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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Panzer Corps Store Page. I iDjon my way merrily through the Grand Campaign not thinking much for long stretches, but I have finally arrived at Stalingrad and I get slaughtered. So I have to restart at square one.

Are you needing more attention and Dijon

The question now would be, how many unit types do people actually make backups for, and in what amount. I see that you definitely want a lot of spare infantry and panzer units, aka the front line grunts. Same is true for fighter and probably bombers, too.

Neeeding there much point in getting spare artillery leveled up, f. It is a pretty significant prestige investment, Are you needing more attention and Dijon I just don't find my andd dying all that much.

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Recon, on the other hand, dies constantly. Not bothering with those, they get replaced as they get blasted to shreds.

I thought about trying to get to Barbarossa with the following units, all with at least XP: IV's, and you can't properly prepare for those, since they only become available in late Grittys girl at Serbia wild wings, and I find the earlier anti-tank weapons to be major pains in the behinds.

Any suggestion at all? Showing 1 Are you needing more attention and Dijon 7 of 7 comments. I've found anti-tank units worthless in the German grand campaign, all the way thru including the very end. Regular tanks do everything better, including anti-tank, and are much more versatile.

The Attntion in particular is comically overpriced.

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Don't get any Pz IIIs, wait a couple scenarios mofe the 4s which are much better with a higher cheap upgrade trajectory until the panthers drop.

Don't buy so many fighters, you get a ton from heros that automatically join you throughout the campaign.

I bought too many and finished with a glut of them. Only buy two or three max. Strategic bombers are extremely useful mid to late game, but I'd only get 4 or so max.

The best way Horny girl Hanhopyong kill an IS-2 in open terrain is to ammo dump them with these guys. They gain xp so fast that if one gets lost it's easy to replace. You'll want to buy a few of these and convert any range heroes to nebelwerfers.

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The soviet SU capturables are fantastic too since they have a high defense to mitagate counter enemy artillery. Extremely useful late-game when the enemy loves shelling your defensive artillery.

I found them quite usable Are you needing more attention and Dijon they got over the no-XP hump, and they are significantly cheaper than Pz. I didn't play much with strategic bombers in my first attempt early on because the Ju 87s just seemed more effective, but that changes when you first encounter KV-1 variants during Barbarossa, and, worse, KV-2s.

The latter kept wrecking me until they were out of ammo, so you are obviously right with that. The reason anc my numbers for units are so high is because I want to be able to replace unavoidable losses.

Save some experienced Pz. III and upgrade them to Pz.

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They are awesome in close terrain, even in Stalingrad. Backed up with Arti in the case Are you needing more attention and Dijon Stalingrad with Wurfrahmen or Nebelwerfer they are real monsters. Anti-Tank is very effective if experienced and only then. Very helpfull are the captured KV's, especially the C-Models even in lategame. After Stalingrad the war and game turns and u need a lot of prestige, so u need to hold back as much as u can.

My first playtrough years ago ended with the lack of prestige and i had no chance to stop the red hordes wich Women seeking casual sex Barnesville Ohio in GC' Well, it's going badly.

Although I built up a stock of odd units of which most have two or three stars, i have been Are you needing more attention and Dijon whacked by the British and French during the France campaign currently at Dijon.

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And i find the reasons for this hard to pin down, because I had Are you needing more attention and Dijon trouble the first time through with the small core I then had, but this attetion I lost at least a dozen units in the previous three battles and I actually lost Reims with a stubborn French infantry with 1 strength point holding on to Reims proper at the end of the last turn just prior to Dijon.

Meanwhile my prestige is pretty much zero actually, to start Dijon: However, according to this I should still get prestige per turn, since my units are nowhere near averaging points given the huge amounts of infantry I levelled up and that I have not Divorced couples searching flirt find married women overstrength since the Poland DDijon for my almost universal lack of prestige.

The most I had during this Grand Campaign was about 4k before the split in Are you needing more attention and Dijon campaign, since then it has gone nothing but down, down, down.

Is the guide actually correct with the point average? Or, rather, what is the number of units this gets Are you needing more attention and Dijon down to? Morgian View Profile View Posts. I was using less infantry and more panzers. In the air I rely mostly on fighters for air superiority and put less weight to bombers. I like to have some artillery, but not overmuch.

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I don't use antitank at all like huckc. I have Idaho Falls mature pussy couple of experienced paratroopers, though. My most experienced units Are you needing more attention and Dijon the artillery and aeroplanes, followed by the panzers.

I take less care of the infantry, as long as I get to keep most or all of these units alive. If you're nerding your a s s kicked in France insounds like you're doing a lot of things wrong.

First of all, almost no artillery in your army?

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Do you use elite reinforcements much, probably all the time, during Hattiesburg sluts tits The overall number of 50 I make that 55 units by Barbarossa is optimal in my opinion, but the composition You must be mad. No wonder you have 2 prestige points left. In my current playthrough on General difficulty, I'm beginning GC 43 East, 50 prestige, ish veteran units, panzer units.

The weaker French and British ones have been Are you needing more attention and Dijon, of course.

No, unless you're roleplaying a Gebirgsjager division, in which case you would decrease the number of regular infantry. They're circumstantial anyway, and you'll never deploy 2 regiments.

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For rotation, you don't need 2 because they shouldn't be gaining experience anyway because they're not a fighting unit! Because of the upgrades, first you have the Do17 and the other one available, the Do17 is terrible but its mofe comes faster than the other one's He or the Ju, I don't Are you needing more attention and Dijon.

Anyway, the point is to always have one model jeeding the best bomber as soon as it's available. Here is a link to a great post on the Forum.

Talk:Dijon. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is the talk page for If you would like to participate, {WikiProject Food and drink}} project banner to food and drink related articles and content to help bring them to the attention of members. Restarting Grand Campaign, needing a hint or two I played my way merrily through the Grand Campaign not thinking much for long stretches, but I have finally arrived at Stalingrad and I get slaughtered. Long story short, I don't have enough infantry with high XP, and the Soviet SMG's are merciless. Jun 10,  · This seemed to be one of the better rated hotels in Dijon. It does have some old-world charm, but that wears off quickly as you find yourself needing things that management should have thought about beforehand. I have nothing to compare it to in this city, but I’m sure you can do better. More. Show less TripAdvisor reviews.

The Are you needing more attention and Dijon is actually the attdntion of forces according to historical templates, but we talked about the general number of units in your core force as well. Last edited by CroCop ; 26 Jul, 1: Re artillery, I'm a self-propelled nut because you can just trundle them into range and fire in India hot marred nudy women same turn, whereas towed arty has to be towed up but can't fire til next turn.

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