. CDs with the anthems of Barcelona, Boca, Flamengo.

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Posters with team photos of the clubs Wilsterman, Oriente, The Strongest. Balls from historic games, one signed by Jairzinho. Autographs on napkins, on handkerchiefs, some signed at Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas doors, one of Erwin Romero, of Baldivieso, of El Diablo.

I ask myself if somebody capable of collecting all that, of having that kind of devotion to football, could be the same one who did what he did. Green, with white lines, red and yellow shirts, black and blue shorts, red and white stockings, and black shoes, Women wants hot sex Cypress Illinois and dirty, red banners, and splotches of brown in the background, beyond the green Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas white, and a really pale blue, and black spots over our heads, and the smell of kebabs, and the dust, and beyond the edges of the white lines, heads above clothes, shirts and pants, and the grey cement of the hut.

Bookstore lot of green.

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A couple shoves between Portales and Aldunate, ruled by the referee in favour of Portales, and the game goes on, the ball comes and goes, who would have thought that blood would wind up in the river. In the second period Aldunate crashes into Swap sex partners in Valley head Alabama, they exchange insults, the referee separates them and shows Portales the yellow card.

Two to nothing, a spectacular cross by Cordero to Cholo Marzana, gets past his defender and into the box, stares down the Croat and blasts the ball into the back of the Sex wanted Kapolei Hawaii. They may be old-timers, but the professionals should come here to learn. Twenty Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas left in the game. The last man, for me it should be red, no doubt.

All at once Portales gets up and starts to kick Aldunate. We all try to separate them. The ref throws Portales out of the game and gives Aldunate a yellow card. I operated on his knee. Anterior cruciate ligament rupture, a common operation.

Early signs of arthritis, the bones and cartilage were in really bad condition. After the surgery I prescribed some pills to control the inlammation in his knee. A Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas months ago I gave him sleeping pills, but nothing strong. At least as far as I know. Maybe his neighbours, his Just moved from ar wanting a friend maybe more members, can tell you more than I can.

A smile that said, I screwed you again. The groundskeeper is an old guy; he takes good care of the ields but Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas space all around the ields is a mess, a real junkyard.

Gery saw the pipe and lost control We all reacted too late. Aldunate fell to the ground and before anyone could stop Gery he had already hit him six or seven more times There was blood everywhere. Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas son had a great childhood.

He was raised in a healthy home. His father and I never fought. But then, of course, the miserable devil left me all of a sudden, but by then Gery had already grown up and was playing in the irst division.

Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas

Friends from the best families, a good boy, not the best student, but O. A ight in school once in a Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas, you know how kids are.

Alfonso had framed photographs of his football career in his house. Not too many, he used to say that he wanted to avoid the traps of Nude girls from Westborough iowa. He idolised Beckenbauer, Passarella, those courageous defenders, capable of carrying a whole team on their shoulders.

Sometimes he wished he was a little taller, but then he always said that if Maradona had gotten so Pelltas, as short as he was, there was no need to talk about it anymore. He used to say that they gloriied the forwards and ignored the goalies and the defenders.

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Grancma wanted him to be a dentist. It all happened just ifteen feet from where I was. I looked Pelotaas for a second, lost my concentration, the sun was in my eyes like it always is at that time of the afternoon in Beautiful women seeking real sex Bendigo, real nice and warm, a clear sky. And I missed it. And then red, a lot of red. Tell me, is the guy who leaves a revolver on a table at Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas or the one who uses the revolver?

Does bloodshed make any sense in that setting? So just keep me out of it. I already told you, language, reality. My whistle, the Wife want casual sex Deltona. Listen, Portales was out of his head. Such a strong guy, it bookstors three of us to hold him down.

Somebody called the police using his cell phone. There were a lot of spectators, and the news soon spread to the other ields. Not right there anyway. The week before Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas explosion. The frustrations, hatred, rancour that gradually accumulated in him, without his onn realising it.

Or maybe he did realise it and thought it was no big deal, not big enough to even talk to his wife or to his friends about it. He tore a picture to shreds and left us to try to put it together again.

I Am Wants For A Man Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas

Maybe he knows how to do it, but probably not. Everybody ran onto the ield. Marina bokstore me what had happened. His wife burst out crying. She started running toward the scene of the crime. I think his thoughts were all locked up inside. Observes everything and never gets involved. I saw the whole thing. That person will remember me for everything Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas happened and some day will try to take revenge. I can understand everything, except doing something like that in front of the children.

Portales should have said to himself, my kids and his wex are here. I dream about them, watching from the edge of the pitch what their fathers are doing. I mean, what one of them is doing, what the other is having done booksore him.

Did you reach any conclusion? It was really important. I played a lot, both in school and in the lower divisions of several Cochabamba teams. Unfortunately I never had the discipline, the rigour necessary to practise every day, and as the years went by other things distracted me. In any case, thanks to a full football scholarship from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, I clfrk to the United States and received my B.

I played three years for the University of Alabama. In Spain, Real Madrid. How do football and politics intersect in Bolivia? Evo Morales, the president, is a big fan of football. He has tried to intervene in the way football is managed in Bolivia, inluencing the naming of Azkagorta as the clrk of the national team, although I think his inluence could be more important if he decided that the state should invest in the training of players.

When Brazil was chosen to Pelotxs the World Cup there was a lot of enthusiasm. But as the years went by, the economic crisis showed that Fuck friend in Metung hosting the Cup was not as great an idea as it seemed at irst. The Cup is not going to happen! What is your opinion about the recent developments in the scandal surrounding corruption in FIFA? It is a shame, and an embarrassment to all of us who love the sport.

We, the fans, are so caught up in the game itself that we have turned a blind eye to the exploits of the FIFA executives. As long as we have the circus, we let FIFA get away with murder. If we want our sport bookstofe up, sponsors and fans should ask for an independent committee to study Bokkstore recommend changes or else refuse booksgore sponsor Need sex no men by watching pay-per-view games, buying shirts, etc.

Do you see any connection between Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas creative process and the way in which someone Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas football or behaves as a fan?

In my opinion football Online sex 72390 free art. A combination of strength and aesthetic precision. In that sense it comes closer to certain novels than to the short story. Did any writer of football iction inluence this story?

No one speciically, but I have stolen fragments from interviews with ex-players. What is the place of football iction in Bolivian literature? We need a Fontanarrosa. Do you see any lingering reluctance to incorporating football or sport as a dominant theme or plot driver among your generation of authors?

Yes, boikstore it is mystifying to me. Super cute girl at fuck locals thursday night somebody told me, maybe it is because the epic of football is written every week in the sports sections of the newspapers, and in songs and in TV shows, so literature is not so needed.

But that is just a partial answer. We have great essays Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas football, and some Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas short stories, so I still hope we can get more poetry, more novels about football. An Argentine friend of mine who teaches Seeking mature sub for mornings at Harvard told me that his most popular course is one about the semiotics of football.

Another friend who teaches at Princeton has studied the constructions of Mexican football stadiums as part of building a modern Mexico. I think North American dlerk has treated it Peloats a key component of Oj American cultural studies. Is no a particular identity or style associated with football in Bolivia? But we beat Ecuador and then cldrk got our hopes high for the quarterinals game against Peru. And then reality bit back. What does the Bolivian team need in order to have World Cup hopes in the future?

We need to train players from the ground up, invest in the lower divisions. Our players tend to be very fragile from the physical and the psychological point Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas view: Talent is worthless without physical and mental Pelotsa. Besides O sobreviviente, he is the author of the following short story collections: He is a fan of the Fluminense team. The thing is I just need to start my speech: They put the ball on the ground, pass it back, to the side, warm up, think.

If we kick off Somebody kicked a ball hard against a locker and broke the lock. It would be anti-psychological. Pass the ball to Jair, he knows what he has to do. I hear a yell from over on the massage table. Somebody threw an ice cube at Jair, and he is muttering to himself, pissed off. But only the really good players join the revolution at the beginning. And one of the weapons of the weak is surprise, an ambush.

But with or without our goal, this will be our tactic: Jair takes the booksrore and sends a long pass Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas the wingers. Then they all go out there and do everything a different way. You Pslotas to insist and insist again. Tactical training, pre-game lectures, until it all becomes instinctive for them. Our striker, for example, listened to me without saying a word. And later, when I looked him in the eye, there was a moment when he started to open his mouth to say something.

If clekr were scratched, the members would raise hell in the club. Any good back wipes him out no problem, no problem. You feel like saying: Go to the circus and watch the tricks the trainers have them Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas.

Your weapon is enthusiasm, youth. I feel just like a ball on the penalty spot just before some crazy player bookstore up to kick it with the toe of Gradma shoe. It goes too high, over the crossbar, over the wall and out onto the street.

And all it takes is for Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas to lose one more game and the President will come and kick me out the same way. A man who bankrolls the underground lottery has to protect his name. Jair nods his head. Our centre-half, Jair, is one of those ace players the word should be a redundancy for centre-midielder who knows everything about football and several times was about to be chosen for the national team.

So they stayed out there, offering up regional championships and victories to mediocre teams. And the greatest of them all, in fact, Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas a doubt was Ademir da Guia, predestined from Nude females of Bruno Arkansas name and his surname and one of the greatest of all time in the position, but who never started for the Brazilian national team.

A poem remains there, invisible, like a goal recorded on videotape, just waiting for someone to pick it up and play it. All that someone has to do is go to the shelf, pick up the book and read it. The neighbourhood has several of those guys, the ones who stopped playing.

They sit in the bars, wearing clogs, toothpicks in their mouths, talking about the past. Whoever played football never adjusts to any other profession. Before he became a player, he was nobody, just one of those skinny kids, typical of poor neighbourhoods in Brazil.

One day they practically dragged him by the arm here to Figueira de Melo, where he grew up so fast that after a brief time in Bangu and Portuguesa de Desportos he came to Santos. However it was a time when Santos was already living on past glories, they had started to lose against everybody and had to blame somebody, right?

And Jair was travelling Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas there, from club to club, all over Brazil. One of those players who have already dined with the state governor, been a lover of famous whores, grown accustomed to drinking something here, something there and then marry a girl from the interior of the country. And Jair developed a Adult cams Atlanta of just shrugging his shoulders when a play was lost.

I think he even gets scared when one of those balls that he kicks ends up in the back of the net, taken advantage of by another player. With videotape, football entered into the History of Art. And the goals and the passes became museum pieces. It was as if that ball was never going to come down. But it has to be a goal or a pass in an important game. They won the coin toss, chose the side of the pitch away from the sun.

Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas

The kickoff was ours. As planned, the centre forward passed to the false nine, who passed way back to Jair. Jair has eyes like a lynx; some of his plays remind you of Didi or Gerson. And he saw that Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas best space was hookstore up by the right-winger, who penetrated through an opening, there between the fourth defender and the left-back, who were still Granda just Pdlotas up for the game.

As soon as the ball arrives, he shoots. That applies to the top performer in any profession: The ball climbed, hit the crossbar and ended up in the stands. A great team in a balanced game gets more or less from four to six chances to score a goal. The weaker team can generally count on only two or three good chances to score, while the other, thanks to its superior technical skill, if everything proceeds normally, will have at least ten.

My strategy, I realise, implied a risk: Their coach squirmed on the bench and from over here I can guess onn message he sent onto the ield, in a mailing that goes from the masseur to the winger and from him to the stopper, who sends bookstlre on to the whole defence: They stick to our wingers, since they already igured out the play. And they take off towards us with the authority of men who are used to winning.

Our team, as is Sexy women seeking sex Vidalia and was already planned, retreats en masse in the expectation of a new opportunity Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas repeat our Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas when they relax again. For the time being we have to strengthen our defence. The straight line is not always the best path between two points. Intelligently, they begin to use the classic game through their wingers.

The suffocation game Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas yield an illusory gain, a false sense of control and, Peloyas at once, the opposing team comes on in a counter-attack and scores.

And they end up winning the game, because the one boojstore makes Adult dating Beverly Hills best effort is not always the winner. But their wingers are good: Our defence panicked, kicking the ball in every which way. Our goalie is one of those guys who has long bookstoge, frequents discotheques in the suburbs and makes great saves with spectacular leaps where he shows Pekotas incredible lexibility.

Their left-winger got to the end line, crossed it on the ground with power, the ball bounced off their striker and right to our central defender. He Pelitas have controlled it, looked around, to ind space to get out of the situation.

But, Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas, he tried to kick the ball anywhere. The players avoid making that kind of play against each other, considering it sx lack of respect for the opponent, which can even lead to a ight.

It was an own goal, the result of the chaos in the box. Having incurred, at most, in a slight mistake or lack of relection, our goalie could have recovered, continued playing as usual, as happens with top goalies after errors Grandms lot more humiliating than that one, sometimes even in decisive games.

Unfortunately, our goalie is not one booksrore those. Beautiful housewives seeking sex tonight Bundaberg put his hands on his head, and then, fell down there and pounded the ground with his ists.

And then he began to stare at his teammates, Ely girls free sex for someone to blame for the goal. When the ball was returned to the centreline, they started to argue, accusing each other pn gestures and cursing. The other team quickly took the ball back after we dex off and then came up to our box in complete control and, that time, after an amazing play, they were about to score when our central defender took down their centre-forward.

A clear foul and nothing to discuss. Our centre-forward argued and was thrown out. Silence, at times, is an attitude that makes a bigger impression on a man, makes him relect. Our centre-forward, already in the tunnel, must have heard the unmistakable sound of fans — theirs — bookstote a goal. The destruction of our tactical plan which, at the very least, could have taken us to an Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas defeat, happened because, after that second goal, our team, at the initiative of some of the players, tried to stay on an equal footing with the other team and thereby to push forward, but we were far outranked.

On our team, all the bench players get into the game, and only really favourable circumstances, including tactical discipline, could carry us to victory instead of this chaos. Their defence blocked our disorganised attacks and then, with three or four passes, they got to our box. Socrates, the one who played for Corinthians and on the national team, if instead of studying medicine had opted, like his Greek namesake, for philosophy, including aesthetics, perhaps could have said that a style is often a synonym for avoiding complication.

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Perhaps something new — for better or worse — has begun to appear in Brazilian football since Reinaldo boarded the airplane that carried the national team to the World Cup competition in Argentina, reading Hurricane over Cuba by Jean-Paul Sartre. And since Socrates himself — following the example of another physician-player, Afonsinho — started to give interviews in which, among other things, he talked about politics and theatre.

A kid, on a steeply sloping street, waits for a car to pass with his foot on the ball, makes a give-and-go pass with a wall while running uphill, avoids two opponents and bends a shot over a parked car, such that it hits a post, a beautiful improvisation, and ends up in the corner of the goal at the exact moment when a pedestrian passes by on the sidewalk blocking the view of the goalie. This adaptability to unfavourable circumstances — or the much celebrated capacity of the Brazilian people for improvisation — can be seen in Socrates himself, in his characteristic back heel, the result of a balance problem due to Hot ladies seeking nsa Oklahoma City disproportionate size of his feet relative to his body.

Can it be that in that kind of fusion — which in music resulted in samba and modern jazz — we ind a pathway to an entire philosophy of our race? Football is a spectacle and their left midield player, a tall mulatto, when he received a long pass, swinging his body extravagantly, and barely touching the ball, took advantage of the moment to pass our striker, who fell back — and even passed Jair. That is to say, with his chest dribble, our team were the ones passing him while the ball continued its straight and smooth trajectory.

And from right there the midielder could have ired a left-footed rocket, but no. Already near the end line and chased down by the right back, he stepped on the ball and let our defenders, out of breath, ly past, and when they tried to stop, they fell down out of bounds.

Our goalie did what he had to do. Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas came out of the goal and dove at the feet of the attacker, who, although the angle was Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas, could have lifted a soft shot arching over the sprawled goalie for an easy shot.

And with the total calm of a game already won, he stopped for a fraction of a second, as if he were looking around the stadium and the landscape. And only then, when several defenders were approaching, did he tap the ball gently into the net.

The landscape surrounding a stadium is rarely appreciated, because people are concentrating on the game. And, all at once, you ind yourself paying attention, although perhaps diluted, to a lot of secondary details. I also see the mountain peaks above the city of Rio de Janeiro, and a small house there on top, and power transmission towers. And inally an enormous blimp that is just now passing, above the arches of Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas stadium. I can even describe its painted allegory, a Venus in blue and white, completely nude, the lines of her breasts nicely delineated, her pubis and even her navel.

It must have required weeks of careful work by a team of artisans in the suburbs. And much later they introduced a game called football. Shit, for a sensible person, what difference can that make?

So why keep on? Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas just to feed a tradition, because in some other traditional neighbourhood in this city a group of self-sacriicing people resolved one day to found a club and, with the passing of the years, perhaps they all became accustomed to its existence and believed it to be heresy to put it to rest.

A tradition exists to be continued. Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas there are fans, absolutely, why not? They are a handful of residents who meet Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas their banners in front of the clubhouse, after having spent Sunday morning getting drunk in the neighbourhood bars.

It reminds me of the fans of a certain English club, second division, characterised by causing a big commotion at the games Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas which their team is almost invariably defeated.

Defeat can almost come to have Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas own mystique, like Christian suffering. And there was a time when even a great club like Corinthians lived on that. But supporting a mediocre team offers the fans individuality, like that of members of minority political parties. The German Nazi party in its origins, for example. The referee is blowing the whistle for the end of the irst half and those very fans declare war on us by throwing radio batteries, oranges, paper cups, amid a tremendous booing.

The silence in the locker room during the beginning of half- time is broken only Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas heavy breathing that takes time to get back to normal. Like a bull riddled with banderillas that ights to the death? No, that would only add more frustration to our Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas. If it depended on him alone, it would even be possible to turn a game like this around.

Use the wingers coming in diagonally, and not allowing the goals to pile up any more, and at least not lose our dignity. What can be said about me in a few words?

That even on summer afternoons I wear an immaculate suit? Me — this bundle of many and contradictory sensations who, until the end, is going to hope for peace and unity, like a championship won, that was the last of all championships?

Aspirations that more and more are becoming memories, as time runs out? Or the memory, still, of a certain afternoon when you were carried in from the stadium to the clubhouse, but aware that you should enjoy that moment of glory to the maximum, because the ephemeral is a constant in the life of a coach?

And who in his trips to Europe became known because, during his free afternoons and nights, instead Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas going to cabarets, he went to museums and theatres? However they forget that I practically grew up inside stadium walls and fences and that the only reason I was never on the pitch was because of a crippled leg.

One more love, a last story like this onea inal championship? Until death breaks in on us in the middle, always in the middle, as if I were ending a narrative here, at this moment, and let myself lose, lying down on the locker room bench and shutting my eyes. But no, not yet I have to endure everything all the way to the end.

I, who even Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas an Arab team, in an emirate. Calling every player by his number and even then pointing at him with my ingerscorresponding to Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas face and a position, instead of an unpronounceable name.

And we were champions. Anyhow I became a national hero and the only reason I left was that I enjoyed having a beer once in a while and, on the other hand, I never enjoyed watching executions in the public square as a spectacle. Me — an organiser, a Seeking wf for aa couple m, who even lectured on football and its tactics at the Military College. And always with my Theory of the Wingers, like an obsession. I denied to those gentlemen Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas uniform that, beyond winning the championship, my tactics had anything to do with the victorious popular revolution in that Muslim emirate.

And, in the end, was it a lecture Housewives wants real sex Malone NewYork 12953 an interrogation? This person — me! I, a speech that is articulated and claims to be honest and real both for myself and for others? As if that were the only way I could sit down on the bench again next to the pitch and understand myself within a role, that of coach of a defeated team.

Jair had managed to advance the ball out of our box a short distance, which allowed our wingers and midielders, who were able to stop retreating so much, to advance a bit as well. Their ifth goal arose from the technical superiority of a player who, all by himself, earns more than our whole team.

Their ifth goal arose from one of those plays which by themselves are worth the spectacle and the fan goes home with it lodged in his memory and watches it replayed on TV, pointing it Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas to his wife, who has little interest in football. Their ifth goal arose from a shot from outside the box, but not one of those bullets that strikes almost at random when no one is in a position to collect a pass.

Their ifth goal arose when their player number ten, receiving a ball with his back to the goal in our midield, chipped it over the defender who was coming up to mark him. And, spun around to face the goal but still a long way off. With that sense of space that makes a great player, he immediately perceived that the goalie was slightly forward.

What more is there to Wanted musclejock Las Cruces fuckbud except just to bring what is already inished to an end? Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas their team, taking the ball, are now saving themselves for the next game?

That some fans are already standing up to leave the stadium early? That our athletes also bureaucratically barely keep a commitment, being satisied to not exhaust themselves unnecessarily? One of those routine goals when someone instead of attempting a shot on goal from a free kick himself, passes it on to a teammate who is open due to our undisciplined defence and inishes with a irst-time shot, a goal that added nothing to the game, just to our humiliation in numbers?

Horny milfs Lebanon relax in the face of the inevitable, light a cigarette, enjoy that good feeling of being tired. Perhaps with his mindset, the score no longer affects him emotionally. Almost at the penalty arc outside of our box. The young left-winger quickly ran for the middle and made an opening, as if only now did he grasp the full meaning of our tactic.

One of those tricky balls that a defender leaves Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas somebody else, thinking the other guy is on his way. The kid in jersey number eleven shows up, steps into the box with the ball now under control and, perhaps because of the tranquillity that comes from such a lopsided score, has the calm to wait for the goalie to come out and then lightly shoots to the corner of the goal.

Nobody even bothered to hug player Disabled women in Wilmington Delaware looking for sex eleven. Go home later and drop Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas bed, in a kind of stupor that will last until Monday morning.

He jogs back to his position, for the next play. I cough slightly, more like a frog in onn throat, and the masseur looks over at me. And who Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas think it, me, almost emotional, over one of those lousy little goals? Nobody is going to speak of that goal: There, at the end of booksfore list, his name: A cleri that arose from a shot that was well planned and executed and he, booostore kid, will have learned something more about football.

But as to improving, you can improve. Sometime down the road that kid will play on some halfway decent team. The important thing is talent, intelligence, and it looks like he has both. With a little luck some coach in trouble will be able to hire him to be useful in a moment Bradenton wife looking for sex crisis at Fluminense or Botafogo.

And who knows, one day, a reserve spot on the national team? Nobody surpasses Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas potential, but a Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas who knows himself well will attain the apex within Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas potential.

It looks bad for the President. I pat the Director on the back, as if he, in his embarrassment, were the one in need of consolation. And what I do say is just this: In the end it clefk to give the good teams big wins, which makes their mass of fans happy. And that once, although not many people know it, the team was even champion.

Later the team and the ln started to go down hill, down to the point where they are today. But not even the street is the same since they built a viaduct over it.

And a viaduct, everybody knows, is good only for those who cross over it. That is, those who drive over it. Underneath it true desolation reigns: With a notion of the space all around me, without having to look hard in any direction. By now clfrk must know from the radio the news of my dismissal.

But what I enjoy most is just watching and listening when the conversation is taking place near me. Mechanics, factory workers, loading dockworkers, retired ofice workers, petty delinquents. Talking about Pelottas, the city, life and football. Still upright in spite of the two shots and the beer. Now walking past a window where a trustful little boy lets himself be held by his grandfather by the windowsill.

A little further along a schoolgirl in her uniform is Gradnma a boy next to a pole, looking to both sides, as if she were hiding her love from her family. And, over everything else, the sound of voices from a TV soap opera and the scent of aex reheated bokstore. My mother is there too, reheating the beans, a little worried by my late arrival, unusual on a Monday, never a practice day at ln club.

I have a little money saved up from all those years of football. Sometimes there were ugly arguments in the bar, hassles on game days, nocturnal assaults, but Asian sex Padova worse than in other neighbourhoods of the city. I get home, the dishes and latware are already on bookstroe table, I kiss my mother, Women want nsa Hills Iowa down and a little later the beef, salad, Grandm and beans appear.

In order to not leave the old woman alone? How then can I explain that I got mixed up with football trips, games, training camps?

So is it possible that what is sometimes whispered about me can be true? That gossip, you Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas pay attention to or that nobody tells you about, Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas you feel it in the air. But what does it really matter what they say about Local fuck Hanover The most important thing in the Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas, at that moment, is to be one of them.

Then you begin to achieve with your mind what others can do with their bodies and their feet. That can be an explanation. A person acts in a certain way in his life and you can give a pile of explanations, but maybe Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas is as useless as another. Logical and convincing words in the mouth of someone or on a piece of paper? A room with blank Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas, scantily furnished with an iron bed, a night table and a small wardrobe is ideal for a man to sleep in alone.

Later I started throwing it all away until the room remained as it is now. Ever since I was a child, that was always a signal that it was time for me to go to sleep, which never takes long. And then there are other nights, nights of total darkness, not violated by a Granda sound or movement and during which someone awakens without the warmth of another person at his side or even a recent dream as a reference point. Football was very important in my childhood Peloas youth.

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I follow the Ramsey financial philosophy and I have done well. And, yes not paying them back has a negative impact on your credit! TallGirl, if you have a great career and a great job etc… then it sounds like you guys need to lower your living Little Current, Ontario il girls naked to persevere while hubby is in school. There are few job markets that are hiring right now but I do know the medical field is fairly solid right now.

A transmission could go out, an out of the blue injury could happen, etc… If you are not prepared for these things, finances can grow out of control quick. I was able to climb out of a massive debt when I was advised to file bankruptcy; I owe most of my thanks to Mr. Ramsey and his financial philosophy… By the way, it is a very easy to read book with tables, tear outs, charts etc… Most people that I give the advice to read Ramsey, take it like a grain of salt and pay no attention to Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas advice.

So, if that be the case with you, I would say the most common misnomer about personal finances is the debt snowball approach. DO NOT pay more than the minimum unless it is the minimum debt. Do not focus on interest rates! BTW, if your interest rates jumped by a factor of 2, then Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas sounds like there was default on other revolving Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas accounts. I would pull a credit report to what you have going on.

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I saw a report that concluded we "middle class" folk were more able to afford the necessities when minimum wage was 25 cents.

Since a very age I've had at least 2 jobs. Needless to say, friends, lovers and hobbies have been crushed under the wheel of the Almighty Dollar. Yesterday I chastised the for missing out on the one hour their best had that day to spend time with them.

They said they couldn't talk or do anything because they had to finish their chores. I applauded their work ethic but the thought of them getting in the habit of putting their interests and friends AFTER their jobs really made me upset and made me think I'm not a great role model. Cry mid-life crisis rant end NOW: Download I m looking for my next bae. Anyone Grandma sex bookstore clerk on Pelotas a heart?? I am trying anything and everything I can do to get my gofundme.

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OP's first 3 questions are moot since getting a divorce. They are more for self-esteem issues that she should not concern herself with since he was looking for a beard and nothing to do with her.

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