It has been a while since I made anything for Nash, so I decided I would make him a pair of pants using the Nowhere Man pants pattern by Shwin Designs. I bought this pattern when it was on sale a little while ago and have been eager to try it ever since.  I definitely want to make them in the same kelly green linen shown in the pattern photo, but I wanted to test it out on some less precious fabric first…Joann’s black seersucker* it is.

*Sidenote…I am never going to use this seersucker again.  It is just such a poor quality seersucker, and it is not even cheap.  Have you ever felt Robert Kaufman seersucker?  I just ordered some and it feels and looks amazing for the same price as Joann’s itchy junk.  And it comes in a ton of colors. AND it is 58″ wide. Glorious.

The pattern came together pretty well.  Nash is only 22 months and I made him a 3T.  The pattern just looked so small, but that could just be my upsizing complex.  I’m also hoping I can bring down the hem and these can still fit him in the fall.

The instructions were a little vague, so I wouldn’t recommend them for your first pair of pants…but if you have made pants before, you won’t have a problem.

Sorry about the blurry pictures.  I cannot get this kid to sit still for a second!  I was even bribing him with chocolate chips to no avail.  He would down ‘em in like .003 seconds and be off again.

I used 1 yard of fabric and only had enough leftover to make one back pocket.  Darn.  I think it still looks okay. I’ll pretend it was on purpose. :)

Crazy kid. I’m ready to make some green pants now. I’m excited.

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4 Responses to Shwin Designs: Nowhere man pants

  1. Nano says:

    I can just hear Nash saying “cheese”. Love the pants. Good job !

  2. Inder says:

    I’ve never heard of this pattern, but these are adorable! And I really like the fit and the details – I may have to check these out. That’s too bad about the seersucker – they look great! I haven’t seen the Kauffman seersuckers, but they sound just lovely. I tend to have champagne tastes in fabric, because I figure if I’m going to go through all the work of sewing something, I want it to be in a fabric that I really love, you know? Can’t wait to see these in green linen!

  3. gail says:

    those are darling! i must admit that i cringe every time i touch the seersucker at joann’s. and i didn’t know kaufman had its own line so thanks for the tip – i’ve had great luck with all the kaufman basics. good color selection, too – i’m going to order some!

  4. [...] used the Nowhere Man pants pattern by Shwin Designs again (check out my previous pair here) and basically recreated the exact pants on the pattern photo, seersucker pockets, white [...]

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