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I am a black girl in her 30's seeking for a girl that is interested in being with Chubby guy looking to get fcked girl and a threesome with myself and my man. Nsa fun m4w Looking for casual fun. I'm 6ft brwn blue. I like a lot of things but shopping and drinking are not among them. Lookingg have lots of movies and varied interests.

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Some of my favorite blind items have come from the accountant and in honor of it being tax day here in the US, I give you Chubby guy looking to get fcked best one he Housewives wants real sex IA Alta 51002 given me so far for this year. There are plenty more, but this is the best.

It is actually one of the best of all time as far as jaw dropping goes. This A list actor. Single and allegedly never married. This is the first year he used this accountant and when he was reviewing the forms he noticed that he was listed as single on the tax forms. Our actor then proceeded to tell the accountant that the actor has been married for many years. The fact that he has only seen his foreign wife once in the interim Chubby guy looking to get fcked not change the fact that he was Chubby guy looking to get fcked.

Our actor apparently does send money sometimes to his wife, but apparently does so in his corporate name. The accountant gte the feeling that the wife actually has no idea who she is actually married to. Our actor meanwhile loves the deduction that comes with being married. It apparently is the one ro he really enjoys about being married. He also uses it as an excuse when a woman tries to pressure him into marriage. He explains to prospective future brides that although he would yuy to get married to them he is unfortunately already married and the process for divorce will take a year or two.

In the meantime why not just live together or be girlfriend and boyfriend. Invariably the relationship dies out before the divorce becomes final. The actor never starts the paperwork and has never been challenged by the IRS about being married.

They must not read the tabloids. These two were in a movie together. They were actually even a couple Lonely woman looking casual sex Thermopolis a bit.

He used to be A list and has only ever done movies. He does not do much now. He spends a lot of his time doing nothing except watching his former co-star and flame. She is a movie actress but is not above doing television for the right part at the right time. Not her usual though. She has no idea he ex actually stalks her. She knows that he seems to show up at odd places and events halfway across the world but he always says he is working.

He lives for the moments when they run into each other away from LA because that is the one time she will sometimes let her guard down and let him close to her again. Scared her very badly.

Not anything like he appears in reality or even in his roles. Confrontational and would not back down. It was too much. She thinks he has change, but he hasn't. He makes sure to always be acting his best when she is around. The last few people he has dated have almost been her twin. One of them had the wrong hair color and he made her color it to match.

Everyone Woman to fuck Gorham now knows him assumes he managed to chase away her last boyfriend who almost married her.

He lived to break them up and worked and work and worked at it. Our actor thinks that he can get her back despite what happened Sexy ladies in McCall the past. Despite the fact that when he touches her now she still looks like she is freaked out. She has told her friends and our actor that she Chkbby never take him back.

Chubby guy looking to get fcked keeps trying though. Kind of hard to believe because Keanu does not like girls. He does not live kooking girls and he does not fuck girls. Use a woman for the tax write off? Is she Seeking adult personals bbw attractive slim lady a nursing home My question is why are these being revealed right now? Is 47 Ronin supposed to be that big of a movie that him being alone on red carpets for promotions will be a problem?

The guy was amazingly goodlooking in the 90's. Now he looks like a slobby stripclub owner. Considering the Amanda DeCadenet connection maybe this isn't so odd, but he's tto in a way that reminds me of John Taylor of Duran Duran. The dates in the posts are when the blinds were originally posted. It just seems odd that these were revealed recently. Especially the second one. Maybe it's just me though.

Divorce laws vary from country to country, she wouldn't automatically get half. There could also be a pre-nup and or Chubby guy looking to get fcked.

If he's giving her money she might just not want to fuck up a good thing. He never has to date anyone, his straight male fans don't ccked and his female fans just think he is waiting for them. Calling Tom Cruise "Tammy" fo being funny a long time ago.

Please upgrade your snarking a bit. Is there a story about to drop? I agree they are bullshit, but I am questioning the reason behind them being revealed right now.

Stalking a former co-star Chubby guy looking to get fcked while secretly being married to another woman. I smell a rat Well R, as Perez Hilton and others have discovered, it's more lucrative to in celebs than to out them. Exactly, Perez does a very nice job of keeping stars in the closet and I think Chubby guy looking to get fcked probably done very well financially. The stupid asshole at r won't admit the Hot women seeking porno the best dating site. Reeves never wanted that baby, the baby that was never born.

He never ever looling mentioned Jennifer Syme Reeves doesn't have girlfriends. I think he could be bi. The only story I have of him is that Chubby guy looking to get fcked was once in a bar with him but I never even knew it, it was lookint the east village and my friends told me that he saw Keanu there with a girl drinking.

The girl told my friend not to bother keanu. My friend only told me after Keanu and the girl left. One thing I know for sure Amanda tried like hell to beard for Keanu, he wasn't interested. I'm pretty sure she beards Chubby guy looking to get fcked her husband. You sound so certain. Has he talked to you about it.

I could believe he had and was had by by men. Lotsa people try it on. I haven't followed him much,films or private life, but from what i saw he seems like every other guy in a band. Goofy,awkward looking for a night cap. Most gay men would have gagged at the ones he was chatting up. I wasn't born yesterday.

Straight men love women. Keanu is a handsome, wealthy man, who never has a woman. An intelligent person with wisdom, knows it is because he is a happy, gay man.

This would explain why he was flirting with them, no? It's weird that you Sexs girls in Newport Beach so sure of it. Like you caught him with a man or fcmed. He maybe Chubby guy looking to get fcked but Reeves was definitely checking out and flirting with the ladies that night.

You seem invested in Reeves being gay and having him paired up with that stunt lookking. What's your play here?

It full o da swag, y'alls. She done sold 90 million copies in just two days time. She the icon of our time. Download it now on iTunes, y'alls. I get sick of wadding through extremely Cuhbby bullshit. When a handsome rich man never has girlfriends, it's because he gett not like women.

It isn't that he never has Chubby guy looking to get fcked, it's just that he doesn't parade them for everyone to see. Gurl workin' it, y'alls!

Heygo scratch your Beyonce sniffing Ladies seeking sex Crafton. And what is this Hey Gurls shit, you down low shop girl queen? My fixation comes from wanting to hear the truth and I'm completely sick of the really obvious bullshit. If he wants to stay in the closet, he can get himself a pretend girlfriend, like I just want to have fun without commitment and you or Leo.

But he won't extend himself, instead, he has a person Adult swinging couplesmichigan. Swinger personal ads you, r He was Chubby guy looking to get fcked a huge ring on his wedding finger. Looks grt be a different one from the ring that he wore on Fallon that some were saying was a prop for his new movie that he's currently shooting.

Now some website is saying that he has secretly married. He's not the beauty he was in his youth, but then who among us is? He looked gorgeous, was a bit awkward - as usual, and utterly huy. He's never pinged for me but I have to agree with the other posters: Handsome, rich, straight men have romantic relationships with women and are SEEN to have ti relationships with women.

Handsome, rich, gay Chubby guy looking to get fcked are SEEN to have romantic relationships with women, if they fc,ed closeted and bearding.

After partying with Colbert and friends, Keanu did not make it to his scheduled morning show appearances. If he tk gay which I think he isat least he doesn't resort to bearding unlike so many other closeted gay celebs. When he was young, he fucked the occasional women.

Fcoed should take off his wig and lipstick and act like a gay man instead of a campy,woefully irrelevant starlet from Old Hollywood! Not that it's KR's fault. I've read that the director wanted to make it more of a love story- they should have fired him then!

I do wish him well. He was a more dynamic actor when he was younger. Maybe not a better one but definitely more interesting and could be clever in some things.

You can't quite get close to him, he is somehow unattainable. That makes him very, very attractive. Yet, he seems to display all the qualities one would want: One sees in his work that he can sometimes be very gentle, he can sometimes Adult wants casual sex Saluda South Carolina very fierce, he can sometimes be very funny, and yet, he's got something at the back of the eyes that says, 'No, Gget won't be committing here'.

He'll always be on the bus heading off. And I think there is something tremendously attractive to men and women about that combination of the utterly desirable and the definitely unattainable. I would never do that on film. We did a little of it in Idaho and, believe me, it was hard work. Keanu had worked with a few gay directors before Van Sant and had worked in Wolfboy fdked Bent in Toronto. He had also played Mercutio as gay. I knew that Chubby guy looking to get fcked was gay from an early age even though it was illegal Chubby guy looking to get fcked New Zealand loking I geh a mental health issue in my late teens after using marijuana.

I travelled to America inthen lived in Sydney for many years where I met bisexual Keanu Reeves three times and was asked if I wanted a relationship with him. I came to the realization that I was the reincarnation of Little Buddha from the Bernardo Bertolucci movie and experienced some supernatural events along the way, I also became aware of my third eye mark on my forehead.

I see this guy about all the time. Seems nice enough but never sober. From what I've seen of him he needs an intervention. Time to grow yuy. These cretins who try Chubby guy looking to get fcked pass for 25 when they're twice that; UGH. He fckedd young then and could get away with it. Now he is not far from drunken old man territory.

What is his problem exactly? In fairness you have to admit, his acting abilities have gradually gotten better now than vuy the past. I also remember Reeves having tet lively performance in "The Gift," although I only saw part of it and don't remember it that well.

He was so fucking beautiful when young. Keanu's wall calendar from around was the only male calendar that I've ever bought. I think I fckedd have it somewhere.

R His career is a complete wreck. He should try doing a comedy - his comedies were actually pretty funny. It looks like Focus may pick up Passengers. But first Reese, then Rachel out. Who will be his ro leading lady choice? I haven't read through this whole thread yet, please forgive me if this has gett been mentioned: Kooking, Keanu's never gotten Chubby guy looking to get fcked Charlize and he's been stalking her for years.

Anyway, here it is if you want to read it, it's pretty crazy. Yeah, it's probably not true, but it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. I saw him in a drunken stupor in Toronto, in the late s. He couldn't even get out of the chair he was in and stand up. He kept passing in and out of consciousness Chubby guy looking to get fcked sitting. He had a friend with him who lokoing sober and was watching yuy him. Chubby guy looking to get fcked friend gave me stink eye when I realized who I was staring at.

But despite being completely fucked up, Geh was still incredibly beautiful. Photos and Tatted white boy looking for mixed or black or latino gurl do not do him justice. In real life, he's doubly gorgeous. I'd love to see someone "out of the box" play opposite. It would a great opportunity for a newbie. If it's Charlize or Rachel again I refuse to watch it. He was cute with Vera Farmiga but you Chubby guy looking to get fcked tell she was carrying him in several scenes.

Re the drunk stuff: I hate to hear it. I don't get the weird dimples in his face these days tho. The poster who is talking to herself through the majority of this thread, using different proxy ips to fly under the radar of trolldar. I thought, oh, he's gay. Chubby guy looking to get fcked then I was impressed, because his boyfriend was really rich. So I come here to fish. And by the way I don't Chubny know my IP and I don't know shit Chubby guy looking to get fcked proxys.

All you have to do is trolldar and you'll see how much I post. I wonder if Peaches' death will affect the shooting schedule for Knock Knock. Poor Keke just stays losing! Should hCubby this month to better use in rehab. All his peers must be pissing themseleves fc,ed. He needs to do one of those detox programs where they put you in a twilight state and detox your body while you are unconscious, it is safer than straight cold turkey gef withdrawal.

Then he should stay in rehab for 90 days Deepthroating dick and want to be facefucked be followed by several sober coaches for the rest of his life.

I'm wondering if Keanu has Chubby guy looking to get fcked abandoned by his keepers and now he only has the users around him. Will they rob him? His career does seem to be going backwards. Never thought I'd see him make a gory slasher film, which is only kind of film Roth makes. When he was young and good looking, nobody cared about his acting, even when he ruined films he was in. Some I need my pussy licked now become better actors as they learn and grow in this field but he hasn't and now he's old.

Who the fuck would pay to see him stink up a film? Still so damn handsome in R's link.

Chubby guy looking to get fcked

I hate Eli Roth though. Wish he wasn't working with him. I agree with [R]. Like Tilda Swinton said,I can't imagine anyone else in several of his roles. Keanu has so many fucking problems. It's a pity to see gcked working with torture porn Roth.

He needs to retire.

Naughty Wife Seeking Hot Sex Kemah

I can't believe he's making a crap horror film. He doesn't seem to give a shit what he makes now, as long as he is working. It seems like he has no life except to work and drink and do Chubby guy looking to get fcked. No family, isn't public with any relationships so probably gay loking. What kind of life Ladies wants hot sex OK Selman 73834 that?

Is all of the empty praise that is heaped upon him by strangers enough? Is Keanu really a drug addict? And what about his sexuality, I've heard Chubby guy looking to get fcked gay. I'd love to hear more gossip! Eli is so hot, I still remember him posting that pic of Kleenex on Twitter he had just wanked upon. Just the thought of it now almost gets me hard.

Eli said about the film: We'll see what comes out of this.

I think Keanu is so loaded that nowadays he just does what he finds interesting. Well he certainly doesn't spend his money on clothes or shoes.

He's not into flash things like mansions or cars--except for motorcycles. He seems to have been able to save his money pretty well. I dont know Ladies looking nsa CA Idyllwild 92549 any other movie star who would give a chunk of his millions to the special effects team on one of his films the matrix sequels. Keanu is not a talker. He is charming, very bright, but carries around a lot of pain. He does think loo,ing obsession with him is ridiculous.

He's similar to JFK, jr in that he still doesn't get his affect on people. He is a Virgo, Chubby guy looking to get fcked, probably, spends money on Chubby guy looking to get fcked things that he really looknig, and doesn't care if Chhubby know the value he is an art collector, Student looking for friend You can tell his clothes are expensive, though understated Virgo, again.

His clunky boots are not cheap, you can tell. He dresses for himself, not for others. I am sure he is very loyal to his friends of fckef he may not have many picky Virgoand I am sure he takes care of his family his parents, if they're alive, and his sister. I'm pretty sure he's bisexual.

I know men and women he has been with. Women want sex Emory is very go-with-the flow. He is very good to his friends. A very good guy who loves to laugh but pretty quiet for the most part. Oh boo hoo Keanu's pain. Please, pr shills, take another tactic. No one wants to hear how a billionaire is so fucking sad.

The baby he never wanted Chubhy born dead and the woman Chubby guy looking to get fcked was never actually his girlfriend, died in a one car, accident. Maybe Keanu's just lookiing I Webcam sex meeting he would just go ahead and make Matrix 4. The W's need a hit. Fish, Weavingand CAM would probably ot up for it. He could produce it and get it made. I'd go see it. It sounds like a terrible idea to me. OTOH a new Matrix film Cool out friends fabulous.

He's still in great shape. I think it would be a HUGE hit. No fckeed was more beautiful on screen.

Still good From the Small Peepee man thread. "It's not Keanu. Keanu isn't the biggest guy on the planet, and he lacks staying power, but it's got a nice girth and. School Uniform Fuck Porn - Info! Bravoteen hd porn School Uniform Fuck Porn Wwe diva niky belly xxxsex image Anushka shetty fake nude photos Xxx pporn xxx Teenie skirt gallery School Uniform Fuck Porn Ssbbw wife watching Straight men caught Gambar artis xxx indo Survivors contestants nude School Uniform Fuck Porn Cheerleaders girlsex Xxx wap boy to boy Ipl xxx images School Uniform Fuck Porn. Latina Shemale Porn Videos. Latina Tranny Tube Updated Daily.

Keanu was the Hedy Lamaar of my generation. Compared to the Biebers of today he's a gentleman and a scholar. I always thought more he'd be pictured working at Chi Chis. Do those even still exist anywhere? He had such a unique look. Too bad he lacked the Wife want hot sex Princeton North to Chubhy his beauty. So beautiful yet so boring and uninteresting.

Chubby guy looking to get fcked huy potential to become a great movie star and icon but never had the acting chops or personality to sustain peoples attention.

Gettin' real tired of seein' Father Time beatin' up fellas with the ugly stick of time when I used to beat off to 'em as a boy. You're tired of people aging? There is an alternative but it's far worse than a few pounds, some gray hairs and a wrinkle or two.

There was never anything boring about Keanu. From his beginning in Lebanon, with his showgirl mother and drug dealing father to being baby sat by Alice Cooper and playing chess with Lou Reed. Keanu has been rubbing shoulders and dicks with the rich, famous and talented. He's been making films all over the world, his life has been a thrill ride. But he did become a great movie star and an icon. He's definately not the greatest character actor but he does have this rare feature for a star of his calibre of being tabula rasa.

People don't really know anything about his personal life and what he's like, and it has worked in his favor for all his career. He seems empty headed but yet there's still something there to pick your interest. The biggest part of his success has been his looks, true, but not all.

A second rate horror flick this far into your career does not suggest that your charmed or "looked after". If anything it suggests punishment for leaving the fold, imo. His career mistake is extremely obvious.

He is beautiful, sexy, funny, with a hint of sadness behind his smile. See Monroe, Marilyn or Dean, James. Keanu has the same Shag my wife valencia but his handlers Chubby guy looking to get fcked not positioning him properly. He was handled with great care but it looks like he is now being shunned by mainstream Hollywood. Since when does Keanu have "zero charisma"??

You can argue his talent but if there's anything he has, it's presence. Despite what people Beautiful older ladies seeking orgasm Denver about Keanu, I love watching his films. He definitely draws in the viewer. The fact that Keanu became an icon while still alive is a testimony to his charisma.

He should do comedy that is edgy, sweet and romantic. He can be the hero, but he doesn't have to drive a bus or shoot a gun to do it. Also, he should avoid using words like dude, Chubby guy looking to get fcked, and similar phrases.

He is very smart and has an extensive Chubby guy looking to get fcked of Shakespeare and the classics. He was great as the doctor in Something's Gotta' Give. He was charming and funny in Parenthood. He should also do smaller, independent and foreign films that show his range but are not too bizarre. Would like to hear more from the poster whose Chubby guy looking to get fcked friend had to sign a confidentiality agreement to "date" Reeves.

Robert Mailhouse never married, never had children and always pictured with male friends. Keanu doesn't even need to beard Keanu threw that huge, well publicized funeral for Jennifer Syme and he's bearded for life. In reality, he has never even once mentioned Syme's name in ANY interview.

Coming To Passo Fundo Soon Looking For Fun

He could just come out. He's very wealthy and he hasn't been in a hit in years Kevin Huvane was his agent but Huvane hasn't been doing a thing for him. R Is Kevin even his agent anymore? In any case, it seems like Meryl and Sandy B. Who are the people that even know who huvane is on here? Must be in the business because no fraus would pooking have that information. So who's the girlfriend? Evidently there are pics of the two Chubby guy looking to get fcked them horseback riding.

Someone on Twitter said that they're cute together. I've come to the conclusion that Keanu has a lot of friends in high places. It's the only way to explain how absolutely no information about his private life has been leaked for all of these years. I can Ladies seeking sex New Manchester reading loooking post here by a Chhbby who said he was an escort who had sex with Keanu and another male celebrity whose name I forgot maybe George Hamilton or Richard Chamberlin?

Yes, I know the entire story could have been made-up, but he talked so much about how insecure Keanu and Any swinger sex holes in Martinique other guy was, and how Keanu was essentially a needy bottom my term, not his. It probably stems from his childhood. Two parents who ignored him and one of his mother's discarded Chubby guy looking to get fcked, who kept him in Hollywood for summer vacations.

Keanu Reeves - Strange but Straight. He loves the gay rumors and Chubby guy looking to get fcked to toy with the gays but he is heterosexually oriented.

I'd like to hear from the Aussie guy who was offered a contract to date Reeves but then decided that he aussie guy was the buddah instead. Bet Chubby got awkward FWIW Reeves seems bi to me. He's so rudderless emotionally he'd roll with whoever caught his eye or fancy. I don't get why some are so invested in him being one way or the other. I don't think actors et al should be held up as spokesperson for anything.

Live and let live. I love Keanu, always have. And I'm a practising lesbian, but maybe based on what R said I might be bisexual, who cares. Keanu will be in Pariggi this June and I'll be there. You don't have to Chubby guy looking to get fcked jealous. Maybe he is bi but he never mentions any woman He was with Amanda de Cadanet for awhile.

Chubby guy looking to get fcked

I remember that his sister said she didn't like her and was glad when they broke up. Here she is holding hands with Keanu's mum:. Keanu said kissing Amanda would be like kissing his sister. She wanted to beard for him but he's not into bearding.

She now beards for one of The Strokes. I'm not surprised that Keanu's mother and Amanda got on so well. I don't think she's ccked The Strokes guy. Amanda's marriage Chubby guy looking to get fcked Mature professional seeking fwb bearding. Valensi was Chunby in love with her. I'm sure the shiny Chubby guy looking to get fcked worn off but it's not a beard thing.

R, the Strokes are cool guys, good guys you should try to see them next time on tour. That's how I met them work related and that Amanda woman. I sucks the book isn't about fucking KR. I was hoping for details of the agreement, the where, when, how frequently, etc. You know Jackie had to shag Onassis at least once a week in the summer This is the woman who Chubby guy looking to get fcked him for child support and NOW, she shows no sign of insanity This was a comment I read This will be another useless piece of shit that pollute the bet.

But Keanu Reeves will call Tooele meet for sex "Art" and will do it because Chubby guy looking to get fcked is his way of life. Apparently when she was arrested at Saks, they went through her rolodex and got Keanu's phone giy. Wow, I was fantasizing about running into him on his 50th birthday, September 2 - which was also geg 50th birthday.

Unlike other celebs who would throw a huge party for themselves for their 50th birthday and be dressed to the nines, Keanu treats it like any other day and celebrates simply with a cupcake. Wouldn't it be fun if in all these loo,ing Keanu pics where he's sitting around the city looking glum he's just on the cruise. I'm pretty sure he was in l. Thanks R, you are right. Based on r's comment I excitedly googled "Keanu 50th Birthday pics" and that is what I Chubby guy looking to get fcked.

I doubt if I can find Cubby pics to link but they are shitty anyway because the man has the ugliest beard in 20 states but he delights in growing it out. He's pretty much an asshole. I can't find the Chubby guy looking to get fcked but I do wish someone would post at The Telegraph that Keanu's supposed step father was very good friends with David Geffen and Sandy Gallin.

It bothers me when people say Keanu had no Hollywood connections, when he lookibg many. Fkced people believe Keanu made his millions because of his acting ability and I think that's partially true but he had a lot of help getting started.

R, does anyone really believe Keanu's acting abilities got him to the top? I've always understood that it's commonly accepted fact that it was his looks that mostly got him there.

And that certain vacuousness which somehow works in his favor. Justjared website has recent pics from August. He does not have the hideous beard and is wearing short "lawyer" hair most likely for his new movie.

What's the word on the tv show with Roland Emmerach? Does that mean he's back in with them? I guess his season in purgatory is Chubby guy looking to get fcked. Or maybe it's just beginning.

And what difference does it make after Chuvby He made millions because he had great box office on Speed, the Matrix films and Constantine. The Keanu threads Opelika sexy older women go anywhere or tell anything interesting.

I wish fdked had some NEW gossip on him. I'm sure he didn't call the police on the intruder. He fckex just called his publicist and his fixer and they carted the woman off lkoking the psych ward.

I think Geffen did. I believe Geffen got so upset about people actually knowing of their connection and that lookibg possibly keeping Keanu from being the big star that Chubby guy looking to get fcked absolutely had the potential to be Geffen went off half-cocked and decided to say they had never even met each other. There are so many parties are in LA. Keanu loves music and pooking was always in the clubs. Geffen's people were in the clubs looking for new acts.

Geffen knew every thing about show business and the music business, he knew everyone and everyone knew him. At least they knew his reputation. Perhaps you don't realize Keanu's sexual appeal? Keanu would in no way passed under Geffen's radar. Keanu has always had some of the best Chubby guy looking to get fcked in Hollywood.

Keanu has had power for a long fckev As far as I know Geffen, Aaron and Gallin have known each other for years. They were all very interested in making money on Broadway, I'm saying they were Chuvby friends. Isn't it really obvious? I know what Geffen's type is because I've read books about him and his friends. And yes, Geffen very definitely is a hands on producer. He even had a his own trailer on the set of Interview Producers actually do know what's going on, on the set.

Josh is Keanu's good friend, Josh Richman. When you think that Keanu went out of his way to meet Kurt and Courtney Geffen and his rich powerful friends are not the type to set back and just let things be And if Geffen hadn't met Keanu when he was younger Keanu most Chubby guy looking to get fcked just showed up at a Nirvana show and wanted to introduce himself.

Geffen was not lookung involved with his label after Joni and Cher went cold, he fucked off into movie making. It's free, but you have to make a reservation on the website. Reeves had plenty of Hollywood connections before leaving Toronto for LA. His mom had Cbubby bunch, too, and lots in the music industry as well. His first AMA was really good; he fully participated and answered questions thoughtfully. You could say, they're stupid. Keanu said he wasn't getting Gut offers and that it sucks.

I'm glad he can be honest about that fact but I have often wondered why the studios stopped offering him work, was it because he dropped his longterm manager, Gu Maybe Huvane isn't happen that Keanu associated himself with Stephen Hamel?

The reviews are good, so what would keep looling away? Past films have not done well Fun active Inland male can send hot teen boxoffice, Too old for the types of films they used to star in, Being difficult to work with, Drug use, Wants too much money, Fcled lost their appeal with fans.

He would have to have someone write the script and then give him the part I don't think most will understand this but in my opinion, Geffen and Keanu really were involved. David Geffen and Sandy Gallin were best friends, they talked every day and sometimes several times a day. Both Chubby guy looking to get fcked gay men.

Both were extremely powerful men in Chubby guy looking to get fcked. Keanu's mother designed for Dolly Parton. I have reason to believe they are longtime friends. David Geffen convinced his friend Ted Field, to get into show business and he ended up producing Bill and Ted. One of Gallen's good friends also produced one of Keanu's films. These are very close lookihg, especially when you realize Geffen was always a very hands on manager. David was the first person Giy called after John Lennon was shot.

Geffen Produced two films in the Chubby guy looking to get fcked '90s and I am very sure Keanu auditioned for both guh those films. When you realize that Keanu is indeed Geffen's type Van Sant and River both knew Geffen, why wouldn't Keanu?

Do you think Keanu would have resisted meeting one Beautiful ladies seeking real sex MI the most important men in Hollywood? You also have Keanu's Mom's connection to Gallin.

She very obviously knew Gallin and more than likely knew Geffen through Gallin. You can't wipe all the connections away, as if they are of no importance? Loooking go into show business and survive because they want to gguy successful. They use their contacts and Keanu had many contacts.

In my opinion, Keanu used his best assets, to get ahead. Unfortunately older Keanu is not as desirable as Activity Partner wanted! Keanu.

I think he is finally out of Passengers. I didn't think he would ever get to make that film. One more Sci-Fi, who needs it? I remember an Oscar award show where Keanu and Gett Geffen were sitting next right to each other one. Both with their 'beards'. He is very affable, but I always wondered how he managed to gain access to so many great directors to do his doc 'Side by side. Because it lookin happen. Otherwise there would be photographs. There is no place on earth with more cameras than the Academy Awards.

He probably wouldn't risk that sort of public association tp to deliberately troll the media. Joaquin Phoenix starts in that. Do the two Lady wants hot sex Demorest them get along? Never heard anything about that, given Joaquin was River's brother. The 30 second teaser trailer for Knock Knock looks not too good but it's gotten good sundance reviews.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU lookijg for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Mrs Patrick Campbell Hollywood veteran "Miss Keanu, along with Tammy Cruise, are two of David Geffen's 'corn-hole' sucess stories, that is, Geffen corn-holed both of them and then made them stars!

Where does Sandy Galin fit Chubby guy looking to get fcked all this? I think Sandy probably introduced Keanu around.

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I'm not sure about Miss Cruise. Why doesn't his agent get his any good projects? I guess CAA isn't what it used to be? Keanu needs a good therapist. I thought he was a Hollywood insider. I have verificata that says so. Was his Sugar Daddy a photographer? I think he's the Daddy, now. Further evidence that the American Century is officially over. I thought you said you knew him? Seems like you would know if he was a photographer? Are you a cousin of a cousin who knew somebody who saw that other person who Maybe his Sugar Daddy was Lou Reed?

Geraldton fl wifes looking for sex, it was a friend of a friend who I hung out with a few times. Dick Chubby guy looking to get fcked was his boss, weird name.

I think Dennis Cooper fucked him 8 ways from Sunday. Keanu with a group of very happy gay faces. I honestly don't get the DL obsession with Keanu Reeves Maybe you should ignore the Keanu threads: Is Keanu still dating the Chinese martial artist?

I fucked him during our Fire Island party. The beard has killed his career but he won't Chubby guy looking to get fcked it up, I'm not sure why. Perez said Keanu was Chubby guy looking to get fcked around WeHo, probably on a milk run.

Keanu Reeves helped out the lead singer for the Dandy Warhols. Keanu in a meeting. Maybe Keanu Chubby guy looking to get fcked make all his films in China, now. Seems his Hollywood career is over. From the Small Peepee man thread.

Who is this guy he's with in these pictures? If MPC said the sky was blue I would still go outside to check So once and for all - is he gay or not? How the hell could Wife Swapping in Kansas City KS NOT know he's gay?

Does Keanu like younger guys or guys around his age? I believe Keanu's old boyfriend called himself, baby's arm, so make of that what you will. I'm surprised that he might be seeing a guy with big muscles. It does look like he has his hand on the guy's thigh. I want to see it. Do you think Huvane has dropped him? That movie looks better than I expected. Generation Um is a great title, it's just that it doesn't look like it lives up to it.

If MPC said that the sky was blue and the grass was green, I'd go outside and double check. I don't think Keanu had an affair with Merv, maybe with Chad Everett? Jennifer was never Keanu's girlfriend, maybe his girl friend? Or maybe the girl who carried? So r57, either the blind item writer is a dimwit or it was not about Sandra.

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