Finley’s friend was having a birthday, so I asked her mom (my friend) what she needed that I might be able to make. She suggested a nightgown. Sure thing! Finley practically lives in nightgowns, so it was about time I tried making one myself.

I wanted it to be very comfortable, so I looked for a tutorial that used knit instead of cotton and I found this one. It even came with a printable 5T bodice and sleeve pattern, which was just the size I needed.  Lovely.

When Finley saw it, she was SO excited, until I told her it wasn’t for her.  Poor girl.  She was still willing to model it for me though.

There are lots of ways you can customize the nightgown. I decided to add the ruffle at the bottom and I made a casing for some thin elastic on the sleeves instead of using elastic thread.

I used a double needle to create the casings and hem the bottom ruffle and I think it looks really polished.

I also made two felt flower barrettes and used them to decorate the gift bag. Tutorial for the felt flowers found here and here.

Lastly, I used washi tape to make the cake on the gift tag. I love washi tape!




3 Responses to A comfy nightgown

  1. nano little says:

    Dang good job…..I love it. Can Nano still get a nightgown?

  2. nano little says:

    Again, Finley has done a wonderful job with her modeling :)

  3. Kimberly says:

    Anna LOVES this nightgown. She says she looks so beautiful in it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents. Finley is a great friend to Anna. You make everything so special with your extra touches.

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