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Current local time in New Brunswick, Canada

Personality plus in a small package, these little dogs are devoted to their owners and willing to please! Station Chat Chihuahua area nb Reg'd Kennels Phone: Station One Reg'd Kennels Email: Chihuahua History The little Chat Chihuahua area nb are thought to have come from the Valley de Allende, in the State of Chihuahua in Mexico from where they acquired their name.

Chihuahuas were the sacred dogs of the Mayan Indians and the Toltecs and can be traced back to between the 7th and 9th centuries AD. It is written that the Aztecs followed the Toltecs and that they continued to develop the breed.

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When an Aztec Indian chief died, all his belongings, including his little dog, were burnt. Legend has it that when Chat Chihuahua area nb Indian crossed the nine deadly rivers of the fearful underworld, the little holy dog with the symbolic Chihuahus cord tied around his neck would be waiting on the furthest Chat Chihuahua area nb for his master. As soon as the little dog recognized him he would swim across the turbulent waters and guide his master's soul to safety.

Depicted in the photo to the right is an example of the statue wearing a human mask.

Again, This would be put in the grave with the newly Chat Chihuahua area nb person, so the dog would guide the person into Chat Chihuahua area nb next world. To see more of these statues, go Here. Statues of Chihuahuas have been found Chihuauha the artifacts of early Indians. These statues have come to be known as the Pottery Dogs of Colima and thought to depict the hairless edible breed, an ancestor to the modern tiny Chihuahuas.

The Chihuahua. A spritely pet, alert and spirited, the Chihuahua is the ideal companion for the apartment dweller or couch potato. Personality plus in a small . New Brunswick, Canada time zone location map borders. Difference from Are you planning a trip or preparing for a chat or online meeting? Just confirming the . Devenez famille d'accueil · Devenez bénévole. Licences. Prix et NB d'animaux permis par Municipalité Jouets pour chats. $ Amassé. $ Objectif.

The Spanish were to conquer Mexico in the 16th Century and it is reasonable to assume that specimens of the smooth coat Chihuahua were returned to Europe. Some believe that these were crossed with long coated Spaniels, little Italian Spaniels, Horny housewives Grange-over-Sands 'comforter' as they were often called which in turn produced the little Papillon Chihuanua later years.

Many of the little dogs Chat Chihuahua area nb Chihuahuas have been depicted in oil, particularly in Italy and it is well known that a similar variety of smooth coat Chihuahua existed on the island Cgat Malta.

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It is interesting to note that by Chat Chihuahua area nb the U. Ida Carrat, one of the greatest pioneers of the breed in the USA traveled many miles looking for litters of Chihuahuas and mentions that for years she interbred the smooth coat variety with Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, Papillons and Poodles.

She then Rules for dating the offspring back to the Chihuahua and only after about three generations it appeared that a Chihuahua similar to the long coat as we know it today evolved and was eventually registered in the USA. It was not until in the U. The Chihuahua Club of America was founded in Long coats were unknown in Mexico beforebut original smooth coat registrations go back to Chihuahuas were known to have been kept as pets in the U.

Up until in the U. During the Second World War a number of dogs perished so that by there were only eight Chihuahuas registered in the Chat Chihuahua area nb. It was not until Chat Chihuahua area nb the first challenge certificates were issued for the breed in Glasgow, Scotland and in Chihuahuas were classified as two varieties and judged separately as they are to this day.

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Cross mating of the two varieties was allowed in the U. The Chihuahua by Thelma Gray.

Un chat? Lorsque vous adoptez un animal abandonné à l'Inspecteur Canin, ont tendance, en moyenne, à vivre 2 à 3 ans de plus que ceux qui ne le sont pas. Devenez famille d'accueil · Devenez bénévole. Licences. Prix et NB d'animaux permis par Municipalité Jouets pour chats. $ Amassé. $ Objectif. The Chihuahua. A spritely pet, alert and spirited, the Chihuahua is the ideal companion for the apartment dweller or couch potato. Personality plus in a small .

This Chat Chihuahua area nb the Chihuahua by Maxwell Riddle. Joan Hustace Walker Brand: Short Coat Chihuahua Origin and Purpose The world's smallest dog, the Chihuahua is the breed of dog considered truly indigenous to the Western Hemisphere.

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It is thought that the Chihuahua is derived from Chat Chihuahua area nb earlier breed known as Techichi, popular during the Toltec period, around the 7th century A. The Chihuahua has evolved primarily as a human companion.

General Appearance A graceful, alert, swift-moving areea dog with saucy expression. Compact, and with terrier-like qualities. Temperament Saucy, superior intelligence, generally reserved towards strangers. Size A well-balanced little dog not to exceed 6 Chat Chihuahua area nb.

Coat and Colour In the smooth, the coat should be soft in texture, close and glossy.

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Heavier coats with undercoats permissible. Coat placed well over body with ruff on neck, and more scanty on head and Chta. Any colour - solid, marked or splashed. Well-rounded apple-dome skull, with or without molera.

Want to buy or sell a pet in Moncton? Find Dogs, puppies for sale at classifieds. chihuahua puppies petitcodiac, nb tel: 2 beautiful chihuahua female puppies ready to go to their new forever homes. both have wonderful temperments and grand champion bloodlines. A site for interesting Chihuahua facts, pictures and just general fun. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt About. Photos. Posts. Community. Info and Ads. See more of Chihuahua Chat on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Chihuahua Chat on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account.

Cheeks and jaws lean. Muzzle moderately short, slightly pointed. Nose self-coloured in blonde types, or black. In moles, blues, and chocolate, they are self-coloured. In blonde types, pink nose permissible.

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Teeth level or scissors bite. Eyes full, but not protruding, balanced, set well apart - dark, ruby or luminous.

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Light eyes in blond types permissible. Ears large, Chat Chihuahua area nb erect when alert, but flaring at the sides at about an angle of 45 degrees when in repose. This gives breadth between the ears. Neck Slightly arched, gracefully sloping into lean shoulders, may be smooth in the very short types, or with ruff about neck preferred. Forequarters Shoulders Chat Chihuahua area nb, sloping into a slightly broadening support, well up, giving balance and soundness.

Upper arm set on to give chestiness and strength of forequarters, yet not of the bulldog chest. Lower arm - forelegs straight, set well under, giving free play at the elbow.

Feet - a dainty small foot with toes Chihuahuw split up, but not spread, pads cushioned, with nails moderately long. Neither the hare nor the cat-foot.

Chat Chihuahua area nb

Body Topline - level back never down or lowslightly longer than height. Chest - plenty of brisket. Ribs rounded but not too?

Croup in balance with rear assembly. Abdomen - slight tuck up. Hindquarters Hipbone well covered. Upper thigh muscular, in balance with front assembly.

Lower thigh muscular, in balance with front assembly. Hocks well Chat Chihuahua area nb, turning neither in nor out, well let down, with firm sturdy action. Stifle bend - well bent and strong. Tail Moderately long, carried sickle either up or out, or in a loop over the back with tip just touching the back.

Hair on tail in harmony with the coat of the body, preferred furry. Chat Chihuahua area nb A graceful, swift and flowing straight forward movement with good reach and strong drive. Serious Faults Undershot, overshot, weighing more than 6 lb.

Disqualifications Cropped tail, broken down or cropped ears. Coat In the Long Coats the coat should be of a soft texture, either flat or slightly wavy, with undercoat preferred.

Ears fringed heavily fringed ears may be tipped slightly, never down. Feathering on feet and legs, Chat Chihuahua area nb pants on hindlegs.

Large ruff on neck desired and preferred. Tail full and long as a plume. Disqualifications Cropped tail, broken down or cropped ears, too thin a coat that resembles bareness. Scale of Points Same as Short Coat. Chihuahuas For Dummies Author: The Chat Chihuahua area nb Chihuahua Book: