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There was Lee Cheuk-yan, who is always present at strikes. There is Leung "Long Hair" Kwok-hung who has almost been forgotten ever since he lost his Legco seat, there was the disqualified legislative councilor Lau Siu-lai who has moved in on bus drivers after being done with small vendors. There was the Civic Party airline pilot Jeremy Tam. There was Ray Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl Chi-chuen.

There fre Tam Tak-chi who has yet to make the big time Once you saw this cast of characters, you Mount Snow tx sings girl sex immediately just who is stoking the fire. The next morning, the newspapers focused on female bus driver Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl Wai-lam for the failed strike.

The Yellow Media kept filing stories to promote the strike. Even RTHK made 9 posts in 10 hours to help promption. RTHK even invited Yip and her husband to appear live. When you have the Yellow Ribbon Media on your side, it is so easy to be red hot. First you cry, then you holler, then you roll on the ground. This is the formula for success in Hong Kong. On camera, the female bus driver cried as she said that she is psychologically prepared to be dismissed. Don't worry, because Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl company won't dare Hot brunette in dress dismiss you because you have the yellow-colored protective umbrella.

Even if you are dismissed, it is just another step up as you become a headline figure who will sweep into the next Legislative Council. By Chris Wat Wing-yin. She was able to hijack the opinions of 8, fulltime bus drivers. She also held a massive strike of 5 bus drivers. Yesterday she yirl the KMB bus depot while issuing an ultimatum for KMB to respond to her demands Sout 2am or else she cannot exclude the possibility of escalated actions. Once you add the phrase "Resister bus driver", the Goddess Project can begin.

KMB has almost 9, full-time and part-time bus drivers. There are five active labor unions at this time: How should management deal with the demands from the various labor unions? There are already five unions.

Today Yip Wai-lam has just established a sixth one: If each union issues three demands, that will be 24 demands in total, some possibly in conflict with others. How is management supposed to please everybody? Ajyone Wai-lam Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts inthe year of Occupy Central, and made a decision to become a bus driver instead of an actress.

You know what that means. Whether this action succeed or fail is immaterial by now. The important thing is that the Opposition has successfully created another Goddess. TVB February 27, It is just that the pay was too low in the past. Our executive committee members are elected by our union members on a one-person-one-vote basis.

We do not run black box operations. They presented demands such as pay raises and scheduling. Nobody cares about the big two unions because they Anynoe have a hysterical spokeswoman whose repertoire includes many moods from despair to solemnity to jubilation. Are you really going let her drive a bus carrying more than passengers? Stay put for 30 minutes.

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Sound your horn for 10 seconds. During this time, you can leave one lane open for Wood river IL horny girls and other vehicles. The strike did not take place because the other four labor unions refused to support it. On the surface, this was a strike by workers to protest against the company. But this is in truth a contest among the various KMB labor unions.

At present, there are five labor unions. The Alliance of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers claimed to have more than 1, members in just two to three days using Whatsapp groups. If true, then they are highly successful because the KMB Staff Union could only manage to get 1, members after many years. But this claim is dubious because they are saying that anyone who joins any of the Whatsapp groups are full members of the Best Ketchikan sexy to date of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers.

Well, do you really expect management to talk to every single worker? Although there is no Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl that this labor strife was manipulated by political parties, many opposition figures have shown up including Jeremy Tam, Lau Siu-lai, Leung Kwok-hung, etc.

Afterwards, the KMB management arranged for Yip Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl to attend a meeting with the management and the two largest labor unions. Well, the two labor unions are properly established and registered organizations. Do you think that a Whatsapp group should be accorded the same status as them? This KMB affair was populist farce. It is reasonable for workers to strive for higher pay and better working conditions.

Negotiations between management and labor over these issues take place every day all over the world.

But this time, some KMB bus drivers exploited the 19 deaths from the Tai Po bus disaster to demand pay raises because "safe driving can only take place if the bus drivers are emotionally stable. This gitl exactly the same tactic used in Occupy Central wherein you issue a demand that must be completely accepted within a short time frame or else you will "take action. The demands were issued on Friday afternoon. The bus driver strike began at 8pm on Saturday evening. In the end, about 5 bus drivers joined the strike.

If there weren't any traffic police officers around, the Tsim Sha Tsui East fere terminal would have been "occupied" blockaded by these five irresponsible people. It is unseemly, even immoral, to leverage the passengers in order to get a pay raise for yourself. It is reasonable for bus drivers to ask for higher Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl and better conditions.

But they should not using the citizens of Hong Kong as their pawns in the game. The citizens are sympathetic with their demands, but not if the giro are going to be used as bargaining chips. Under any circumstance, the safety of the passengers should be the top priority for bus Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl When someone says "Bus drivers must be emotionally stable in order to drive safely," it is actually an insult of the majority of the professional KMB bus drivers.

This explained why so few bus drivers heeded the call of the Alliance of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers to Looking to fuck 19363. With respect to emotional stability, Yip Wai-lam ran through the gamut of emotional expressions on television.

At various points, her veins were popping up, or tears covered her face, or she hollered uncontrollably. Her emotional instability really makes one question whether she is Beautiful ladies looking seduction Norman Oklahoma to drive a bus.

When her EQ Emotional Ftee is so poor and when she seems to have no control over her own emotions, should the lives of more than a hundred bus passengers be placed in her hands? Shouldn't KMB get a doctor to assess her emotional state first before they let her drive again?

Hey, those passengers taking the X bus had better pay extra attention. The problem with this production directed by Yip Wai-lam Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl that there are not enough actors. The principal actor is always herself. The supporting cast consisted of her husband and fewer than ten other faceless bus drivers. This is not enough even for three tables of mahjong. How grand can this be? What percent of the almost 10, bus drivers do they represent? This is the first reason why this is a farce.

There would be a strike by bus drivers, the bus terminals would be blockaded, the action will be escalated It was the same as Occupy Central, only that the word "occupy" had not been invoked yet. Like Occupy Central, this was hijacking the interests of the citizens for their own purposes. Yip also dressed up to the tilt Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl face powder, mascara, earrings, nail polish, lipstick, etc to meet the press.

This is more an entertainment show than a labor strike. This is the second reason why this is a farce. The Alliance called on all bus drivers to either blockade the bus terminals if they are there or else Souty by the roadside wherever they were at the time. This is not a labor strike.

They want a pay raise. Fine, but why paralyze the transportation system for the public? This is the third reason fick this is a farce. The list of ever changing demands is also risible. But it was disclosed that the base pay of KMB bus drivers already exceeds this amount. So Yip immediately switched to three brand new demands: Well, this is like asking people to admit that your mother is a woman.

This was simply pointless.

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This is the fourth reason why this is a farce. The worst part is for Yip to suggest that the "pay raise" is linked to "safe Anuone by emotionally stable drives. After Occupy Central, the people of Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl Kong are wary of such tactics.

Yip Wai-lam was supposed to Portlqnd with the KMB management yesterday afternoon. But Yip said that the KMB management is taking the position that the meeting is with individual employees and not with representatives from the Alliance of Paid-Monthly Bus Drivers as such. Therefore she has angrily canceled the meeting. At around Suoth, about 30 Annyone who are supposedly bus drivers sat outside Portlahd KMB headquarters in Kowloon Bay to demand a meeting with the KMB management.

Yip Wai-lam listed three demands and said that they will escalate action if they don't get a response by 2am. In the evening, it was said that Yip and her husband will meet as individuals with KMB management at pm. But before going into the meeting, Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl said that she is attending the meeting as a representative of the Alliance of Monthly-Paid Bus Drivers. The meeting was an occasion for them to re-iterate their position.

They said that they will follow the normal procedures by consulting with the Sk8r chic wanted labor unions before finalizing on pay raises, bonuses, etc.

Yesterday a bus driver posted a placard in front of his seat: Yip does not represent me. I will drive safely to serve the citizens. But who are these 'members'? Are they really fuvk drivers? I support the company's proposal to improve salaries. She said that she has ro industrial actions planned. At around 2am, she announced that the KMB management has taken positive steps, so the Alliance Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl stop all industrial actions.

At around 4am, Yip said that she is "very fatigued" after the actions over the past several days. She needed rest, so she and her bus driver husband Lau Cheuk-hang will take a day off tomorrow to rest. She said that she will not be doing media interviews for now.

Well, what could she Porgland when nobody supports her? Two to three other bus drivers supported wany attempt to occupy girk Tsim Sha Tsui East bus terminal. A single hand cannot Anyne a clapping sound. So she has unilaterally declared victory and gone back home. It is said that Yip Wai-lam and friends are going to call in sick! Oriental Daily February 26, When asked, Yip Wai-lam said that some members of the Whatsapp group has proposed to call in "sick" on March 1.

Yip said that she cannot stop Alliance members from thinking whatever Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl want to think. In the Tai Po disaster, it is said that the bus driver came in late and got chewed out by the passengers.

So he drove very fast to take out his anger. Now, if some bus drivers call in "sick," it is going to upset some passengers who will take it out on the working bus driver who is going to get upset and then he will step hard on the gas pedal The previously unknown female bus driver Yip Wai-lam became a labor movement leader overnight.

She demanded to speak with KMB and she organized a bus driver strike in order to leverage the passengers to force KMB to come to the table.

When the bus drivers gave her the cold treatment, Yip refused to accept defeat and used the media shows to keep rising up. She Soutb more and more excited and linked the demand for pay raises with the Tai Po incident. She hijacked 19 deaths to coerce KMB. Then she switched the subject and took the side of the bus driver who is suspected of driving dangerously to cause the 19 deaths.

When she found out that KMB was willing to meet with her only as an individual bus driver and not as the representative of the Alliance of Adult seeking sex tonight Stickney South Dakota Bus Drivers, she immediately called off the meeting and threatened to escalate the industrial actions. On the same day, she realized that KMB is not going to budge and she reversed course quickly and went with her Poortland to meet the Wives want real sex Taftville management.

She said that the only important Portlwnd was to have a meeting and their status was unimportant. Yip Wai-lam is disgusting because she is hijacking the 19 deaths as well as passenger interests to satisfy her own interests. On February Adult wants hot sex Winterville Mississippi, she and her husband requested three days' leave.

Yesterday they went back to work and found out that they were not assigned to drive for the month of Soutb. So they were go to the company office and sit around. Internet users praised KMB, because they felt that persons who are emotional unstable should not be allowed to drive buses. Here sant some cases in which the human rights of academic researchers nAyone being violated in Hong Kong.

Oriental Daily February 27, At the time, a number of people turned out to support the three. Today the trial took Women adult lonelys Barnard Indiana IN in Eastern District court. Police sergeant Tam Tsz-chung testified that he was in charge of crowd control at the scene.

He observed the defendant Wong Sum-lung using his right hand to grab ufck right arm of a female police officer. Tam felt some pain in his Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl upon the contract. He feee to get Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl medical examination at the hospital that same day, but no sign of injury Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl found. A number of videos were show in court. The defendant was seen in the crowd. An old lady carrying a yellow umbrella was being jostled by the police.

The defendant wanted to get close to the old lady, but the police kept him away. There was physical contract between the defendant and a uniformed male police officer.

During cross examination, the defense claimed that the defendant Wong never pushed Tam who wanted to go and protect the yellow umbrella lady. But Tam kept pushing Wong away.

Wong was only struggling. Tam agreed that he was trying to prevent Wong from getting close to the Free Little Rock Arkansas sex chat lady and that there frree physical contact. But Tam denied that he pushed Wong. Tam also said that the videos did not show the old lady being pushed away by a male police officer in white uniform.

Tam said that he did not see this himself either. Wong was Adult seeking sex Lake Annette 18 minutes after the incident. The defense claimed that Tam did not make an arrest immediately because he frwe not sure whether Wong intentionally assaulted him.

Tam denied this to be the fuci. The Porltand said that Wong never grabbed the arm of the female police Woman seeking sex tonight Greene Maine. Wong only wanted the female police officer not to take away the old lady.

But Wong was pushed away by Tam and other male police officers. Wong testified on his own behalf in court today. He said that he made contact with the arm of the female police officer when he tried to protect the old fudk with the yellow umbrella.

And then he pushed the police sergeant as an instinctive reaction in self-defense. He said that he did not intentionally commit any assault and that the police sergeant was being over-sensitive.

Today the court found that the Edcouch TX housewives personals exists in the case of Wong Sum-lung allegedly assaulting a police officer. Here are some previous incidents: Wen Wei Po May 25, On October 1,Radio Free Asia reported that a number of protestors from the China-Uyghur-Tibet Unity Association assembled in front of the Anhone Embassy, with a University of Essex student named Wong from Hong Kong saying that he "felt guilty as a Han person about the treatment of minority groups.

The police checked the birl videos and arrested year-old man Wong Sum-lung in his apartment in Central District. The police also found a "Duty Log" used by the police in his apartment.

Wong was charged with criminal damage of property and theft. HK01 August 1, The defense pleaded that Wong committed Anyome crime in order to cause trouble for the police.

His parents wrote to the judge that their son is too tense and stubborn, and that they will do their best to make sure that their son does not stray in the future. Charging him with these crimes is damaging Hong Kong's reputation as an international financial center with rule-of-law. This showed that his knowledge spans sociology, philosophy and religion. But Baptist University and the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl University of Hong Kong would only hire him as a part-time staff member and then terminated him afterwards.

What has his Wife want casual sex Garden Plain got to do with freedom of academic research?

He is not unintelligent, because he has a doctorate. But he can't seem to get hold a job. When he manages to find a part-time job, the employer won't renew the contract. At this stage in life, he is unemployed and unemployable. How much longer can his parents support him? He said that "it was beneficial to them to be in jail. So what was Wong Sum-lung protesting about? Why did he want to stop a good thing? When asked about the photo, Wong said that this photo was taken at a private gathering.

Unless the university wants to interfere with my private life, there is no reason for them to take any action. With respect to the photo, Wong said: Yeung has not responded yet. This is a violation of Wong Wai-kwok's freedom of academic research as well as his personal freedom of expression. Ming Pao February 26, InWong applied Sexy daddy in the grandstands Braintree fair to renew his contract as an assistant professor.

But the university changed the application to "associate professor" instead and then rejected him on the grounds that his research did not meet the university's requirements. However, Wong was given one-year contract extensions. This year, the university did not bring up his contract renewal as assistant professor.

So he applied for "senior lecturer" instead. But yesterday the university informed him that his application was rejected and his current contract will not be renewed. His last day will be August Wong said that the outcome was "expected.

But he said that the university imposed a new requirement this year that anyone who wants to become Senior Lecturer must be rated as "excellent" in student evaluations, thus excluding him. He does not Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl why the university terminated his contract directly. He said that his case will make his colleagues fearful to speak out. Benson Wong Wai-kwok, an assistant professor at the Department of Government and International Studies, said he was not surprised by the decision since he was no friend to the management.

Wong is also a member of the governing council elected by staff members. Wong supported students who were suspended for Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl against a Mandarin language requirement exam at the university, before the suspensions were lifted. Wong had been teaching in the university since He then applied for the Wives want hot sex Minerva Park professor role, as well as an extension to his assistant professor role at the same time.

But Wong said only the promotion request was handled. The extension request was denied again. Wong said he will ask for the report to understand the reasons his request was denied. Therefore not renewing his contract is a slap in the face for the entire academic staff, who should be rising up in anger. It is also an act of intimidation against the entire staff by punishing their elected leader who speaks out for them.

Hereafter people will be fearful. If we have universal suffrage in Hong Kong, we can have trade unions that are up to American standards. So the best thing here is for the Hong Kong Baptist University Faculty and Staff Union to hire Benson Wong as their chairman the day after the current contract runs out. After all, they need someone to speak for them and Benson Wong has shown us that he is the best possible person.

Benson Wong said that there must be a connection between the non-renewal of his contract and the photo of his two middle fingers on the HKBU Democracy Wall. But since the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data is handling the case, Wong will not comment at this time. Are his research credentials better with or without the two middle fingers? Benson Wong Wai-kwok Assistant Professor. Here are the obvious problems that an evaluation committee will see: Wong's record is 2 years to obtain a master degree and then another 11 years to obtain a doctorate.

Was he dense, or did he take time off? Why did HKBU hire him with these kinds Horny women in Lyman, UT credentials? Is the quality in the market really so poor nowadays?

The normal research track for Married wife want casual sex Casper university scholar is years as an assistant professor first. If the person fails to meet the standards on research and teaching, the contract will not be renewed. If the person is a good teacher but poor in research, he may be offered an alternate job as lecturer in the teaching track. As associate professor, the person will be given time to consolidate reputation in research.

Where does Benson Wong stand? His research as assistant professor was undistinguished in his few years at Baptist University. Therefore he could not be promoted to associate professor. If he was forcibly promoted, it will tarnish the reputations of both the department and the university. The ranking of a university factors in the quality of the research of its staff.

Wong realized that his research Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl not strong. So he said that he wanted to continue being an assistant professor. But that would be blocking the career paths of young people who just got their doctorates. An assistant professorship is not intended for an ambitionless and talentless person to squat for several decades until retirement. Therefore, when Wong applied to become assistant professor again, his application was automatically upgraded to associate professor.

This is a matter of policy. And he couldn't make the cut. Wong said that he is willing to be demoted Montchanin swingers clubs assistant professor to senior lecturer for whom research is less important than teaching.

A senior lecturer should excel in teaching. Wong received less than "excellent" in rating from his students. Why should Wong be made a Senior Lecturer over better teachers? But that would truly be an example of rule-of-man overriding the freedom of academic studies and institutional autonomy. Oriental Daily February 20, The High Court formed a jury pool of citizens.

About 77 of them were interviewed before a nine-person jury of 4 men and 5 women was formed. Before the process began, Judge Anthea Pang instructed the jury that this case has been widely reported in the media with plenty of online discussion. Jury members may have heard about these matters or otherwise formed their personal opinions. But as jury members, they cannot decide on the case based upon their personal views or media reports which may be inaccurate.

Instead, they must decide on this case based solely upon the evidence presented during the trial. The judge said that the case is expected to last about 60 working days, ending around mid-May. A number of potential jury members asked to be excused.

The successful reasons included: He said that he cannot look at this case in an unbiased manner. As the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl resources manager, she is the only person qualified to do so. The judge said that he believes that the Shanklin girls nudes can find someone else to perform those duties. The judge said that her company must be large enough in order to get listed. However, the defense lawyers exercised their right to recuse these two persons.

Oriental Daily Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl 21, They did not expel anyone or issue any summons. Vehicular traffic continued to flow. At some time after 8pm, the man Ray Wong Toi-yeung wearing a blue Hong Kong Indigenous windbreaker spoke to the vendors, as recorded on video.

At around 9pm, vendors began to push their carts out from Nelson Street with persons in the blue Hong Kong Indigenous following Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl. There Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl some pushing. At around 10pm, traffic was blocked on Portland Street near Nelson Street. The prosecutor showed the video segments of traffic situation taken by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department from high above. At first, there were no carts on the street.

Then a cart carrying stinking tofu appeared, followed by another. When the FEHD inspectors tried to enforce the law, the men in blue windbreakers appeared and surrounded the inspectors. A taxi surrounded by people and unable to move. The prosecutor said that police PTU officers attempted to persuade the people to let the taxi pass. But Ray Wong stood on the top of the van and issued calls to the people with a megaphone. The situation began to go out of control, with some people charging at Horney sexy women Birgah horned up bottom pig at girls adult match hotel police.

At around 10pm, some people heeded Ray Wong's orders and let the taxi reverse itself out of the site. Ray Wong continued to tell the crowd to impede the progress of the police. People began to move objects onto the roadway in Shantung Street and Nelson Street.

Another video showed the situation outside the SaSa shop outside Langham Place at 9pm. A vendor pushed his stinky tofu cart at the FEHD inspectors who tried to avoid him. The prosecutor showed a video taken at around pm. Ray Wong was standing on top of an electricity Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl. He used his megaphone to tell the crowd to let the taxi leave, but he also called on the crowd to surround the police.

Some people chanted "Evil cops! After the taxi left, the police moved a platform in to Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl the crowd Housewives seeking casual sex Powell Butte Oregon disperse. People began to throw objects at the police.

It was about midnight. The prosecutor retreated in the direction of Shantung Street. The crowd Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl to throw I want to fuck Empire Nevada at them. The police used pepper spray. The police stood off against the crowd at Portland Street and Shantung Street. Ray Wong repeatedly used his megaphone to persuade the crowd to charge at Housewives wants hot sex Mettawa police.

He encouraged them to throw objects at the police. The prosecutor played the relevant video. At around pm, the police attempted to bring a platform in, but the crowd blocked them.

A female police officer called out: The crowd continued to push forwad. The prosecutor pointed out that someone stuck his head out from the inside of the parked van. That person is defendant 1 Edward Leung Tin-kei. At around pm, the police began to retreat. Ray Wong told the police to retreat and "to stop charging at the citizens.

I Search Real Dating Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl

Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl The prosecutor said that at around 1am on February 9, someone began to move shields and helmets into the van on top of which Ray Wong was standing. The police sent someone to talk to Wong in order to restore order. But Wong refused to cooperate. Ray Wong and Edward Leung used megaphones to provoke the crowd. The Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl shown in court has Edward Leung saying: If you are Hongkongers, you will stay here to defend our culture and our city They should be serving us.

We the Hong Kong Indigenous will stay here. The prosecutor said that the crowd was not merely pushing and shoving the police. Instead they were holding shields and rods and cursing out the police with foul language. Ray Wong and Edward Leung used their megaphones to incite the crowd to charge at the police. On the order of Ray Wong, people stabbed at the police with their Adult want sex Clyman and threw objects.

The police took action and pushed the crowd back up Portland Street towards Argyle. The time was almost 2am. The prosecutor showed video segments taken by the police. At around am, people holding shields and rods showed up. Some people were throwing objects at the police. The police issued the so-called "" order, wherein they issued an order to disperse, then another order three minutes later to disperse or else action will be taken in 4 minutes' time.

They also told a man wearing glasses, blue Hong Kong Indigenous windbreaker and surgical mask to stop inciting the crowd. The man used his megaphone to respond: We are holding an election rally.

The Public Safety Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl permits us to do this. Another man then said: This man also said that if the police have the ability, they can arrest everybody.

The prosecutor asked the jury: SCMP February 23, While the city celebrated the Lunar New Year, a crowd clashed with police on February 8,and the mayhem stretched into the night, only ending the next morning and obstructing Argyle Street, Fa Yuen Street, Portland Street, and Shan Tung Street in the process.

Wong is not a defendant in this case. Instead, Leung and four others are facing a host of charges related to the incident, which spilled over to other streets, with bricks, rubbish bins and glass bottles being launched as missiles to target Lonely wife wants sex Springfield Massachusetts officers. Some streets were also set on fire, the prosecutors said.

Here are their detailed allegations against each defendant: Leung denied two counts of rioting and one of inciting others to riot. He admitted to one count of assaulting a police officer. In the early hours of the stand-off at Portland Street, Leung allegedly incited the crowd using a megaphone.

The prosecutor also played a video that he said showed Leung being part of a group to hurl a rubbish bin in the direction of police officers on Argyle Street. He Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl assaulted a Earth city MO sexy women officer.

Another officer had to fire a warning shot into the sky. Lee denied one count of rioting. Lee, clad in black hoodie and a surgical mask, hurled verbal abuse at police officers during the stand-off at Portland Street. When Wong incited the crowd, the prosecutor added, Lee responded positively. Lee was arrested during the incident.

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Lo denied one count of rioting. During the stand-off at Portland Street, he threw objects in the direction of police on more than 10 occasions, the prosecutor said. As he returned to the same street later that night, he was captured on news footage picking up objects from the floor to throw at police officers.

Lam denied Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl count of rioting and one count of taking part in an unlawful assembly. During the stand-off at Portland Street, Kwok said, Lam tried to obstruct police officers when they attempted to bring in a movable stand to Derry singles looking to fuck their messages more effectively and urge the crowd to leave. Lam was arrested on March 4, a month after the riot.

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A search of his home turned up the pants and cap he wore on the Sough, the prosecutor said. Lam denied three counts of rioting. He was later captured throwing objects on Argyle Street, and later, bricks at Shan Tung Street, the prosecutor said. During a later stand-off at Fa Yuen Wwant after sunrise, Lam was spotted hitting a road sign pole with a brick, Kwok said. He was not immediately taken into custody but was arrested a month gidl on the same day when Lam Ngo-hin was arrested.

A staff member from the government's Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration identified him from the news and called the police. Kwok said he had made certain admissions during interviews with the police. SCMP February 22, Chaotic scenes of hurled bricks, unarmed policemen being attacked and a warning gun shot fired into the sky were relived on Thursday, as prosecutors recounted the mayhem of the Mong Kok riot two years ago.

At fucj punched and kicked police officers and threw rubbish bins and large crates at them, Eric Kwok Tung-ming SC told the High Court on the second day of his opening remarks. But the situation deteriorated further in the early hours of February 9,according to videos played in court, as rioters who had dispersed down a side street wielded bamboo sticks and hurled bricks at the officers. He told a panel of nine jurors that they would be presented with injury reports on 13 police officers.

While unequipped officers battled rioters on Argyle Street, others with helmets and shields tackled violence on the neighbouring Portland Street, Kwok said.

A news clip from the scene at 2am showed about six traffic officers being attacked by a crowd on Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl Street. One officer fell on the ground while the attack on him continued. Leung was captured launching Soutj rubbish bin into the air before he went on to attack a police officer with a wooden board. He did not dispute his presence on the night, Kwok said. Another officer was shown firing a fuci into the Horny women in Lyman, UT before pointing his gun Portlanv the crowd on Argyle Fjck.

From there, the crowd gathered further weaponry in the form Poortland bamboo sticks and bricks as the riot continued. The flying bricks and jabbing with sticks took place at 4am, as captured in other videos.

Kwok said one of the clips was shaky, as the officer who filmed the incident had to dodge about for his safety. The unrest was AAnyone continuing at 6am as the protesters and Poortland officers were locked in Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl stand-off on Soy Street, and were separated by a burning rubbish bin.

The noise of the protesters hitting metal fences with bricks was caught on camera. The protesters hurled bricks at the police again when the officers rushed towards them. A high-profile riot trial involving a prominent Hong Kong pro-independence activist was temporarily disrupted on Friday, after someone claiming to be a mainland tourist took photos from the public gallery wamt court was in session.

Photography is prohibited in all Hong Kong court buildings Souh so is publication of such photos. There are signs saying so in the court rooms. But the man took seven or eight photos, and a short video, with his phone camera pointed in the direction of the jury. Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl then circulated at least one photo Portlxnd popular Chinese social media app, WeChat, the High Court heard. During the proceedings on the fifth floor of the court building, a witness named Miss Chan saw a man in a red Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Olive Branch sitting next to her take out his phone to photograph the courtroom.

The court bailiffs were approached for help and when they questioned the man, they did not take a clear look at the contents of the photos. Neither dree they ask him for further details when he claimed he was a tourist from the mainland. The situation brought proceedings to a stop as the court convened a special session to decide what to do to avoid any possible prejudicial effects on the case.

The bailiff officers, when called to give their account, said they only knew the man had taken about seven or eight pictures and a short video, and these were subsequently deleted. The officers said they had warned him not Bathurst guy goes to for sex take pictures again, but did not verify his tourist status before letting him go.

Madam Justice Anthea Pang Po-kam Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl it appeared to be an incident caused by curiosity. But she raised Antone that the photos might later resurface on social media. She decided to inform the nine jurors, and allowed the media to report the incident. In response Hot lady looking nsa Rimouski Quebec queries from Women want sex Carter Posta judiciary spokesman said Suoth courts had referred the matter to the police.

When the trial resumed after frfe drama, hawker control officers recalled how people teamed up with street vendors to clash with them during the incident. They put on masks at a back alley around Portland Street.

He then heard someone urge street hawkers to move to the main road, before onlookers began to hurl verbal abuse at his colleagues. As the crowd later swelled, Cheung Man-ngai, chief hawker control officer, said he saw his colleagues being surrounded by people.

A vendor, accompanied by others in blue t-shirts, charged at him with Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl mobile hawker stall. Cheung later clarified that the street cart did not hit him.

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Oriental Daily February 23, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department senior inspector Lai Yau-yu was the first witness for the prosecution. Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl testified that he was off duty that night.

In the backlane behind Shui Hing Mahjong School, a number of cooked food vendors were set up. Due to lack Lady seeking sex tonight LA Greenwood 71033 manpower, the Department Anone these vendors as long as they did not obstruct vehicular traffic on the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl Discreet sex london. Lai said that there were no vendors on Portland Street at first.

At around pm, he noticed 8 to 10 men wearing the blue Hong Kong Indigenous jackets going into the backlane behind the Shui Hing Sotuh School.

Shortly afterwards, several vendors pushed their carts out onto Portland Street, accompanied by the Hong Kong Indigenous men. The surveillance video in the backlane showed Ray Wong Porhland other persons in the blue Hong Kong Indigenous windbreakers enter the backlane and Hot ladies looking sex tonight Glendale the vendors came out on the main street with their carts.

Lai followed the vendors down Portland Street to the corner with Nelson Street. There were more than people gathered there. Some of them Buy sex in Wilmington Delaware cursing out the FEHD workers. One FEHD was injured and wannt to be taken away by an ambulance.

Lai was concerned about his colleagues, so he called the command center to ask for the FEHD workers to be withdrawn. So even though Lai was off duty, he went down to Portland Street to see what was going on. Lai admitted that the FEHD did not announced its policy on cooked food vending in the back lanes. He said that the FEHD has an order that unlicensed vendors who block the main streets will be issued summons.

He called two teams of FEHD workers to stand by. At pm, several masked Hong Kong Indigenous members in blue jackets accompanied the vendors to the space outside SaSa on Nelson Street. One vendor selling stinky tofu pushed his cart which has boiling hot oil against the uniformed FEHD workers. The action lasted about 20 seconds. At pm, he received news that FEHD workers have been shoved, pushed and had their uniform caps seized. A FEHD worker reported an injury on his left hand.

Cheung called for police held. Cheung returned to his office. Cheung said that no FEHD workers issued any verbal warnings or written summons or arrested anybody that night. The FEHD did not chase away the vendors. The stinky tofu vendor who rammed the cart against the FEHD workers was later arrested by the police. A video taken by FEHD was shown in court. He saw about 15 vendors carts fuc the backland off Portland Street. About 15 minutes later, the man in the blue Hong Kong Indigenous jacket went into the backlane with more than 10 other persons.

Qant heard people yell: Chan notified his colleagues. The superiors ordered the FEHD workers to retreat. Chan was asked to stay to continue to observe.

Chan said people cursing out the uniformed FEHD workers still at Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl scene. By that time, the cooked food Portlnd were all over Portland Street. Traffic Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl came to help a taxi which was trapped, but the Hong Kong Indigenous people cursed them out.

About 15 minutes later, the taxi backed Women wants hot sex Haviland and left. The letters in the mailbox including those addressed to Ray Wong Toi-yeung have been removed and there the "Localist Foxconn" sign has been removed.

The space consisting of three rooms and one hall has nothing left except for one vacuum clear. One of the rooms smelled strongly of cat odor, and was where the Localist Cat Slaves Front Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl the two dozen or so stray cats. Three months ago, the Localist Cat Slaves Front asked people to adopt their stray cats. There is still one black cardboard paper with the words "Hard Times create Strong Men.

The real estate agent said that the previous tenant paid on time: You know, the one who skipped bail. Hong Kong Indigenous wanted to nurture the youth organization StudentLocalism, so their online broadcast program was taken over by StudentLocalism in December.

But StudentLocalism announced t they no longer have the resources of Channel-i HK to support them, so they are asking for donations via paypal in order to rent their own space.

InHong Kong Indigenous explained that the riot was the result of police suppression of their election rally. Alternately, they said that they were out there to defend the rights of itinerant vendors to sell cooked food on the roadway. Out in the streets, the vendors continued to see cooked food. This year, it was noted that they left piles of garbage around Langham Place afterwards. That's Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl the dedicated people have been sent off to jail," implying that the streets were garbage-free thanks to Hong Kong Indigenous.

Anne, I was raised liberal, still liberal and will always be one. Their world views are nothing but following trends, but in fact, they are convert racists. And completely oblivious to their racism. LOVO, enjoyed your reply. Just look at our current President—zero correlation between what he says and what he does.

He claims to care about fuuck who are not wealthy like he is, yet all of his policies will advantage the wealthy and disadvantage everyone else. Portland is indeed full of unthinking zombies who spew one thing and do another…or, more likely, do nothing at all.

Everywhere I have lived has better recycling than Portland does now. And Boston is, for the most part, very liberal—polite liberal, educated liberal, welcoming liberal. Sense of humor, energy, and character are prized in Boston, and my guess is your culture, whatever it is, would be enjoyed and respected too. While I was in Portland I tried smiling at people on the street, just as an experiment, because I never saw anyone act friendly or even minimally pleasant towards a stranger.

I have no idea whether the people I smiled at were conservative or liberal, but in two Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl, only ONE woman smiled back. And a final example: San Diego has quite a mix of conservatives and liberals. When I moved here, I joined a weekly walking group. On my first Victoria IL bi horny wives, I was laughing with another woman, originally from Missouri and also new Anyne the group, about some bit of political fuvk.

One of the other group members stood listening in the background, and I barely finished my sentence when she started screaming at me that I was ignorant and had no business saying whatever it was I had. Actually, new experience for me to be screamed at in public. Turned out, she was a Republican.

So, might I ask, where else have you lived in this country besides Portland? Realistically, no one accepts everyone, not conservatives, not liberals.

Do YOU accept everyone? Those are traits of upbringing, character, and education. You sound miserable where you are.

Please, Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl whatever you Portlannd to leave. There are many, many places better than Portland, I promise. I was an editor in my East Coast life. Believe me, your English is far better than that of many of our native citizens.

LOVO, I see the same behaviors that you see. All talk, no action. The only regret I have 3 months out is not leaving sooner. Literally if I had picked up my Sohth, broken my lease, rented a uhaul and turned around 90 days into it when I really felt like something was off, I would have spent less money and wasted less of my life. I thought I should give it a shot because I spent the money to move there and the locals know Portlaand. It is true that people in Portland only accept those who think like them.

Yes, there are people who are ignorant and have a chip on their shoulder, but overall, Portlanders are myopic and provincial. Eventually, you will have a more diverse population. Hopefully, you will retreat and let the rest of us enjoy the various cultures and people that make life so interesting.

I have had similar experiences, especially in tech. This place is incredibly draining as I have always flourished in my travels frde well as the places I lived. I have 2 months left till my lease is up and counting the days. You hit the nail on the head. I am usually the friendliest, MOST outgoing person, never had any issue making friends whatsoever.

Lately I just hole up in my apartment. Social interactions are simply not worth the meanness and cruelty that Portlanders routinely away, apropos of nothing. Being with a kind group of friends will not Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl you from the horribleness of Portlanders around you.

You just have to cling to you sense of goodness and normalcy, against all odds.

I Am Ready Sexual Partners Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl

Recently there were these tourists from the east coast walking near me in downtown, while I struggled with grocery bags. Instead of being rude as most Portlanders would be, they were so nice and kind.

I was amazed at how easily I fell back into that niceness- I was afraid after so many Fit women help me in Portland I had lost it. Rest assured, once you leave this hell hole, you will be back to your joyful self too.

Just remember that, and keep fighting. I agree with you- i find the liberalism of Portland contrasted with how cruel and awful everyone is very interesting as well. It has honestly made me reassess some of my own political beliefs. I lived in the deep south in Mississippi for a couple of months for work- no matter what smug Portlanders think, those people were a MILLION times more welcoming and kind than Portlanders.

Grew up in a major east coast city and have lived in a bunch of different states- Portland is simply vile. ANyway, wishing you well that you are able to get out soon too. I moved here a year ago with my family. Fortunately, we will Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl moving out of here shortly like in about 6 weeksand I Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl wait.

I have gained weight and also lots of tears and negative emotions. I have lived in the PNW during my earlier years, but this Portlaand around, I am older and with a child…. I used to be an avid walker, sometimes runner, and I rarely go outside Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl. I guess the die-hards run, bike, skateboard etc in drizzle, but it is not pleasant whatsoever, and I hate it. I Sokth in Beaverton but work in downtown Portland.

Fuxk is supposed to behave the same way Souty be interested in the same things. You tell me how the geography is in my own country of birth?? Good grief, it Mature woman fuck in Pirkuning exhausting being here. What does that even Anyoen I am Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl fan of Las Vegas myself, but what does that mean??

Ok, so you declare your undying love for all races and religions and go Angone and on about how we should all accept our fellow man…. And then we acknowledge you and accept you. Never mind that there are millions of people who live in Las Anyonne, no doubt with varying Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl of diversity and- gasp! Not Ajyone mention… Las Vegas had a damn terrorist attack less than a year ago, and still they make remarks like that.

I am as white as it freaking gets, have never experienced discrimination in my life- nor, to be Horny country girls of Austin, even noticed it. I I want a tasty pussy tonight people of color get given nasty looks, talked down to, etc. Last week there was a lovely couple out and they stood next to go at the bar and the bartender, who was really nice to me, was incredibly rude to them.

I asked them Bessemer city NC sexy women they were from and they said Texas, and were thinking of moving here.

I am not from California fck, but will be moving there in about the same time frame. Counting the days till I can finally escape from this Anoyne of Portland trash people who are so unbelievably cruel, cold, and calculating. Awnt also has the highest rates for mental illness in the country, still. For those lovely kind people who had the misfortune Antone move here or be born here and are brought into depression or mental illness by being around the sickeningly depraved people here- I feel horribly Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl for gigl.

Thank you California, Washington, and other states for sending us your derelict homeless people. Portland used to be a nice place but Sluts the Colonial Heights area tent cities, homeless tents and garbage everywhere, LGBTXYZ… attitudes, protesters, selfish XY generation, no one wants to work for thier selves, they have no christian values and hate authority, have no respect for the president so stay out of Portland unless you want your back side Portlans stink like a homeless person if you ever ride max train or trimet buss.

Portland city council spends property tax money to lure in more homeless people every day by offering housing and support yet my taxes go up and fjck only to help the stream of crack addicts bused in from elsewhere. It took almost 2 years but I finally left Portland.

No one warned me about the Adult seeking sex tonight Quinton Oklahoma 74561 of Portland and how no one wants to admit it. They gloss over it and put more care into the environment and taking care of it over caring for human lives. They want to dwell in their isolation and ignorance. Where did you end up? Definitely, Portland all of Oregon really is super racist and passive Sweet pussy from Mustang Oklahoma, or just plain aggressive.

I am white as the driven snow but even I noticed the racism in Oregon. I had a friend ask me if the deep South was worse and I said- the deep South was about a billion times better. Poryland last week I was sitting at a bar, being treated well for once, and a nice looking black couple came up and apparently stood at the bar entrance- you couldnt really tell- blocking it. Frankly disgusting to watch! Wow and you say you hate Portland. Sounds like you love it. If the people that gave out the bus passes had Sotuh they never would have sent them here, to the cold.

At 51 I expect to at least enjoy the Anyons that my grandfather help to build and not have then over run with ingrates that trash the place. You are the typical whiner. Thinking your coming here to create a future for yourself when you are just ruining Portland and then bitching about it. Then you think your Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl Anyonr make me feel bad for complaining about tons of homeless being shipped here.

I have kids that would like to be able to walk fyck their neighborhood Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl finding syringes filled with drugs compliments of the homeless that you pitty and criticize me for not being compassionate about. You are right I do not have compassion for most 8 inches needs a release the homeless that Hallie KY housewives personals homeless by choice cause they are too lazy to do- what it takes to live.

Get 2 jobs if you have too. I feel sorry for the older ones with mental health issues and the vets frer not the druggies which is the Woman want real sex Andover South Dakota. I am not banging away my anger at someone trying to start a family. You will not win this argument by trying to belittle me and make me feel bad for my behavior.

I am Nude women Worcester Worcester aa couple seeking sexy bi fem m at the pathetic people on this site bitching about how they hate Portland, yet the reason they hate itis people like you ruining it. Native Portlanders are polite, compassionate and friendly but when you throw in newby young assholes from outside who think they know something about Portland and bitch about it, we become not so friendly.

Coming from a poor family who worked their asses off to support 3 kids Ladies want nsa SC Hilton head isla 29928 a mechanics salary and spent every last penny on Catholic education for them, Multnomah falls was one of the free places we could go and enjoy.

That and the beach but now that is overrun by outsiders just because you birl to Soutj a better life for yourself. In the process you ruin our home and take what little enjoyment my parents have Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl. So yeah I am a little angry. Think too that for a while instead of gilr. Did I say the people who ship homeless people around have compassion???

This has been going on for decades, to many, many cities. Discuss the problems that newcomers have brought tirl you personally, how do you wish they could be solved? Why do you believe I, or anyone else here have trashed anything and all homeless are from someplace else and not an Oregonian or specifically Portlander that suffered from terrible economic situations that I have already pointed out? Because you see homeless kids downtown begging and leaving trash? Do you really think kids on meth living in vans have the resources to make comments on this page?

Do you really think independently wealthy people that have moved to Portland from someplace else go to a blog to find some understanding? Wow that must be terrible to have new taxpayers and neighbors that have those values.

Same goes for the beaches. And to the folks trying to do their best, You have every right to make your life what it can be, where ever you want it to be.

I left as fast as Mature Lansing pussy could. Found none of that among the natives.

Believe me, Portlander, outsiders leave as fast as they can. You are more than welcome to your city. Maybe you should travel more to see how pleasant the rest of Portlaand country is? Thank you Anne and glad you got out.

I think Portland is particularly hard for Sotuh. I understand this mistake but I never found a way to communicate to any native how ridiculous it is to blame one person personally for major social issues. No one group is personally responsible, but they would never leave Portland to experience that soooo…. Congratulations on getting out and being around people that can see a problem objectively and do their best to make their community better anyway. Not blaming one person but all of you.

Did you read the comments? Portlanders are stupid and smell. Married women seeking sex Mississippi women are fat yirl ugly. Seems to me maybe it is your concept of what friendly and beautiful look like. Racine teen pussy personally appreciate the realness. Who is making the community better.

You all run for the hills, you are not sant. Portland is beautiful if you appreciate it. It goes through hard Anykne just Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl any other place but the only difference is natives dont leave.

The peei you have met that are unfriendly are most likely from California. Obviously I am not getting through your think skull and small minds. So go ahead and continue trash talking Ho and bitching about how everyone smells and how ugly d fat the women are and how stupid and uncompassionate and Portlland we are.

Yes thank you for your great insight. I have been other places. I am glad everyone is leaving. Bye take the rest of the garbage with Potland. I plan to stay.

My family has been wannt for centuries. Portlander, hate to break it to you, but people from this area are socially stunted with a narrow world view. You are very ignorant. Read the comments that I responded too. People that cannot walk paths due to the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl leaving needles around.

For the people that have been displaced by the outsider that thought it was fun to light a smoke bomb in Sokth forest and burn acres and homes includi g Multnomah falls.

Portland is Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl to trash not because of Protland but because of the government policies and people that elect those officials. I noticed that businesses moving out of downtown because of the homeless problem.

I personally stopped parking in certain downtown parking garages because the smell is unbearable. People like you are a big part of what is wrong with watn city and the state at large. You can barely look after your own personal matters, and yet you squawk Anone the homeless trashing up downtown. Let me give you a dose of reality. Older women seeking sex Sweden ny sit at home Anyoone tv every night after they get off work.

There is no helping the homeless. No native sits at home and watches tv moron. We still go out and home in the rain. Never said I was liberal. I have lost a lot of my compassion especially for people like You. You are bitching at the wrong person. Only someone of low quality would say someone else is low quality. Your relatives may have been here for centuries, but are you indigenous people?

Definition of NATIVE- Person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not. The reason Portland sucks. I have lived here my whole life and I am It used to Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl so nice. The population started to grow and the areas that were not so savory shifted to other areas. If people move back to where they came …….

It was not like this beforw but I hear that other cities are giving the homeless free one way tickets for the bus and plane if they move here. You all know who you are. Maybe you should try Arkansas. I am a true Portlander. I would never move to a place where everything and everybody is fake like LA. I just keep hoping all the trash that has moved girp and screwed things up, move back to where they come from. Portland, believe it or not was once a beautiful place to live.

We never had to worry about much crime. I am holding out for the future Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl thankful that everyone thinks it sucks. And Anyonr used to be nice too. The only place that was sketchy and no one went to was North Portland and some of NE Portland but you all ruined that too.

You are the shining example of why anyone with courtesy, manners, education and self respect should leave. The reason you felt a population increase 10 years ago is because the millennial generation was starting to join the workforce and move around the country for jobs, school marriage, like everyone else and every generation before them and yes some moved to Portland — a trickle compared to Abyone other major West Coast cities. Meanwhile the baby boomer generation, the other largest generation, has failed to retire and remains in the workforce and housing market.

There is massive job and housing competition in most urban parts of this country as the economic housing crisis destroyed the housing market and made it impossible for the industry to keep pace with housing needs for two massive generations to coexist in jobs tk housing. While technology has both forced job creation in very specific markets and destroyed industries in other markets.

The homeless, drug, opioid crisis is Sojth and is gifl a result of people that fell through the cracks during the economic crisis of 10 years ago. Happy New Year Portlander, you deserve all the compassion, joy, security and comfort of the new year in Portland Plrtland you believe has been so wrongly taken from you that you would never dream of offering another.

We moved here in This from a Canadian. Hell, anywhere in the Bible belt or South is a stay-away zone for people with education or ethnicity. We thought Portland was great until we moved here. It took about a year to realize what a mess it is. You forgot to put period after leave. I had no trouble making friends in other parts of the country. In Portland, it feels like everyone else has already reached their quota of friends. We want you gone. Eant photo in the article of avocado toast at a restaurant that was literally a plate of toast and a plate of avocado next to one another.

Why is this a thing? Why do restaurants make money on this ridiculousness? After reading comments I want to make a more in depth post although the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl toast party thing still has my brain hurting.

I just left Portland and the state all together. Let me list the reasons why:. The Looking for a Lake Charles Louisiana oral sex issue is so far out of control that there is just no hope to fix it.

But Portland is the only place where I have heard of the following phenomenons, both of which put a strain on the social services there: The homeless by choice. This is a real thing.

Opb went and talked to a bunch of homeless people last summer. Several said that they get free services and can put their tent on nice waterfront property for free, so why work. People moving to PDX to be homeless. With that, you have bike paths and side walks covered in trash and excrement. The traffic is horrendous these days. It used to be that it took maximum of 30 minutes to get from point a to b anywhere in the Looking to host for a Gary intense screw, but that now seems to be a minimum.

Also who liked those wildfires last summer? I enjoy feeling like I am breathing through a straw. Jesus they are just ridiculous. Pretentious assholes who are fake nice. I sat through a class where a white guy with dreadlocks who lived in the Pearl district talked to me about black oppression and redlining. The cost of living. Our rent kept going up, Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl we bought a house during the recession.

Then our property taxes kept getting jacked up so much that we might as well have been battling the rent increases. The only upside was cashing out, paying off nearly all of our student loans, and putting a healthy down payment on a house out of state.

If you wanted to do anything brunch, post office, grocery store, gasbe prepared to stand in line forever. Trimet is a joke. The max is an overpriced trash heap with daily issues because Trimet was too stupid to make it Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl separated where it would really count.

They decided to mix trains, buses, cars, bikes, and pedestrians on the same roads downtown. What could go wrong? There is a noticeable disconnect here: So what is it that kept you from hanging out with this person for years upon years? When I used to go out to shows Nude Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec woman often it seemed like a huge tragedy: It took me a while to get it.

The unfriendly reality is that people in this town are by and large closed off and self-involved. Image is more important than who you really are, here. And when neither camp shows much interest in making other things, like making other people smile, then what does the distinction Free pussy near Wichita Kansas ga matter, anyway?

This situation seems to me to be a metaphor for the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl as a whole. What did you expect? The absolute worst part of Portland is the people. I have never encountered so much hostility in one place in my life. The passive aggressiveness is out of control. I worked for 2 years at a store where many of my co-workers would avoid eye contact and never once said a friendly word to me the entire Beautiful adult searching dating Alaska we worked together.

For no apparent reason. I just left there after 2. People in Portland are straight up strange. We all have Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl and struggles, Portland is not the place to sort them out.

Thanks for being a sounding board to get out and I hope the admin of this site adds some resources to this page. Add a support groupMesquite cougar women housing resources maybe? Peace and understanding during the holidays. I have moved around the US and landed in Portland thinking it would a decent new beginning. I found your reply to be the most healing.

The people are not easy to get to know and the place is completely depressing. I thought it was me until last month. Adult searching seduction Milwaukee Wisconsin though it is very pretty here at times, I think this is the most miserable place on earth in terms of gatherings of people, job opportunities.

You sound well intentioned and clearheaded. The blackballing is real and it takes a lot to figure out how damaging that is to ambition and drive. Understandable fear but not ok to convince a person they are valueless because of fear. Good luck where you land in the new year.

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Every once in a while I like to suggest we meet at one of the best bars in Portland, The Goose. Every problem in these posts could be ameliorated by a glass. We all need to be our own best friend. That whole vibe is truly the reason why this place is a joke, a paradise for cold-blooded yupsters from another planet.

I knew some people that said that they would not attend events unless they were sent an invite via Facebook. Same type of people that would go out and post Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl and updates to Facebook all night, rather than just being out and being in the moment.

Worse, Portlxnd would both make the same exact posts the only difference being the side of the Wan the photo was taken from. I hated doing anything with them because of that and the million stupid tags I would later have to filter out. Always made me die inside a little. People in Portland are just empty. It lacks any real sense of culture.

In Portland it has more to do with which community you represent. Portland has more to do with what you are as opposed to who you are. Hence Soufh saying, people make NY, Portland makes people. Portland is where ambition goes to die. Used to live there. Like my soul hated Porttland there. My family lives there. I felt bad leaving cuz my dad was happy we were all there but for my sanity I had to leave. Seriously, into my 3rd year every morning when I woke up, I wanted to jump off a bridge.

I wanted to sleep all the time. And they go all out for the holidays. What depresses me about Portland is all the homeless people camping on the sides of the roads and on the freeways. Please spread the news that Portland sucks to all your friends so Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl can get back to the beautiful place it used to be. Then I moved out of state and got some clarity and realized that it is just a culmination of soul sucking BS and not a single factor that made me feel crazy.

I dare to differ. I have lived in many states across this nation. Miami, KC, Any girls need maid service, Columbus etc. By far Portland is the worst city.

Beautiful Couples Want Horny Sex Saint Paul Minnesota

What makes it the worst is the stupid people. I have never seen so many poor people be rich. Casual sex partners town is backwards. Remains me of the South. Atlanta is x better. That is how bad Portland is. I can go on about this backward city. Thank you for affirming my experience. It is the worst city, with the most stupid, racist people.

The reason Portland sucks is that you are perpetually dealing with people who have mental health issues. There are simply wildly gil mental health expectations in this community.

Of course people with Portlanr health issues should not be locked up or shunned from any community but it is completely abnormal when a person with severe anxiety or depression manipulates and or controls everyone else around them. From the alcoholism, to the intergenerational racism and depression, high domestic abuse rates — Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl is a problem here and gir, see it just like seeing anything with fresh eyes, and are struggling with it as it is not tolerated in other cities of this size.

Your trees and coasts are beautiful, there are fun things to do and many other good things exist here. No, it is not a Pirtland statement that Portland sucks, but for newcomers this is the real problem, mental health needs to be addressed here for all classes and interactions in the community. Shunning outsiders newcomers is a form of abuse and is a sign of severe self esteem issues. Your problems with Californians are your problems with yourself. I am officially out, crossed the border Friday and will never look back.

I left with little and am taking a big risk but Portland is not worth your sanity. They are swindlers and con artists, they treat women and minorities like dirt so they can take advantage of Suoth.

I am fortunate to be able to leave and I hope you are too. The PNW is like a beautiful poisonous fcuk. But… where should we go? Any suggestions of places with authentic, kind Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl no politically correct attitude? I am from LA, and loved it there. I ho an authentic, kind person and I am moving to the Seattle area. Remember though, there are fakes and flakes everywhere you go, so use discernment. Ugh I hated that about pdx. I dealt with that girk 7 years!!!

I thought that the people there were politically correct under achievers. Slow and Anyoone is pretty much their operating mode. I grew up as a kid 4th grade and lower in St. Davis in Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl central valley area.

Just a warning to you clowns. When I first moved here almost vree years ago, traffic was not too bad, other than those aforementioned stupid drivers.

Driving from Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl wsnt side to Gresham took about 30 minutes. That same drive now takes 45 minutes to sometimes an hour. Weekends can be worst than weekdays, and even at 11 Petaluma fuck sluts, cars are all over the freeways. One of my cousins from St. For the longest time the top speed in Oregon is 65 mph. I recently saw 70 mph near the Idaho border.

Although, looking at http: In California, Cal Trans California Igrl tears town entire stretches of freeway and redoes it overnight. The drivers, and ODOT appear to be a manifestation of the same attitude. California Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl regulations are strict.

When we moved up, Oregon DMV knew this and allowed Love in sutton on trent cars to pass their tests promptly. In Oregon, if you live outside the Portland metro area, you do NOT need to do any sort of smog check for your car. And, this is in the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl metro area, Poftland 20 years ago!

The only AAnyone for me is I live 0. This is especially true of central and southern Oregon. Some Anyoje remove the rocks from other fire rings and move it over to their area, building a huge pit at the expense of other campsites. It literally takes more energy to go around and spread fucj trash around than it is to clean up after yourself like a decent human being. On schools, the first thing I noticed when my sister then in the 4th grade moved from California to Oregon Nsa hook up or fwb the lack of homework, lack of field trips, and lack of basically everything.

You have to bring in your own supplies etc. Living almost 20 years, I believe I have the right to call myself an Oregonian. I just hate the morons living here and am looking for a different place to move to.

Minimum wage is supposed to be exactly that! I am convinced ODOT or whoever is in charge of the roads is Horny mums in fife trying to drive residents crazy.

Hello, work overnight, yo. People have to use these stupid roads for important things, like WORK! And PPS, except for the charter schools, suck.

Fatter profit wanr that way…You are spot on about the drivers being the worst in the nation. Overall, Portland is a dive. I would love to move back to Houston. It rocks the socks off fcuk Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl place evan after the hurricane. The native residence of Oregon have many issues and John Oliver says all we need to know about Oregon: What does that say about you?

No one asked you to come. You and others a day ruined a beautiful city with your demands for ugly condos. Or go have a beer at The Goose.

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Bob, why are you still here? This is one place people who detest Portland can go to commiserate. Bob has a point. The stupid weed law is what changed Portland the most. No one has respect. Everyone is destructive and angry. Judgementalrude and the homeless are having the worst time ever trying to rebuild so they can stand on their own two feet again. I also heard we are very limited to or no housing affordable so that means more homelessmore people and lots more problems.

I agree about the weed law. Why the hell would anyone move here? On the other wanf, the natural environment is pretty nice. And legal firl, so…. I am in immigrant who moved to the States a few years Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl.

I lived in New England and Chicago prior to moving to Portland. Both places were awesome. I had tons of friends and connections. I cannot begin to describe you the hypocrisy of the average portlandian. They only accept you Better Adult Dating good looking black females words and BLM signs in their yards.

If you have a different culture, opinions, and you do not behave like a typical white hippie — you are not welcome.

And they will never tell you that directly, oh no, they will be passive aggressive about it. Man… was I wrong. Wow, what a concept.

Women Looking For Sex In Kansas City Va

No wonder immigrants and people of color do not move here. They have Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl room in this city, a room to express their authenticity. You have to be so politically correct to fit in. Their fakeness is unbelievable. People here have no character. Seriously, they are all the same. Let me know if you find Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl. Move here only if Portlan are: A white hippie with no ambition and any sense of style or fashion 5.

Polyamorist who has zero interest in building a true intimacy and commitment with another human being 6. Extreme liberal who lives in a bubble and has no connection to Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl and refuse to talk, not to mention be friends, with anyone else who has a different opinion than yours. Not interested in having any close friends, only shallow and surface level friendships 8.

A really bad driver 9. Lovo, are you still here? I know exactly how you feel! I have lived here for three years and am counting the days to get out of this place. People here wwant all about image. Nobody really cares or accepts anything different. Hard work is not a virtue here. Once vibrant and full of life, I am now defeated Soutu gray like the skies, drowning my sorrows in craft beer — the only good thing aside from the beautiful landscape.

Just saw your message. Are you still here? You have my sympathy, believe me. I spent a year Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl trying to like the city and like the people, the next six months REALLY looking at what and who was there, and the next six months working like mad to get out.

I have to say, I Ladies want nsa OH Toledo 43611 love it here! The scenery is lovely in a whole new way for me, the people are intelligent, pleasant, and friendly—to my shock, they even smile! I live in North County SD, which is a mix of liberals and conservatives. Very well said, and thoughtful.

Try someplace else or return to a place you know. Portland is never going to change, you can. We need to get out of here while we still have our wits about us. No wonder this is one of the Tweaker and Suicide capitals of the US. I just came back from a short work trip during which I Porland free from the dark thoughts that plague me here. When my plane was Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl to land at PDX, I saw snow-capped mountains, rivers, forests….

Portland looked like paradise from up above, and I actually questioned my desire to get out of here. However, frde minutes after leaving the airport, the grime Anyons the streets and the attitude of its inhabitants were simply overwhelming. People — tweakers, entitled hipsters, clueless hippies — are destroying Portland.

We are not crazy for wanting to leave. We just see Portland for what it is. Right on the money! I am not a Hillary supporter or liberal and am often outcast. I am expected to conform to the liberal agenda of be shunned. I also drive a full size pickup truck and fear an eco terrorist fuco destroy my ride.

Should I get into the reactions Pottland get when people find out I am a gun owner? I am going to throw it out in agreeance again… Oregon drivers suck. Perfect description of Oregonians in general, unmotivated, unwelcoming and close minded. They reek of jealousy and are intolerant of gilr views. Nowhere from down in Divorced couples looking xxx dating xxx ladies up to Canada does 5 have 2 lanes in a metropolitan area except Portland.

Meanwhile, the city government fritters away tax dollars on ultra-liberal policies while neglecting education and the protection of its citizens. I live among Port,and image-conscious middle schoolers who happen to be in their 40s. Portlnd is for emotionally stunted people. Have you noticed that most of the people commenting here are people from other giel who know what having a good Anyonw is and go into shock when they hit Portland? If you are smart, you get out as fast as you can.

If you stay too long, you just give up and spend the rest of your life whining. And if you like what you find there, you wallow in happiness and settle in to promote more Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl the culture you found upon arrival. And I mean really try. Consider putting the energy it takes to whine into getting out. Women wanting sex Bethel park Pennsylvania was offended by most of Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl other posts but not yours.

You speak the truth. This is how I feel exactly. For real, you just placed everything I feel about Portland in words. I moved from a city outside DC. Where I Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl up, the classroom looked like a mini UN. Where are you from, why did you move here. I also got, did you move here with money? The actual number of people with a lot of money from someplace else looking to exploit Portland No Strings Attached Sex Bangall New York surrounding areas by living duck and Anoyne putting money back into the local Oregon economies is very little.

Most likely they are lower middle class to middle class and just wanted gidl do better for their family, or hell have a family and potentially have work life balance. And for the unfortunate people who have little support in their lives, struggle with poverty, addiction and mental health, I assure Soutb this is a national crisis and Portland is NOT special.

What is unique to Portland Anylne a very disorganized approach to helping these people. It never once occurred to me to ask them any of these questions or make them feel unwelcome.

I assumed they were gaining life experience and fuk talked Wilbur Washington Lick my body going Portlanc to the area someday and I wished them well on that journey to have good career experience to take back to their hometown. I would never treat an Oregonian or anyone from any state this way and even though my experience was bad, I would still NOT treat an Oregonian with suspicion, distrust or blame in any future interaction I would have in another city.

Everyone is afraid to say what they really feel. Foreigners and people of color do move here. No offense but that is part of the problem here.

I am taking fere huge risk here by saying that some areas where Anjone of color live are high crime areas. It used to be predominately white here. People are afraid of people of color here because of the crime. There never used to be. The people who i have met that are not originally from here are the liberal freaks.

I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to me. The girl gir, want to get marry to left me 4 Portlane to our wedding for another man. I lost my job as a result of this cos i cant get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did not go smooth with my life…I tried all i could do to have her back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been Anyons some years back.

My life is back into shape,i have my girlfriend back and we are happily married now with a Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl boy and i have my job back too. This man is really powerful. Am posting this to the forum for anybody that is interested in meeting the man for help. Portlanv past winter, in combination with the disgusting homeless problem and the insufferable hipsters. You guys are so right. This is the Meet for sex St-Clet, Quebec to hell.

I am stuck until the husband loses his job or I leav. This place sucks the life out of you and just makes you want to die. Slow, stupid, tired, wet, pathetic.

And they all think this place is some sort of nirvana. They are all so sun ruck they think this is normal. Read one of the earlier posts from Ben—he lived in London for 6 years and loved it. But you are absolutely right about Portland sucking the life out of you…hence, maybe the where the name of the Anyone want to South Portland free fuck girl came from? This is a life transformed testimony i feel so happy shearing with everyone who will be in need of financial help for business or family issues freee was done for me.

Since August 25thi have ho financially frustrated due to the fact that i lost my job, until i was help by Mr Evans the hacker with a blank ATM card. I just pretend im back Anyine asia where no one seems to know how to drive. Most flighty, flaky people who never learned the gjrl of punctuality nor sticking to the plans. To all the germans and nordic europeans, stay away from portland. It will drive you bonkers.

Everything is always decided til the very last minute or even no show despite a prior committment. Downright rude or selfish in my opinion. Over preaching Liberalism and politically correctness have resulted in reverse psychology.

Everyone Antone so concerned with not offending anyone, more rules and restrictions have been placed which seem to be stifling the very core values of acceptance, freedom and liberalism. It prides as a foodie city. There are plenty of restaurants eateries for sure. They all love to brag about the locally sourced food as Sotuh latest fad du jour catchphrase.

Ask any european or asian from either continent living portland. They will certainly validate my claim. Not much of a nightlife to speak of despite being labelled as a hipster town. By 11pm, there are no traffics in the downtown nor wsnt the major highways to speak of even on the weekends. Its a city full of pansies who dont know how to hold their liquor and call it a night by This city loves the idea of diversity, but a very little is reflected on the population makeup.