I have made a few pouches over the past few months.  I don’t have pictures of all of them, because I often make these as a quick last minute gift and then forget to take a picture, but here are a few:

The pleated zipper pouch:


Good tutorial, cute pouch.


Boxy pouch


I didn’t realize until I had already started that this one is not fully lined.  All the seams are exposed on the inside…not my favorite.


This is my own knockoff of the Ouch Pouch sold on Etsy. I “hearted” this item forever ago (before I started sewing) and I decided to make my own.


Perfect zip bag


I made this while visiting a friend last October.  She had this pattern on hand, so I gave it a try and was able to get it together despite the fact that I am apparently not a good social sewer.  I make lame mistakes when I am not concentrating.  Maybe one day I will be able to listen to audiobooks while sewing like Annee :) .


Scrappy makeup pouch


I think this is my favorite.  It is a good size and I love using scraps! It just feels so productive :) .

This is the first pouch where I used one of my twill tape tags.  It seems so much more legit with a tag and they are cheap and easy to make.

I bought my cute little bird stamp here.

Thanks for reading!


One Response to Adventures with pouches

  1. Nano says:

    OK….Nano is “hearting” all of these pouches !! You know how obsessed I am with bags of any kind :)

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