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Female amateurs swingers sat nite

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Hey you all. Want COUGAR for NSAFWB. I sit up nights wondering when I'll meet her.

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Award Nomination Home Boyfriend Dissaproves. My hotwife fantasies began, I think, when I was in my twenties during my first marriage. They started after reading a letter in one of the top shelf magazines that I found at work.

It was from a husband who enjoyed hearing his wife having sex with their young student Female amateurs swingers sat nite, practically every night. I found that instead of feeling jealous at the thought of amatekrs wife doing something like that, it really turned me on. As long as I was still getting my fair share of sex then why would it matter if she was being pleasured Female amateurs swingers sat nite as well, as long as I could listen, watch, or better still, join in.


I did thoroughly enjoy the sex with my friends women but Female amateurs swingers sat nite fantasised about the situation in reverse with my wife being serviced by someone else.

In my second and present marriage I was determined to fulfil the fantasy, so slowly introduced my second wife Angel to the idea, when we were having sex, of her having sex with others.

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These sort of comments always pushed her over the brink very quickly into great climaxes so I was pretty sure one day, when the time was right, I would be able Female amateurs swingers sat nite fix her up with some lucky guy for her first extramarital sex.

Anyway, back to the day Femalle became reality!

We were having a late Female amateurs swingers sat nite break in one of those Femalf where there are water features like a wave pool, slides, etc. Our favourite place to relax between using the pool and the water slides was on the terrace above one end of the wave pool.

There were tables and chairs where we could sit, have a drink, and indulge in watching other people using the pool.

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At 34 she was an extremely attractive sexy woman with a fantastic body. She still is at 48!. Her lovely firm breasts are probably an average size at 34c but look much larger because Female amateurs swingers sat nite her very slim waist and her hips and bum are Cute blonde lots of fun, round and very, very sexy.

Back to the recollection. On the third day we were there, I was watching Angel bouncing alone when I saw a young guy approach and start talking to her. Angel looked a bit taken Femalle when he first swingrs but then she obviously started enjoying whatever he was saying because I could see her smiling and laughing with him. She was walking very sexily, swaying her gorgeous hips and ass, and I knew some of this may have been amateugs my benefit, but it was more Female amateurs swingers sat nite likely completely for his.

Whoever it was for, it worked on both of us because he was covering his crotch with both hands by the time he reached anateurs seat. When Angel sat down next to me I could see she was still flushed and was smiling so I asked her what the young guy Female amateurs swingers sat nite said to her.

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He also said that now he had relieved this compulsion to make himself look stupid in the eyes of a gorgeous woman he would go back to his seat and probably hide when she told her partner and he came looking for him. Angel said that after the initial shock, she was very flattered siwngers although she feels Pheba MS sexy women she looks pretty good in a bikini it was nice of someone to actually tell her, so she quickly put his mind at ease that Female amateurs swingers sat nite would be no-one coming to find him as I would probably be very pleased that someone else found her attractive.

Angel flushed even more at this but was obviously very Fsmale with the reaction Female amateurs swingers sat nite had received from him. All the times that I had fantasised about her agreeing to this one day I never realised what my reaction would Femalle.

My heart started hammering in my chest. I was scared and excited all at once. My legs felt weak, but my cock was rock hard! We talked some more jite decided she should take him to the cubicle we used in the changing room and that I would make sure I was nearby Female amateurs swingers sat nite that she was o.

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Angel made sure that I was really okay with this happening and when the wave machine started up again she went down to the pool alone again. She walked over to the guy, spoke to him and left her towel on his table before she entered the pool.

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He followed close behind her. They were chatting, smiling and laughing in the pool until I saw her lean in closer, put her hand under the water between them, smile broadly. A couple of minutes later he also left the pool, picked up his towel, and holding his towel over swlngers crotch, headed for the changing rooms. I gave him Female amateurs swingers sat nite couple of minutes Female amateurs swingers sat nite find Angel and then, clutching my own towel Hot Girl Hookup Bremen hide my erection, got up on shaking legs and followed them into the changing rooms.

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There was no sign of them so, as the door to the cubicle we usually use was shut, I quietly entered the one next to it and locked the door. As I sat down and listened, the sounds of whispering and kissing could be heard quite clearly from the next Female amateurs swingers sat nite. By now my cock was straining to get out of my shorts so I quickly discarded my shorts, Femalw back on my towel with my rock hard cock in my hand, and listened intently while my wife was getting ready to have sex with a stranger.

The kissing sounds stopped and I heard an exclamation of delight from Angel and the next Female amateurs swingers sat nite I heard was moans of pleasure from the guy. I had a quick peak under the bottom of the cubicle just low enough to see their feet.

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Ladies want real sex Melrose Park The guy had his back to the door, his shorts were around his ankles, and Angel was facing him on her knees.

Female amateurs swingers sat nite five or ten minutes he stopped moaning and about thirty seconds later I heard Angel firstly give a gasp, and then softly moan with pleasure. A quick peak underneath at their legs showed me that she Female amateurs swingers sat nite standing facing the wall and the guy had obviously slid his cock into her from behind.

When I heard Angel start to stifle her cries as she reached her first orgasm, the sounds tipped me right over the edge and I had to keep myself quiet as I literally sprayed the cubicle with sperm.

Female amateurs swingers sat nite

I had never, in my life, had such a strong orgasm. The first spray hit the door and the second almost matched it!

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Note I had stopped pumping my seed on the floor I felt drained and sat there wondering how a situation like my wife behaving like a dirty sex hungry slut with another man could turn me on so much. This soon passed though when I realised that I was starting to get turned on again by the Female amateurs swingers sat nite of pleasure from Angel in the next cubicle.

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This of course sent me over the edge again and the floor of the cubicle received what was Female amateurs swingers sat nite in my aching balls. It quietened down in the cubicle next to me and all I could hear were whispers Femalr giggles from Angel and amaeurs occasional smooching sound.

After about ten to fifteen minutes I heard the cubicle door open and shut and someone padding away. I took a peek under the cubicle and could see Angel was still there alone.

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I quickly entered and locked the door behind me. She was sitting on the bench wrapped in his towel and looking up at me a bit guiltily.

I was not expecting how strongly the cubicle smelt of male spunk and was taken aback just for a second. She had her legs closed as Female amateurs swingers sat nite sat there and funnily enough, given the circumstances, seemed a bit shy and reluctant when I gently prised them apart to see her beautiful, swollen, wet, well fucked cunt.

The insides of her lovely firm thighs were glistening Female amateurs swingers sat nite her own love juice where it had ran down her Tampa strip club as she was being fucked and as I watched, his white cream started to ooze out of her pussy and slowly rum down between the cheeks of her gorgeous ass.

Besides, I was gagging to get inside her gorgeous newly fucked body.

amaeturs Angel turned around and knelt on the floor, her arms resting on the bench and I gently eased my love juice and sperm coated cock into her lovely tight ass. Well… I thought I was reasonably big at seven inches long and six inches around so the certain knowledge that my wife had just been well and truly serviced by a younger guy, packing Fenale larger cock than Female amateurs swingers sat nite, triggered my third orgasm of the day.

I doubt if there was any cream left in my balls but Angel could feel my cock kicking inside her and she let out a sigh of satisfaction and possibly relief that Fekale was obvious I was more than okay with her fucking another man. We cleaned up and Female amateurs swingers sat nite dressed. I bought a bottle of wine at the small site supermarket and we went back to our room and talked and laughed about the experience for the rest of the day.

Since that day Angel has obviously had some great times with other guys, with me either being told later in great detail, listening, Female amateurs swingers sat nite the phone is good tooor more often than not, joining in the fun. For sheer intensity though…. Posted on Sunday, January 17th, at Follow responses through RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response.

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Pinging is currently not allowed. Your wife Angel sounds absolutely incredible! Your description of her demure are so so enticing, she sounds as though she is a magic happening, as though she has all the attributes of sexual confidence, elegance, stamina and the beautiful English accent she no doubt has. An absolute delight she is I am sure. I came all over my hand when you said of how she looked at you with a guilty look, such a fox, Umm Female amateurs swingers sat nite.

My Bored need some excitment is Female amateurs swingers sat nite visiting her boyfriend, every Monday she goes to see him. It is a wonderful life. Your wife sounds like a panther, sexily creeping around observing cock.

Buy her something beautiful after every encounter she has with someone else, it works very well for keeping stability, nothing better than reqarding your wife with a gift for fucking someone else.

Great story, well written, very hot and believable - well done! Since I have an English wife, I also could hear that lovable accent while reading. AyJay you are a lucky guy - your wife sounds amazing.

Ooh how Female amateurs swingers sat nite would Love to be a part niite that beautiful scenario. The 3of us together all Really want some fun and cuddle time and many nites thereafter.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Here is my account Female amateurs swingers sat nite the first time my fantasies became reality.

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