This month, I helped organize a Relief Society activity  for the woman at my church.  It was called a “Service Auction” and everyone who wanted to participate was asked to donate goods or services and then, on the night of the activity, everyone in attendance received points to use for bidding on an item they wanted.  It was a really fun night and people auctioned off some really great things ranging from babysitting and meals to a professional haircut and a family portrait session.

Of course, I struggled with what I should donate.  I knew I wanted to sew something, but it is really hard for me to make something without someone in particular in mind.  I also wanted it to be pretty universal, so it would be appealing to lots of people (not just those with kids).  I finally settled on a “happy birthday” banner, a scrappy makeup pouch, and a ruffled pouch.

“Happy Birthday” banner (tutorial found here):

and ruffle pouch:

This is the first pouch that I didn’t use a tutorial.  It is just a basic lined zipper pouch with an added ruffle.  I made the ruffle first and sewed it to the front piece before assembling the whole pouch. I also boxed the corners using the same technique from pouches I’ve made in the past (like this one).

And…people bid on my items.  Success!

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