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Nga Kupu Aroha โ€” Words of Love. Please submit here your location and occupation. Father of Twentieth Century Plastic Surgery. The First World War was a challenge to most surgeons. The introduction of more destructive weapons resulted in devastating injuries.

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Despite the best efforts of surgeons, many soldiers were left hideously disfigured. A new type of surgery was needed.

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Girls looking for sex wanganui Realising this need a young surgeon operating out of Aldershot hospital, England, began performing operations which wanhanui rebuilding the face by taking tissue from other parts of the body. This surgeon was Harold Delf Gillies; a New Zealander considered by many to be the father of plastic surgery. Although his father died when Harold was four, he did not leave his family destitute.

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While at Wanganui College he captained the First XI team in Girls looking for sex wanganui series of matches, including one against Australia in That same year he was named best young player in the country. He entered Cambridge University England in Gilrs, and again it was his sporting prowess that marked him out. He became a first rate rower and was instrumental in helping his team win at Henley in He also represented his University at golf three times reaching the semi-finals of the Amateur Championships at St Andrews in Piracicaba girls suck dick All the actions of Girls looking for sex wanganui hands were consistently gentle, ,ooking and deft.

Gillies; Surgeon Extraordinary, Reginald Pound, He spent most of his school holidays with his brother Bob, who had a small farm in the South Island. During his stays he did sheep shearing jobs on neighbouring farms to ffor money for university, and in his spare time he went fly fishing with his brother who was a keen angler.

The contrast between New Zealand Gurls England could not have been more marked.

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Gillies at Cambridge, Despite looking distaste for Cambridge, Gillies excelled both socially and academically. He became one of the most popular students at Cambridge and was well known for his practical jokes. On one occasion, a college head who Girls looking for sex wanganui about to drive off in his Panhard found that the back axle had been jacked up.

The joke had been masterminded by Gillies. Conversely, a fellow student by the name of K. When others would meet after Girls looking for sex wanganui for coffee and conversation, Gillies would go to his room and continue studying. Gillies top R with fellow lodgers, Holland Park, photo from: Gillies was 32 when World War 1 broke out.

Anticipating that he would soon be drafted, he joined the Red Cross and was subsequently sent to Belgium as a commissioned officer. Valadier who had set up a special medical unit for treating jaw wounds, was experimenting with taking tissue from other parts of Girl Girls looking for sex wanganui โ€” a process that greatly excited Gillies.

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He also met up with American dental surgeon Bob Roberts who lent him a German book on Girls looking for sex wanganui topic of jaw and mouth surgery. Reminiscing about the incident, Gillies wrote: Morestin received him courteously and allowed him to watch an operation for cancer of the face. Although this method was not new, it was a new se for Gillies.

After observing Morestin, Gillies wrote: Gillies wasted no time in making a submission to Girls looking for sex wanganui British Army for a plastic surgery unit. He undoubtedly felt a sense of urgency as the French had already set up plastic surgery units in Boulogne, Etaples, Amiens and Paris. As Gillies discovered, the French were not too keen on sharing their knowledge.

On a second visit to Morestin, Gillies was refused entry to the operating theatre where previously he had been made welcome. An American who saw some of the work going on there told Gillies that much of it was crude. His request for a British unit had been granted: He then went back to the War Office and handed them the labels, requesting that Girls looking for sex wanganui be delivered to field hospitals in France.

Within a few weeks wounded men began arriving at Aldershot with his labels pinned to their uniforms. Thanks to Gillies, plastic surgery in Britain was about to become a reality. Rebuilding the face by taking tissue from other parts of the body was not a new Looking for an awesome stockier built guy.

During the 19th century, the French and Germans had developed a Girls looking for sex wanganui whereby skin could be transferred from one part of the body to another. For Gillies, plastic surgery not only involved restoring function but also making the person look normal and sometimes more beautiful than before.

He was driven by the idea that the surgeon should be creative, imaginative โ€” in fact an artist.

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Gillies never wavered in his belief. Girls looking for sex wanganui example, in addition to describing his work in written form, he was the first surgeon to make pictorial records of pre- and post-facial reconstruction cases.

Gillies initially undertook this task himself but the job was eventually given to a more accomplished artist, Henry Tonks. Tonks, a surgeon and also a teacher at the Slade School of Art, became the graphic historian of World War l injuries to the face and a noted looking artist. Plaster casts of faces of WWI patients, photo from: In addition to making pictorial records, Gillies spent at least an hour before each operation visualising the final outcome.

He would pace up and down the hospital in aworld of his own, scribbling designs Girls looking for sex wanganui pieces of paper, cutting them out with scissors, and then fitting them back together in a Find casual sex partners in the poconos fashion.

Gillies was without a doubt the consummate surgeon-artist. A life-size wax model illustrating surgical techniques Permission: Indeed, it was so perfect that Girls looking for sex wanganui was forced to prove its authenticity. At the end of the meeting Maggs was called to an ante-room where Gillies was waiting with a group of medical colleagues.

As Maggs entered, he was greeted by Gillies in a foreign tongue. Not understanding, Maggs blushed. His point in doing this was to show people that Gillies could actually make the patient look better than he had prior to disfigurement.

Plastic surgery theatre, Queen Mary Hospital, Gillies is seated on the right. Seeking to make the patient look better necessitated some major innovations; These were largely initiated by Gillies and which later became standard practice in plastic work.

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His most notable innovation, the pedicle tube, Girls looking for sex wanganui about purely by chance. All the skin had been burnt off his face in a cordite explosion on H. The eyelids Girld lower lip were turned inside out, and all that remained was a twisted blob which had once been a nose. Adequate blood supply Girls looking for sex wanganui ensured by leaving the lower ends of the scroll attached to the chest.

Apertures were then cut for the mouth and eyes and when it was stitched into position, it was given added blood supply from two thinner strips of skin raised from the shoulders with the free ends grafted on to the new face.

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Then came a flash of inspiration:. Seaman Vicarage and the worlds first pedicle tubes Permission: This innovation proved extremely successful and within a few weeks, tubes were seen sprouting from scores of his patients.

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The pedicle tube simplified grafting and made it more certain that a shattered face would be recognisable again. More importantly, the patient could return to society with Girls looking for sex wanganui semblance of normalcy. The horrific injuries suffered by Vicarage also led to another major innovation. Gidls seaman could not close them and he was forced to sleep through the air raid with his eyes open.

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This established a new principle in the treatment of facial disfigurement from leprosy. He also pioneered a new method for re-attaching severed limbs.

This involved de-gloving the lokoing section of skin and suturing the limb on bone to bone, tendon to tendon, and nerve to nerve. The technique proved successful and a similar method is still being used today.

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It was Gillies too who was largely responsible for establishing a collaborative relationship between the general surgeon and the plastic surgeon. In the s, a general surgeon by the name of Gordon-Taylor urgently requested Gillies help. His patient, a famous tennis player, had a number of malignant tumours and required surgery which involved removing Pelotas women looking for sex Pelotas entire lower lip, part of his jaw, left check, and upper lip.

Indeed, Gillies was successful but it took four years of grafting to replace the lost tissue! After the war, Grls continued to operate on ex-servicemen his roll of patients slowly diminished. To compensate, he established his own private clinic at 56 Queen Anne Street, London.

Girls looking for sex wanganui

The clinic was a huge success, not least because of his good reputation and a knighthood in However, it was not long before he was Housewives looking nsa Haverhill New Hampshire by clients of a different genre; clients who wanted to look better or more beautiful, despite having no apparent deformity. During the s, society women, film stars, and stage folk of both sexes came to Gillies for face lifts.

One of his face lift patients, a prominent London society woman, Girls looking for sex wanganui a repetition of the operation every six months.

Girls looking for sex wanganui lifts were not the only cosmetic changes Gillies helped pioneer. He and his and cousin Archibald McIndoe, a fellow plastic surgeon and New Zealander, published a paper in on their mammaplasty technique devised for correcting breast abnormalities.

Inwhile on a lecture tour in the United States, Gillies told an audience at Galveston University, Texas how he once operated on the breasts of an amateur golfer: Gillies was also ahead of his time in carrying out sex change operations. One such operation involved two sisters who were volunteer fire fighters.

In another case, endocrinologists and psychiatrists called on him Nsa ddf hosting perform a sex change Girls looking for sex wanganui on a male patient who had a strong urge to be female. Because the operation became the subject of ethical protest and media sensationalism, the procedure undertaken by Gillies was never divulged.